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Beyoncé's Album (It's real.)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by truman, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    She only gets 12 minutes people, she'll do five songs max I reckon.
  2. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    She's coming...! I'm fucking excited beyond belief, after 4 I hope she continues her route of great music. I doubt it'll be in the same vein as 4 but I'm definitely ready for a new direction. I'm probably most excited for the Sia collaborations because depending on the producer, we have no idea what direction the songs will be. Could be Guetta, could be Stargate, could be Samuel Dixon. Lots of choices, or a brand new producer!

    I don't know if I want another I Was Here, Warren can have a seat.
  3. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    I can't think of anything that wouldn't work in a B medley. I would love a small Destiny's Child moment.
    The picture is so good.
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  4. K94


    Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    My setlist

    Run The World
    New single
    Single Ladies
    DC Medley of Bootylicious, Independent Women Part 1 and finish off with Lose My Breath with Kelly and Michelle
    Deja Vu
    Crazy In Love (with the 'HEYYYAYYAY' bit not 'woooahwoooahwooahhoooAHHH' before the last chorus)
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  5. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    The NFL should realize Beyonce deserves 20 minutes, at least.
  6. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    I think it'll be more electronic and upbeat.
    And probably a ballad or 2 about her bebe.
    We'll see.

    I just hope they confirm something new soon - although we'll probably get a lot of rumours in the next few months, and an official announcement in January.

    Or maybe she won't release something new 'til the end of 2013 but that would be simply ridiculous.
    New material is almost guaranteed.
  7. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    This is great news. Hopefully she'll put on a show as epic as Madonna's but with the added bonus of not having to endure GAYLuvin'.

    'NO' to Destiny's Child.
    'YES' to an epic Telephone performance.
  8. SilverSurfer

    SilverSurfer Guest

    Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    She needs to release her lead single in January and perform it at the Superbowl (and Grammys if possible).
  9. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    No to Gaga. Any other time, sure but the Superbowl is a huge thing for any musician (yes?) and I don't want the focus on anyone but B and rightly so to be fair.

    EDIT: I mean... it's not even her song.
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  10. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    Christ, if it's good enough, a Grammy performance and the Superbowl performance would see the lead single atop Billboard for weeks. That would set the album up ridiculously well.

    I have mixed feelings about a 'Telephone' performance for the same reason that Resi has said above. But then I think about the spectacle, and how wonderful it would be...

    Nicki, M.I.A. and LMFAO were hardly in the same league as GaGa. Has a Superbowl performer ever had a high-profile guest performer?

    I'm torn. Haha, if GaGa were to return the favour 5-10 years down the line, I suppose I'd be up for it! Maybe that's why I'm not as apprehensive about Jay's fairly inevitable performance - I just can't see him ever getting the time to shine as a solo act.
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  11. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    As if. In a twelve minute slot, we'll be lucky to get the chorus of a new song, two minutes of Crazy in Love, and nine minutes of "To the left, Packers. Now you, Giants, to the left, to the left".
  12. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)


    One can hope but doubtful. However, imagine the marching band doing the drums and horns? Amazing.
  13. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    Yes to 'End Of Time' for the aforementioned reasons. Perhaps the opener?
    Yes to citoig's 'Irreplaceable' joke. Good one, sir!
  14. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    Wow! I actually had a feeling we would hear something soon. I don't care for a Telephone performance at all; it seems strange that a Beyonce-centred performance would feature a track in which she pretty much does one verse. Also, I don't want anyone to steal her spotlight! This gig is big!
  15. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    It would be quite the opener! The synths kicking in all over that stadium, oh my... it sounds actually like a very good idea now and not some fan wish.

    Yes exactly. I would say or think the say for most artists to be honest.
  16. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    Because we've never had a Telephone performance, and most likely never will. I don't know why people are so worried about her being up-staged...
  17. K94


    Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    It's not that - it's just that it ain't her song. Why put the focus on Gaga when this is all about *BEYONCE*
  18. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    Telephone isn't even her song. It would make more sense if it was Gaga and we were discussing Beyonce coming out seeing as she features. Beyonce performing someone else's song on the Superbowl seems odd when she has plenty of her own hits to fill the allotted time.

    I'm not saying I wouldn't like it, of course I would but another time. She already did it at Glastonbury and only has one verse, it makes no sense to perform it on a time sensitive show of this caliber. What is she going to do for the rest of the 3 minutes Gaga is performing? It makes no sense, let's be real here.
  19. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    It's all about a good Superbowl Performance.

    Look, I know I'm a "stan" of Gaga, but I'm actually just thinking about the greater good here. I don't just want to see another re-tread of the 'I Am...' tour. I'm thinking about the most impactful performance, and I think that including Gaga as a guest (in a song that is iconic because of Beyoncé's inclusion) would be very suitable.

    Madonna had fucking CeeLo Green, of all people.

    I think it would work if Gaga's input was cut down a bit (and yes I'm absolutely gagging to see them on stage together).
  20. K94


    Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    Maybe Beyonce will get Rihanna..
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