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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by bryan89, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. What made him think he was getting another cut on a new Beyonce record?
  2. New eras usually starts with the people that made the last one a success. That's why you see a producer that had 7 cuts in an album have 2 in the next one etc. Usually artists feel the magic only happens once though and then seek new people (more current).

    I think Beyoncé will either chase radio hits this time or go completely FKA beys.
  3. We all love Boots for the music he created with Beyonce. We don't love his attitude.
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  5. Wynter Gordon what? Was eating a bowl of cereal while Boots was having his Twitter meltdown?
  6. No. I think she's written for Beyonce's new album.
  7. ^ That would make a lot of sense.
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  8. I was in a club a couple of weeks back and ***Flawless came on, everyone was going wild but the dancing through Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's monologue was so awkward hahaha.
  9. He claimed he was trolling, I suppose he was sick of being asked about Beyonce's album... Err I hope that means he's still actually working with Beyonce because they did brilliant stuff together.
  10. It's all a bit weird, but it would appear that he was getting tired of all the fans continually asking him about his new stuff with her, decided to freak them out a bit, get a bump in attention/followers (conveniently just before he releases his new album), then essentially confirm through liking others' tweets that everything is fine, and that he's toiling away, making new music for her.

    It did seem a bit odd, in that I'd be highly surprised if she's anywhere near a finalised set list for anything she has coming up, let alone doing the recording for it.

    So, everyone can chill out again.
  11. He was continuously teasing fans about the new album. Can you blame them for reacting?
    He should've just said, No, I didn't work with Beyonce, and call it a day. Not tweet and favorite a bunch of shady shit.
  12. I didn't.
  13. Happy Birthday, Beyoncé.

    I continually feel indebted to you, in that I can never give you anything other than my undivided stan attention (to be fair, word on the grapevine is that loyalty can be pretty tricky to come by nowadays...).

    Stay blessed, unstressed, and continue to make everybody else pressed.

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  14. Long live the Queen.
  15. K94


    HB God - I hope your gift [from Virgo] is some music that you'll decide to release today amen.
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  16. #BeyDay is trending on Twitter. I don't know if this has always been what B's birthday has been called, but there you are.
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  17. Haps Beed Bey!! I intend to watch I Am World Tour, Glastonbury, Roseland, Atlantic City, and On The Run in celebration.
  18. Happy Birthday Beyoncé. I love the fact that I share my birthday with royalty...
  19. A new low.
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  20. I can't wait for your next opus, queen.
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