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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by bryan89, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. "World Wide Woman" is slowly surpassing "Fighting Temptation", "Check on It", "Naughty Girl" and "Signs" to become my fave. It's perfect in every way and I love how charmingly dated the internet references are.

    World Wide Woman
    Check on It
    Fighting Temptation
    Naughty Girl
    Schoolin' Life
    Rather Die Young
    Dance for You
    Lay Up Under Me
    Grown Woman
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  2. Smash Into You
    Me, Myself & I
    I Care
    Get Me Bodied
    Love On Top
    Check On It
    No Angel
    Flawless (Remix)

    Special mentions go to Stop Sign and Standing on the Sun (remix and original).
  3. Top 10 Beyonce Tracks:
    I Miss You
    Crazy in Love
    End Of Time
    Drunk in Love
    I Care
    Schoolin' Life
    Baby Boy

    Obviously, this all depends on my mood so this is just a general list.
  4. What does everyone think of Broken-Hearted Girl?

    That's probably my favourite Beyonce song and I'm a casual fan. It's stunning.
  5. Too much drama for nothing. For such a simple song/theme, it carries so much anguish that it is more exhausting/tiring than anything else.
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  6. Broken-Hearted Girl, Hello and Smash Into You are the three I Am... ballads I still use. The first two are over-the-top indulgence but I like them. Smash Into You is just a great song, really.
  7. End of Time
    Get Me Bodied (Extended Mix)
    Love on Top
    Video Phone
    Crazy in Love
  8. Any top 10 that does not include Schoolin' Life is wrong, obviously.
  9. RJF


    1. Haunted
    2. Crazy In Love
    3. Partition
    4. XO
    5. End Of Time
    6. Mine
    7. Heaven
    8. I Miss You
    9. Countdown
    10. Drunk In Love
    11. Schoolin' Life
    12. ***Flawless
    13. Single Ladies
    14. Freakum Dress
    15. Blow

    16. Ring The Alarm
    17. Get Me Bodied

    I think this is pretty accurate for me. Her last album really did come along and absolutely obliterate any kind of necessity for her previous material but some of it still survives the wave of the self-titled. "Crazy In Love" is iconic and has never failed to immolate any dancefloor I've heard it on, "End Of Time" was where she truly mastered the brass-bolstered banger with strong, joyous vocals, wonderfully weird little stutters and vocal loops, "babycomeongetuponit..." etc. it's all just perfect and encapsulated beautifully in the Glastonbury performance. "Countdown" is a similar rush.

    I feel like "Single Ladies" has almost been completely drowned in hen-night scorn, but it's actually one of her most slickly produced tracks. All those little bleeps and whirs matching an utterly breathless tempo with Beyoncé commanding it all. It's a great listen. The B-Day tracks that round out the end of the list pretty much speak for themselves.

    As for anything else I need to defend/explain, "XO" has always hit me harder than most on here. I think it's just a perfect balance of several things. It's fragile and intimate, but it's also huge and powerful. "Drunk In Love" and "Blow" have really, really shot up in my estimations over the last year. The album is still in regular rotation for me. She got it so, so right.

    EDIT: How could I forget "Schoolin' Life"?! Let me add it now.
  10. I really wanted to just put the album, but it felt unfair to the rest of her discography.
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  11. 1. Partition
    2. Haunted
    3. Crazy In Love
    4. End Of Time
    5. I Miss You
    6. Get Me Bodied
    7. Freakum Dress
    8. Single Ladies
    9. Flawless
    10. Schoolin Life

    And of course, Spin doesn't know what they're talking about. They never really do.
  12. SMG


    1. Haunted
    2. Partition
    3. Countdown
    4. Drunk In Love
    5. Flawless
    6. Get Me Bodied
    7. Mine
    8. Sweet Dreams
    9. Halo
    10. Superpower

    Her self-titled really did blow everything out of the water, didn't it?
  13. Some of you are right:

    Top 10 Beyonce Tracks in no particular order...

    Crazy in Love
    Ring the Alarm
    Get Me Bodied
    Drunk in Love

    And there we go.

    Lemme pay the I Am era a bit of dust...

    Here are the unacceptable outrages from that Spin list:

    #123 - Lost Yo Mind - How in the world is this bop and a half not the biggest treasure of her unreleased/bonus track catalog. This song KNOCKS you out!
    #89 - Scared of Lonely - Seems to me somebody missed the I Am Yours special....
    #74 - Mine - Oh lawd jesus it's a fire.
    #54 - Heaven - Who hurt J.T. in a past life?
    #51 - RING OFF - This should be 49 places lower!
    #48 - Run the World - What in the actual fuck?
    #43 - Haunted - Spin probably won't make no money off this.... oh well
    #37 - LOVE IN THIS CLUB PART II - Who even listened to this?!
    #22 - Drunk In Love - At least Top 10 material, AT LEAST
    #20 - Rocket - Biggest dud on BEYONCE, Nope, not worth this slot

    Kick out Schoolin Life, Single Ladies and Blow from the Top 10 and replace them all with something from the #20-#11.

    What a MESS.
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  14. Lost Yo' Mind would have been an amazing single. I remember when it leaked I STANNED MY LIFE for it. I still love it now.
  15. I can't rank them, but my top 10 is:

    I Care
    Check On It
    Deja Vu
    End Of Time
    Schoolin' Life
    (or Haunted)
    (or Mine)

    It's quite hard.
  16. 1. End Of Time
    2. I Miss You
    3. Drunk In Love
    4. I Care
    5. Countdown
    6. Single Ladies
    7. Sweet Dreams
    8. Haunted
    9. XO
    10. Crazy In Love

    (Though we all know the true number one is Say My Name.)
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  18. Also I have just realised how sad I am to miss out Love On Top, Blue and Partition from my list.
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  20. 1. XO
    2. End Of Time
    3. Drunk In Love
    4. 1+1
    5. Jealous
    6. Get Me Bodied
    7. Partition
    8. Love On Top
    9. Naughty Girl
    10. Smash Into You
    11. Countdown
    12. Crazy In Love
    13. Deja Vu
    14. Irreplaceable.
    15. Disappear
    16. Video Phone
    17. Halo
    18. Single Ladies
    19. Mine
    20. Sweet Dreams
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