Beyonce - Why Don't You Love Me?



She has an echo mic at the very least, I think... but she's talented, and there's no disputing that.
She didn't need to release this song, she only became annoying by releasing this. I do love her so much though, just woman calm down!
LoveSexMagic said:
there is an amazing remix of this being played on clubland tv (yawn!) im trying to find it, anyone heard it, and know what it is? or how i may be able to find out what it i?

Does it sound all Freemasons like with lots of strings?

If so, it's the MK Ultra mix. Which I agree, is phenomenal. The only other one I'm aware of is the Starsmith one, which is typically more electro.
I know it's her thing to release every song of her album, but it's getting annoying. Does she honestly believe this will be a hit? It's boring.

The perfect album campaign would've been:
If I Were A Boy
Single Ladies (even though I hate it)
Sweet Dreams

There was no need for Ego, Broken Hearted Girl, Videophone, Diva and this shit! They all did poorly.

I'm just saying this cause I wish she would stop releasing songs from IASF and give us new music!
I really like the MK Ultra remix of this song, camp as tits the way I likes it! I've just bought it off iTunes, couldn't be bothered with the other mix it was a bit too bleh for my liking.


Beyonce has only release 7 singles over here

1-If I Were A Boy
3-Single Ladies ( Put A Ring On It )
4-Sweet Dreams
5-Broken Hearted Girl
6-Video Phone
7-Why Dont You Love Me?

This IS WHAT SHOULD have been released

1-Halo - Did pretty well in the UK, I still think today, its her best song!
2-If I Were A Boy - Not has good has Halo, but I love this song!
3-Sweet Dreams - Catchy did pretty well in the UK also,
4-Radio - THIS SCREAMS SINGLE! and in my oppinion SCREAMS number 1 single
5-Single Ladies ( Put A Ring On It ) - To End The Era off

This era has been so dragged on, Now its going to be harder for Beyonce in that respect, because she has got to work extra hard and find the right songs which has got to top the songs that she has previously released in the UK. which have been hits Minus " Video Phone " dont even think that got in the top 100.