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Beyoncé - The Lion King: The Gift

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by EnsnareTheSenses, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. Wait how is Sasha Fierce a sonic anomaly in her career?
  2. Bleh. Spirit just reminds me how much I stan Rise Up.

    She's still that mushy-vational soundtrack bop.
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  3. With this and A Star Is Born I'm truly at my limit with these boring movie soundtracks... c'mon Bey you're better than this.
  4. Did the party room just see that??
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  5. Great song. It has a very timeless quality.
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  6. Let's be real, is anything? You set the bar too high.
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  7. Despite that voice acting clip, the movie seems to be getting really positive first look reactions from people who've seen it.
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  8. The song is fine. It's certainly not better than the songs that anchor the original film... or Shadowland from the musical but it fits within the overall soundscape. If the visual effects are as crazy stunning as the first reactions suggest, I think the song will go off in the movie's context.

    I'm wondering how much of the initial reactions are true blue critical praise or Disney payola, but I choose to believe that it's the former.

  9. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    It's no Work It Out ":("
  10. Loving this! NOTHING was ever going to live up to the classic songs from the original.
    It’s great! Classic Bey. She can do this kinda stuff and still go back to the same sound as Lemonade on her own studio album.
  11. What is though? The Neptunes was really peak Pharrell.
  12. Because it's shit.
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  13. Spirit is definitely a... song for a movie. Sure beautiful vocals (as expected) but it's such a sterile moment of motivational whatever.

    It's definitely not Check On It.
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  14. It’s a grower though. I really like it now.
  15. Had no idea so many people could speak feline ever since those clips surfaced on twitter.
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  16. It is...fine. She sounds lovely but...I will probably not return.
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  17. I mean it was Lion King x Bey, the expectations were impossible to meet.

    I listened to it several times and it’s growing, it fits the mood of the (original) movie.

    Personally I dislike the word Spirit, I don’t know why it just feels forced. I always want to sing Freedoooooom instead of it even if that is cheesier and maybe not fitting.

    Overall it is like Speechless from Aladdin. Kind of good but a hard pass compared to the original songs. And in this case Beyoncé’s songs.
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  18. Where’s the regular soundtrack? I thought the digital version was going to be released today.
  19. It's out tomorrow, I think.
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