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BEYONCÉ: the discography rate ~ WINNER revealed!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by allyshone, Apr 25, 2022.

  1. A blasphemous track. Bye, pumpkin!
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  2. I very rarely give out 0s in rates because I believe there's always at least a little something to appreciate about a song, even a bad one... But "Daddy" and "Proud To Be An American" are so incredibly fucking dull and cringey that it keeps me from finding any redeeming quality about them.
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  3. Maybe we'll just remove some more deadweight from Dangerously In Love to cap the day off.


    SCORE: 4.39
    TOTAL POINTS: 131.75

    HIGHEST SCORE: 9 x 1 ( @Music Is Death )
    LOWEST SCORE: 0 x 1 ( @Daniel_O )
    MY SCORE: 2/10​

    Bienvenue, meaning Welcome in French (which I actually remembered from French lessons before I looked it up), is a song by French hip hop band IAM. If we’re being perfectly honest, I had no idea about this song or this band before this rate. However, I saw that the song was included on French and Belgian editions of Beyoncé’s debut, Dangerously In Love, therefore it had to be included.

    In all seriousness though, IAM looks to have been pretty continuously popular in France from as early as the 90s, which is pretty impressive. The song, from what I can gather, is quite political as Beyoncé sings about a grim but true depiction of the world. Capitalism sucks. I have no idea how Beyoncé actually ended up singing the hook on this song, but she did and here we are.


    SCORE: 4.95
    TOTAL POINTS: 148.5

    112/113 (-71) | 3.351 (+1.599)
    HIGHEST SCORE: 9 x 2 ( @odyism, @TéléDex )
    LOWEST SCORE: 0 x 1 ( @Daniel_O )
    MY SCORE: 3.5/10

    At this point in the Dangerously In Love track listing, you’ve given up on the idea that you’re going to reach the highs that you had in the beginning. Gift From Virgo comes towards the end of Beyoncé’s debut and is more of a letter or an extended interlude dedicated to JAY-Z rather than being a fully fleshed out song. It is solely written by Beyoncé and samples Shuggie Otis’ Rainy Day, the second song on Dangerously In Love to sample him after Be With You. Also, it marks the return on the album for Beyoncé’s favourite subject, astrology… purely in the title though. Gift From Virgo is always involved in a tight battle in these rankings for “Most Disliked” song on Dangerously In Love along with Daddy. So at least it’s involved in something.

    Let’s just say, Beyoncé has come a long way from writing and recording a song like Gift From Virgo. I mean, at this point we’d already received the message that she’s Crazy In Love, Dangerously In Love and been left Speechless by Jay Z, so Gift From Virgo just further re-iterates a message that Beyoncé has already made clear throughout. It’s unnecessary. If I could give Gift From Virgo another positive, at a stretch, it’s that I really like the first 10 seconds of the song… it feels like it’s going to go somewhere more interesting… but it doesn’t.

    The song was performed in full on Beyoncé’s first headlining tour in Europe, which can be viewed below, and then partially on the Verizon Ladies First Tour with Alicia Keys and Missy Elliott. Since then, Beyoncé has rightfully (ivy)parked the song, hopefully for eternity.

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  4. I really didn't think that'd be getting eliminated this early... until I realised I was getting it mixed up with Signs nn. Guess that goes to show just how unmemorable it is.
  5. Saying goodbye to both of my zeros within the first five eliminations is the exact kind of energy I want from this rate.
  6. Good start! Hope it's a sign my other zero will leave soon
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  7. A97E83DC-263E-4968-BD0A-D44149F5C340.jpeg
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  8. Scream.

    I never realised it was about her actual father. I just fun-enjoyed Daddy without thinking too much about it's lyrics. Now I know I probably would not have scored it that high.
  9. I get that, Daddy is actually enjoyable if you manage to completely tune out the lyrics dd, but once you actually pay attention to them, well...
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  10. Another set of unsurprising eliminations and insignificant songs.

    Daddy - 6
    ~ Funny that this song wouldn't have even existed if the debut album release hadn't been postponed. The lyrics are cringey at best and diabolical at worst and knowing the background, it totally makes sense why this left so early. Still, like Sprocky said, I find the song itself rather cute and couldn't tank it just because of the lyrics. But even then, the song drags quite a bit and I'm bored by the time it ends.
    "Daddy Lessons" is obviously incomparably better but let me also say that "Sexy Daddy" > this for sure, despite having a good dose of cringe.

    Bienvenue - 4.75
    ~ I know this song existed but had no idea what it sounded like until this rate served as a reminder. Likely her most random collab ever, literally how did it happen in the first place. Her hook is not strong enough and while I do like the outro, her French pronunciation... detracts a bit from it. There's really nothing that would make me return to this song and I'm sure vast majority of the voters feel that way too.
    And yes at Lolo Zouaï mention! Stream her album etc.

    Gift from Virgo - 6.5
    ~ This is a weird one... I remember being bored by it before and knowing it's generally one of Bey's most disliked songs but upon relistening, it's actually a really nice song. Just very imbalanced - there are some bits of excellence and some really dull ones. It sounds as if she just ad-libbed the melody, which isn't a bad thing per se, but the song structure is completely lost here and I really can't recall much about it except bits and pieces. Obviously not a standout by any means, but it's pleasant in its 'fluttery' sound and I do feel it could've easily outlasted some other songs, notably a few extras and other debut album tracks.

    Hoping/expecting we get rid of some of the collabs next (especially from the optional extras section).
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  11. Can I just say @allyshone your write ups are fantastic. Only a few songs in and I’ve learnt a few new things already. I didn’t realise Matthew had a child when he cheated on Tina. I didn’t realise he actually stole from Beyoncé too! And I don’t remember the debut album being delayed either. What was the reason for it?
  12. Let's get rid of a few more shall we and forgive me, my write ups for some of the extras and optionals leaving this early are not going to be very in depth, because we have so much to get through...

    SCORE: 5.3875
    TOTAL POINTS: 107.75

    HIGHEST SCORE: 8 x 1 ( @sesita, @TéléDex )
    LOWEST SCORE: 3 x 1 ( @allyshone )
    MY SCORE: 3/10

    A perfectly okay collaboration. Does it suit the vibe I want to create with this rate though?
    Hell no!​

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  13. I gave My Heart Still Beats a 9 as well but I’m not listed as a high scorer @allyshone I'm very shocked it’s out this soon! I thought the DC fans would score it highly, Beyoncé sounds great on it and it’s just a great song overall.
  14. I don't think there was any "official" reasoning for delaying the album. Although one of the main rumours I see online, which also makes sense, was Dilemma was HUGE for Kelly in the latter half of 2002 and Beyoncé/her team didn't want to release a single from Dangerously In Love to compete with it.
  15. Yeah I agree that the write-ups so far are excellent, @allyshone - I really like that all songs have custom graphics, too.
    Also, can we have a list of voters please?

    "My Heart Still Beats" leaving so early is very surprising indeed!
  16. Let me go over my little Google Sheet and see what's happening with the scores here. Mainly yours @Robert.

  17. Thanks very much! Sorry if the weird way I write out my scores caused any confusion.
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  18. No worries. I think what's happened is, there was a big influx of votes close to the deadline and I must have opened it without inputting the scores and then later forgotten I'd opened it. I also blame partying for 5 days at Glastonbury for this error haha.

    Okay, on first glance, not much has changed but I'm going to retroactively go through all the eliminations and update averages, points etc. So please bare with me. At least this has happened now and not towards the end!
  19. These half English/half French collabs between big international artists and French artists were a thing in the 00s/early 10s, I guess as a way for the former to make more of a splash in the French market. They seem kinda random/unnecessary in this day and age, but probably made more sense at the time.
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  20. Okay, so that 9 from @Robert for My Heart Still Beats has moved the song up to #176. Also, Daddy has fallen one place (HA!) behind Walk On Water. I will fill in the gap today.

    Everything else is okay.


    I will update the homepage with all the participants, underneath the leaderboard.
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