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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by bryan89, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. my oh my why isnt there a Beyonce General Discussion topic? She's one of the biggest popstars out there.

    I just adore Beyonce. She's one of the very few artists that LOVES what she's doing and keeps showing it with every single chance she gets.

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  2. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    A contender for popstar of the decade.

    Put on the best show I've ever been to with the I Am... tour. I've now bought three different versions of I Am... Sasha Fierce plus the live album and all the CD singles from the album.

    B'Day is amazing as well, even better than I Am..., 'Upgrade U' is a favourite of mine that always seems to be overlooked.

    Not that big a fan of Dangerously In Love but it had good singles.

    Basically Beyonce is a legend, or at least a legend in the making.
  3. Dude, I COMPLETELY agree. I LOVE Upgrade U and its dance routine is so much fun!

    And Yes, while B'Day was pure fun, I Am...Sasha Fierce sounds more polished... I dont know why

    And by the way, i was thinking the other day that if Beyonce decided to release a Greatest Hits, she will be including more than half of B'Day and I Am... random, i know
  4. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    I've tried to imagine what a Beyonce greatest hits would look like, with 3 albums and all the hit featured appearances/soundtrack stuff I can barely cut it down to one disc.

    She just has too many good songs.
  5. 3 albums? She's releasing a fourth one next year so if she'll release a greatest hits, its gonna be after that. Wow, if the fourth album has as many singles as the last 2, her greatest hits will probably be one of the very very few that are worth buying.

    Here's what I want from her Greatest Hits:

    01. Crazy In Love feat Jay-Z
    02. Baby Boy feat. Sean Paul
    03. Naughty Girl
    04. Me, Myself And I
    05. DeJa Vu feat Jay-Z
    06. Ring The Alarm
    07. Irreplaceable
    08. Upgrade U feat. Jay-Z
    09. Listen
    10. Flaws And All
    11. Beautiful Liar feat Shakira
    12. One Night Only
    13. Wishing On A Star
    14. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
    15. If I Were A Boy
    16. Diva (remix) feat Ciara & Termanology
    17. Halo
    18. Ego feat Kanye West
    19. Broken Hearted Girl
    20. Sweet Dreams
    21. Video Phone feat Lady GaGa

    And those are just a few songs off the top of my head. I cant even imagine the number of songs after i scan my iTunes
  6. The bitch is good. Thats all there is to it. She can sing and dance in the (purest
    vs. plainest) sense of the words [you get to pick].

    A Beyonce hit list.? Now thats a tough one. I feel Beyonce wouldn't make it a proper playlist but more like - what Beyonce wants you to hear.

    I'm so shocked to believe that only a few tracks off B'Day are not singles. Kitty Kat? Suga Mama? RESENTMENT (cannot be ignored)? Those are the only ones I'm not sure of.
  7. I adore Suga Mama, my favourite from B'Day would have to be Get Me Bodied. The performance on the I Am... Tour was a personal highlight.
  8. I've liked Beyoncé in an aesthetic way for a long time. I loved Crazy In Love, I remember seeing her perform it live on Top Of The Pops and thought she was incredible. So I bought Dangerously In Love and was really disappointed, to the point that I got rid of the album, which I regret now as I've checked it out again recently and like it more. Still hate the Daddy song though, makes me feel queasy.

    So I went back to just admiring her until I Am… Sasha Fierce came out and I decided to invest in her again. I loved the album so I bought B-Day as well, I also love that.

    I really wanted to see her on tour this year and it took a few months. Thanks to the second Birmingham date and the Trident competition I ended up seeing her twice and was completely blown away. She's got it all as a performer. Her music isn't quite as good as she is, but it's getting there.

    Doesn't hurt that she's sexy as hell and has a great body of course.

    The power she has in the industry right now makes her even more attractive, she's very inspiring.
  9. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Lis please tell me you have the dvd ed of B-Day!
  10. I do Vasilios, I do!
  11. I feel like i'm quoting you a lot recently, but that really is the best way to sum up Beyonce right now. She's a brilliant performer and what I really think sets her apart is that she is one of those genuinely nice people. I haven't even met her and you can tell. If I was to have popstar best buddys i'd have P!nk and Beyonce for this very reason.
  12. I wish she'd go back to destiny's child.

    And I still think Dangerously in Love is her best album.
  13. Possibly the best performer of our generation, and fit as. I have all sorts of love for her.
  14. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    I'd like a Destiny's Child reunion but let's be honest it'd be the Beyonce show featuring the one from the David Guetta song and also featuring the one who fell down.
  15. I loved Destiny's Child, but let's leave the past where it belongs. The girls had an absolutely flawless run of singles before the Destiny Fulfilled era (and the horror that was Stand Up For Love) so I'd rather they just left well alone than risk tainting their legacy any further.
  16. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    'Stand Up For Love' is my second favourite Destiny's Child song :(

    (After 'Bootylicious' of course)
  17. Beyoncé is the best popstar in the world right now. The End.
  18. I love 'Sweet Dreams'.
  19. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Ashanti, is that you?
  20. Beyonce, regardless of what else she ever bothers to do in her career will always have legendary status with me because she had a hand in writing Say My Name, one of my favourite songs ever! Also she's beyond amazing live.
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