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BEYONCÉ: the discography rate ~ WINNER revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by allyshone, Apr 25, 2022.

  1. I'm still working on mine so would appreciate a small extension. But if not I'll try and get them in by the end of tomorrow
  2. I would want an extension this week. I feel I've done a good job listening to R&B and soul last week, but I haven't even started on this rate yet.
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  3. I would very much appreciate another push this week.
  4. Thanks to everyone who has already submitted scores!

    If I do a final final extension, the deadline will be the 28th June aka post Glastonbury. If everyone is cool with that, then I'm happy to push back.

    We only have 13 ballots in total at the moment and the Top 20 is currently WILD.
  5. Thanks! I appreciate this.

    I'm shocked there are so few voters though, I thought Bey was more popular than that here?? Unless everyone is last minute like me.
  6. It's an extensive rate so it was probably too much to ask for a 1 month voting period initially. Heck, I only finishing my ballot today.

    So the final extension is to June 28!

    The current winner as it stands would be making a 30+ placement jump from the last rate to the number one spot which is crazy, but exciting!
  7. Of course Bey is making a comeback one month after the final voting deadline.

  8. Beyoncé is and will always be PETTY and that's one of the many reasons why we love her. Hopefully this will infuse some other members of the forum to take part though.
  9. The first thing I thought was----let me take 1 point off of every song, because this new Rennaissance is about to establish a new tier of what a 10 is!!!
    I really don't know how to act rn
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  10. God bless the power of discography dates, we needed this.
  11. Reading this back now... Eaux!
  12. My album averages:

    Dangerously In Love - 7.0 10x2, 0x1
    B'Day - 7.59 10x4
    I Am...Sasha Fierce - 7.10 10x1
    4 - 8.19 10x6
    BEYONCÉ - 8.79 10x8
    Lemonade - 9.19 10x5, 11x1

    Everything Is Love - 8.4 10x2
    Homecoming - 8.33 10x1
    The Gift - 8.27 10x2

    Extras - 7.07 10x2

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  13. I already knew I loved Beyoncé but after listening to her whole solo discography… I really fucking love Beyoncé.

    Dangerously in Love 8.23 (10x2)
    B’Day8.84 (11x1, 10x4)
    I Am… Sasha Fierce8.5 (10x1)
    48.7 (10x2)
    BEYONCÉ9.09 (10x2 and a fuckton of 9.5s)
    Lemonade9.12 (10x4)
    Everything is Love9 (9.5x3)
    Homecoming8.83 (9.5x1)
    The Gift8.61 (10x2)
    Extras — 7.95 (10x3)
    Bonus — 6.79 (10x1)
  14. Halfway through the list already, doing my best not to give 10s to everything.
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  15. Currently, ALL of the albums are up on their averages from the last rate. Especially...

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  16. I promised to do some spotlights about songs we're not rating, so here's the first one:


    (I'll post the proper spotlight soon)
  17. Okay, the real spotlight is here:

    Songs we could've rated

    Sing a Song

    "Sing a Song is a song from Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! performed by The Wubb Girlz for the Wuzzlewood Tour, simply known as Wubb Idol, bits of Wow! Wow! Wubbzy."


    This was actually the last song that was cut from the song list. Beyoncé provided singing vocals for this fictional girl group from some animated series. Personally, I find it cute, but I very much doubt it would've escaped the bottom 5 if it appeared in this rate.

    Everything I Do (with Bilal)

    I feel like this one could've easily been included in this rate as an optional because, while it appears on a soundtrack ("The Fighting Temptations"), the song is not a cover and Bey is not relegated to backing vocals, featuring artist etc. but instead shares the lead vocals. Anyway, it's a very nice and rather chill moment with some neo-soul vibes and their voices go well together - nothing spectacular by any means but I like it for sure.

    Bow Down / I Been On

    I only noticed this a few days ago and now it poses a question: Are we actually allowed to score this instead of that audio clip from "Homecoming" live album? Not only the essential and superior "Bow Down" is here but it also works much better as a studio version, at least to me. Obviously the former was later used in "***Flawless" but still. I also remember this was one of the first Beyoncé songs (well, at least the "Bow Down" part) I listened to on repeat, a few years before I actually dived into her discography.

    I'll probably do a few more of these before the voting deadline.
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  18. I’m not quite in the position to release my job, but I’ll absolutely be doing this at work this week.
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  19. I greatly underestimated the amount of additional non-album tracks I would have to listen to for this rate.
  20. Yeah, I was finally finalising my ballot yesterday and found out I'd somehow missed two songs despite thinking I had been thorough... It's definitely an extensive discography dd. Though there are plenty of gems among the lesser known songs, so it's a good thing.

    I'm happy to have finally voted, since I started this (and rated nearly all of the songs) ages ago. Picking an 11 was surprisingly hard, obviously lots of these songs are 10s, but there just no "this is the one" song for me like there is in most other rates. I considered several options, but in the end with something pretty obvious. It might be recency bias at play, but honestly if Break My Soul was in the rate, I think it would have gotten my 11, it's just that good.
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