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Beyoncé - The Lion King: The Gift

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Ensnare, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. It is now.
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  2. Spotify link for anyone looking:
  3. TM


  4. She sounds like an angel on Can You Feel The Love Tonight.

    The clarity, the warmth, the emotion!
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  5. I’m high-key disappointed that Spirit is the Beyoncé song from the album. I thought it was a cute album bonus track.... it’s not the massive Beyoncé Nala solo banger that I was expecting. It’s not even a great ballad either.
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  6. Okay but He Lives In You was robbed. Such a missed opportunity not having two versions.
  7. Oh No I was expecting this to be one of the songs of the year. What a missed op. Oh well.
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  8. Her vocals on Can You Feel The Love Tonight? are so pure and angelic.
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  9. Beyonce is most compelling when she's looking inward and sharing her experiences, I don't really know why you guys expected a soundtrack song to be on par with her best work.
  10. Yeah, Can You Feel The Love is absolutely outstanding. One of the greatest songs of all time sung by one of the greatest singers of all time ... she’s a happy Disney gay.

    But it must be said. Beyoncé’s voice acting in this isn’t clicking. She’s never suggested to me that she has the range, acting wise. She can emote for the absolute heavens when she sings though. She shows more emotion and acting in her vocal performance of Can You Feel The Love tonight than in any of the clips I’ve seen of her speaking as Nala. I mean the movie itself isn’t clicking either. I wanna see Simba smile but that would look shit because they’re photo-realistic but it looks shit with them as normal actual animals as well.... it was never gonna work.
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  11. She really should have recorded ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight?’ as the closing credits song and kept ‘Spirit’ for herself. Such a missed opportunity.
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  12. Is she gonna cover the pop version of the song? I didn’t even realise that the lyrics were different..... I’d always played the Elton John version and assumed the film version was the same. It’s been so long since I’ve seen the film, I guess I forgot.
  13. ‘The Lion King’ Review: Disney’s Remake Is a Disastrous Plunge into the Uncanny Valley
  14. Yeah... I'm gonna pass on this one.
  15. 66% on RT


    The photo realism just... doesn't seem to work with the goofyness of this movie. The Hakuna Matata clip made me cringe. At least The Jungle Book had Mowgli to anchor everything. I'll reserve full judgement until i've snapped myself some tickets and contributed to Disney's insatiable greed x
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  16. The Spirit song is awful. The critic who said it could be the biggest song of the year/Disney movies can choke.
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  17. Do we know if Beyoncé has unreleased music videos and for what songs?
  18. The Jungle Book did a great job of allowing the animals to emote without it looking shit. The CGI animals in Jungle Book also just have way more character and life than the clips I've seen of Lion King.
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  19. Sometimes you lose.gif
  20. How is Pharrell getting a producer credit for the soundtrack when they almost sound note for note like the original masters? The only thing completely changed was 'Be Prepared' so Chiwetel Ejiofor could speak sing his way through it - and it's a mess.

    Bey is making the ABSOLUTE most of her time with 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight' - when I think she's gonna zig... she zags. Queen of melodically keeping us on our toes.

    Get that Disney bread, I guess.
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