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Beyoncé - The Lion King: The Gift

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by EnsnareTheSenses, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. Mood 4 Eva remains such a bop, but I don’t think there’s been enough praise here for Find Your Way Back.
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  2. Find Your Way Back is the album’s best song!
  3. I feel like Find Your Way Back has been one of the most praised songs from the album on here dddd

    I'm still hammering Before I Let Go.
  4. "BIGGER" remains brilliant.
  5. It’s such an easy, comforting, and uplifting listen, and the production is amazing.

    Here’s a cute background on one of the producers, a South African student from the University of Cape Town:

    Bubele Booi is the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) first-ever BMus Music Technology graduate and dropped the news about his involvement on the 19 July with an emotional tweet.

    “Almost a year ago a South African kid left home with a suitcase and a keyboard. A year later that same African kid was given an opportunity to produce a song for Beyonce. That kid is me, and I’m humbled.”

    I saw more of Mood 4 Eva and Nile stanning so I may have missed it!
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  6. The Nile being essentially an interlude is still so hateful.
  7. I wonder when her actual next solo album will be out? 2021? She's keeping us fed with projects and stuff but I need a big Bey project hey?
  8. Yeah, these feel more like appetizers and have had such short life span. It's weird to think we've had 2 Beyoncé albums in the last 15 months, but still feel so thirsty for something
  9. I think there is a bit of a false equivalence here, as well as buying into a binary that it can only be out of necessity *or* to present her lower register. I think it is a combination of presenting her voice the way it is, being cognizant of what with keep her voice healthy decades from now, but also just not wanting to repeat herself after the constant big ballads/vocal bravada of Destiny's Child's debut up until 4/Mrs. Carter World Tour. It seems obvious that with self-titled onwards she wants the artistic freedom to experiment and not be obligated to belt and do runs and scales on every song or on a power ballad every five songs.

    I also find that people put a premium on the highest notes belted, while ignoring that her songs are still just as difficult to sing and perform, whether she is presenting deep notes, or using her head voice more. Ultimately, I think in her 20s she was constantly trying to outdo herself on ballads and vocal performance, and now she just seems so FREE which leads to really lovely gems like Love On Top or I Care at Coachella or Halo at Global Citizens Fest, where she is reframing what songs are getting the big vocal moments.
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  10. I was thinking about this today. Beyoncé never really did conventional album cycles and always stepped it up with her following project. She went from a double disc concept album to whatever 4 was to a surprise visual album to a full blown movie experience. How do you top Lemonade? I guess you don't – so she went to joint album, live album and soundtrack from there. Which is why I think a Destiny's Child reunion would make perfect sense next. What would a new Beyoncé album even be at this point? A major motion picture?
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  11. An immersive 4D audiovisual experience in which a Beyoncé hologram appears to sing in front of you while all your electronic devices automatically change to have a Blue Ivy picture as a desktop background.
  12. There has not been enough praise and awareness for this project as a whole. Sadly. It came and went.
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  13. When songs from this album come on in my afrobeats playlist you can honestly hear the difference in quality, it's a cut above everything else in my opinion. And I have nothing but good songs in there.
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  14. This is epic:

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  15. Link?
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  17. Ooh amazing!! I can’t wait to see this - I’m always really interested in the recording process, Beyonce’s I'm sure is fascinating!
  18. Homecoming lost all of the Emmy’s it was nominated for yesterday.
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