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Beyoncé - The Lion King: The Gift

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by EnsnareTheSenses, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. I'm really surprised that this is getting dragged by the critics, I just assumed it was actually going to be really good and garner acclaim. She still has a Best Original Song nomination on lock, so that's a positive.
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  2. It's a shot-for-shot remake, but with animals unable to emote. There is no need for it to exist.
  3. The Hans Zimmer pieces are still glorious though.
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  4. Don't talk about Selena Gomez like that.
  5. She sounds SO GOOD in Can You Feel The Love Tonight. Donald though......try again sis.

    Also, the general consensus seems to be that the movie looks lifeless and devoid of the original's charm.
  6. Beyoncé sounds just—so good on CYFTLT.
  7. I personally prefer Donald on that. Of course she sounds great, but she also sounds too much like “look how great I can sing people”. It’s a little bit fake as a performance in a film.
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  8. So...she wasn't supposed to sing well or what, exactly?
  9. That’s not my point at all but ok.
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  10. The Lion King (1994) - 8.5/10 on IMDb, 93% on RT, 88 on Metacritic

    The Lion King (2019) - 5.5/10 on IMDb, 58% on RT, 57 on Metacritic


    Disney, stop bastardising your classics.
  11. I bet it's @uksinglemom coming for the members who don't have insurance.
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  12. I'll judge after I've seen it. Which is next wednesday. But overall that whole real life remaking thing is getting too much. It was pointless from the beginning.
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  13. I love the original but I have no desire to watch the remake. I;ll just take Spirit and Can You Feel The Love Tonight and run.

    Just release your inspired-by album already Bey.
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  14. The only live action version of a Disney film I've enjoyed was Cinderella (Beauty and The Beast was okay except for bloody Emma Watson) so I'm wary about this.
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  15. The ones that were already based on human characters make sense somehow. I enjoyed Aladdin too, and Beauty and the Best a lot actually. But it still felt rather pointless.

    Spirit is in the vein of Speechless from Aladdin and that new Celine song from Beauty. Nice to have but overall way beneath the original soundtrack songs.

    Once Upon A Time though. Now that was great.
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  16. The best part will be how this will age like mayonnaise because of rapidly advancing CGI technology while the original will remain a gorgeous classic.

    Also Beyoncé's career will be completely unbothered by any of this and we will continue to be blessed just to be alive in an age where Beyoncé also happens to be alive.
  17. I just wanted a Beyonce version of He Lives In You.
  18. Personally I dont give a fat rats ass about the CGI characters not in sync with the words, bitter twitter folks making fun of Beyonce, etc. I know its going to be a great movie and I know my nephews and nieces are going to enjoy it. I will likely see it with my boyfriend since he's a beyhive and if it's cheesy then oh well because I know I'll still enjoy it.
  19. Your tone seems...very pointed right now. Maybe you should have a piece of gazelle carcass and calm down.
  20. I mean...I stan the Lion King and Beyonce pretty adamantly and equally... but I'm not going THIS hard, ma'am.

    I fully believe that allowing Rafiki to be female would've changed the feel of the film enough to make the re-envisioning seem more warranted. Give the good sis a bit of backstory about why she's so wise, let her be in cahoots with Nala and Sarabi to bring back Simba, let her and Nala duet on 'Shadowland' AND let the only animal character with human-esque features emote through 'He Lives in You', arguably, the best song of the Lion King songbook...

    Stunt cast away, sistren.
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