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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by bryan89, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. Ouch. That's sad, actually. They were an awesome pair.
  2. Boots is amazing, but this does have me pretty excited for a new direction.
  3. K94


    His pointed tone makes me sad. He was practically worshipping Beyonce before.
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  4. Ooooh, WOW!

  5. Ugh, shut up Boots.
  6. Put your Boots on babe get to work working with Tinashe.
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  7. Sam


    Has he deleted his tweets?
  8. K94


    Looks like he unfavourited that tweet - he doesn't want his career stung.
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  9. I'm getting a distinct "let me save face for the underground" tone from his tweets.
  10. His bio is hilarious.
  11. Speaking to DIY, BOOTS gave a few insights into the process behind ‘M3LL155X’. The pair met, he says, in a chance encounter, and instantly clicked creatively. “It was a freak encounter,” he starts, “we saw each other out, and ‘chk’. We were chatting all night. We could just tell. At first she was wary,” he goes on “because I’m attached to something like Beyoncé. A lot of people are, believe it or not.”
  12. He seems butthurt.

    Also, nice to see this thread! I have never posted here before but she's in my trinity along with Gaga and Madonna.
  13. Boots acting like some QUEEN.

    She needs to have a reclining seat and thank Beyonce for allowing him to finally have carpet laid in his apartment.
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  14. I'd say it's more like Bey has just chosen her track list and he found out his songs didn't make it. He has been hinting to Bey fans that he was working with her, so it's odd for him to be saying this just now and not months ago.
  15. Rolling my eyes at the breathless Beyoncé apologetics. You all can do better.

    Yeah let's just dismiss the architect of her "iconic" album because he refused to give Beyonce total claim over his craft again, as well as the other things he implied in those tweets. It's very typical of Beyoncé and lines up perfectly with her storied patronizing attitude and interactions in the industry. Get free, king. #keriwasright
  16. K94


    It's ok sis - get all that contrary out ya system.
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  17. I might've known it would be you throwing around the same old stale opinion. Let's get one thing straight firstly - Beyonce was the architect of BEYONCE. Her vision and her concept - and just like any great architect, she had a great team. Beyonce described at length about how ideas were thrown around and worked on in collaboration with Boots, and they've both spoke about doing the project together, hence why she didn't claim complete ownership and hence why you can find his name where appropriate in the credits. Now let me roll my eyes for bringing this 2009 tea up in this dancery. You can do better.
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  18. Just for perspective.

    Produced by Boots

    Tweaked by Boots
    Drunk In Love
    No Angel

    He was integral to the beating heart, most hyped tracks, etc. from Bey's first good album. Don't dismiss him like fickle queens just because he *gasp* implied Beyoncé isn't a perfect god.
  19. K94


    No one was dismissing the material or his apparent abilities- the annoyance comes from him being sour because Beyonce wanted to do something else.
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