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Beyoncé - The Lion King: The Gift

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by EnsnareTheSenses, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. Hello, friends.

    We have our first official confirmation that new music from Beyoncé is currently being 'coordinated' from The-Dream:

    (Side note: he also confirms in this that Rihanna is 'about done... super close' on her next album too, kii.)

    It was already reported as early as February last year that Beyoncé and Elton John were reworking the Lion King soundtrack ahead of the film's release in July, and that the pair were likely working with Tim Rice on a new song for the end credits of the film.

    Whether or not The-Dream is referring to soundtrack music, or an entirely new album, is unclear, but what we do know is that her next move is becoming less mythical by the minute.
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  2. I'd tend to believe he's not talking about a full new studio album knowing how she kept everything a secret for the last two, but still, come thru queen.
  3. She's never actually been terribly coy about recording before, as she posted photos etc in the studio ahead of both of her last solo albums. It's usually just the deployment that's been top secret.
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  4. She won the Vanguard Award at GLAAD last night and spoke about her Uncle who died of HIV. I’m not aware that she’s spoken about that before ! Shangela also performed a fierce Beyoncé medley in front of her and she appeared to be living.

    I low-key hope this inspires her to release one more poppers O’Clock / bangers only / carnival-esque / for the gays / Fela Kuti inspired typa album. I say one more because we have this album already and it’s called B’Day.

    Here’s some of Shangela’s performance:

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  5. Bey looked absolutely beautiful in her last few performances. There’s such a warm, more relaxed aura around her these days and I hope this carries over to her new music.
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  6. Sam


  7. Oh dear. If she does this again... I will not be able to handle it. My heart is already beating faster just thinking of it!
  8. If we get new Madonna AND new Beyoncé in the same week...
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  9. New music from Bey AND Madonna on the same week?! #blessed
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  10. I heard a live album with 2 new songs is coming, not a studio album.
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  11. Who's birthday is it April 18?
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  12. Mess. Didnt see this before posting on her general thread. But yeah, I think we’ll get a live album of Homecoming

    You can see on her site a spot reserved for it:
  13. Is it just a live album to coincide with the Netflix documentary?
  14. My sister's. She isn't famous though. Let's move on.
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  15. There’s a live album of her Coachella set out on Apple Music/Tidal/Spotify. Queen of bringing back the live album.
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    Here for the artwork, not here for a live album.
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  17. Not live versions of Lemonade making it onto Spotify before the real thing.
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  18. Are the bonus tracks new songs?
  19. Nawt Lemonade songs on Spotify! She LIED!

    No, but this is very nice to have. It really was an incredible set.
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  20. Having Hold Up into Countdown on Spotify is worth the lies.
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