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Beyoncé's Album (It's real.)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by truman, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    She should do Videophone instead, so. (I'm only slightly joking here. I think my actual ideal setlist would give Resi a heart attack.)
  2. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    I hope she doesn't do Irreplaceable. It's an encore number, not a show-stopper.
  3. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    I genuinely cannot make my mind where I stand on a 'Telephone' performance, having given it a proper bit of thought.
  4. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    Eh, it's not her song but then it IS her song, Telephone is only what it is because of her. They can do a mix of only her parts and then Gaga comes for the last chorus/one verse and all hell breaks loose. Let's be honest, almost everyone would love to see them both perform.
    (american flag outfits! It's like it was meant to be)

    Oh well, it's not like she NEEDS it, but there's no better icing for this cake. I just want Run the World to be epic. I don't care what people say, it's an amazing song with flawless choreography and her most inspired imagery.
  5. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    Watch her close with Ave Maria.
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  6. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    Having Gaga appear would be like Cee-Lo doing Forget You at last year's superbowl with Madonna singing a verse. The only difference being that Madge didn't appear on Cee-Lo's song. It's just... odd. No.
  7. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    Well, it's not like we have a say. I think everyone would be happy if it happened, but I'm sure it's gonna be show stopping, Bey is a perfect live performer.

    I still haven't seen a better pop performance since her Billboard awards one.
  8. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    That's kind of a significant difference, wouldn't you say? Beyoncé did appear on Telephone and in the video, both were quite successful and garnered a fair bit of attention, it's not exactly a stretch. Bey even performed Telephone as part of a medley suring her Glastonbury set. It's CERTAINLY a damn sight more logicial and exciting than LMFAO popping up during Madonna's set. A Telephone performance featuring both women on stage at the same time 3 years after it's release would be A Very Good Pop Thing.

    Anyway, this is all very exciting.
  9. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    It's a guaranteed good performance either way. You can count on Bey to put on a show for us.
  10. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    End Of Time / Run The World
    New Single
    Telephone (starting from Beyonce's section with one chorus with them both on)
    Single Ladies
    Say My Name / Independent Women / Lose My Breath (reunion special)
    Crazy In Love

    She would literally slay with this setlist. Every blog / website / newspaper would be on fire with the reunion of DC and pictures of Gaga and Bey performing together.

    I also wonder if she'll do a ballad (If I Were A Boy style) for Winter, which she can promote on X Factor, then debut the second upbeat single the week of the Superbowl. Then album beginning of March. Boom.
  11. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    Please no ballads, no flop songs (anything off of 4), and no to that band of hers,Suga Mama, she keeps peddling.

    Yes to Destiny's Child, yes to a Jay Z feature, and yes to Baby Boy.

    And I'm indifferent to her performing Single Ladies for the millionth time, we all know she will.
  12. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    It kinda has to end with Crazy in Love, doesn't it?
  13. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    After thinking it over, Destiny's Child songs should not be performed as Beyonce with Kelly and Michelle but rather as Beyonce with holograms of Beyonce and Beyonce.
  14. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    This is the first time I've ever really anticipated anything in Bey Land; she'll basically put on the best half-time show we've ever seen. Also, as much as I have no real time for it, the prospect of having the entire audience chant "To the left, to the left" Glastonbury style validates it's placing on the set-list entirely. Basically, exactly what Someboy posted but with 'Run The World' affirmative.
  15. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    I understand what you're saying but Telephone is much more significant to Lady Gaga's career and is merely a blip in Beyonce's. I'm sure if you stopped 100 people and asked them to name a Lady Gaga song, a fair few would name Telephone. If the survey was on Beyonce's songs, I'm pretty sure no one would pick Telephone out. In that respective it's a very odd song choice.
  16. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    It's the Superbowl Halftime Show note the Beyoncé's Greates Hits Experience, it's about the songs that will make for the best show and the biggest spectacle.
  17. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    Kelly and Michelle shooting up from underneath the stage on either side of Beyonce with the opening riff of Bootylicious followed by "Kelly, can you handle this / Michelle, can you handle this?" ... now that would be a true 'moment'. Fuck Telephone/Gaga.
  18. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    No one gives a damn about Michelle Williams. Any other popstar shooting up beside her would be more exciting.
  19. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    I really cannot imagine Beyonce letting Gags take the stage with some attention-whore-y getup during her superbowl half-time show.

    A bridge too far, Gaga fans.
  20. Re: Beyoncé - 5th Studio Album (2013)

    Oh yes Kellywho and Michellewhat, who have been on Beyonce's concerts doing participations forever, would make so much more impact than Gaga.
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