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Beyoncé's Album (It's real.)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by truman, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Agreed, I want it to be re-released in the summer, so I'd rather she saved all promo for it then (maybe a VMAs performance?). I can't think of many re-released singles - the only one that comes to mind is P!nk's Who Knew - but I hope her label sees that it didn't flop because it's a bad song but because Drunk In Love took over.
  2. I think "XO" would go down better for the Brit's performance. She would probably get slated if she did a sexy performance like the Grammys.
  3. It has to be 'XO'. It will be 'XO'. Beyonce is incredibly self aware and intelligent. 'Drunk In Love' was appropriate for the Grammys, but replicating that performance at the Brits will achieve nothing.
  4. Yeah it'll be XO.
  5. I pray it'll be 'XO'. It would definitely be the right choice - as Wanted pointed out, she'd be slammed for a repeat 'Drunk' performance, especially since the UK has been hyper sensitive to pop 'n' sex since Rihanna donned next to nothing on the X-Factor 2010 and RUINED THE INNOCENCE OF CHILDREN NATIONWIDE.

    Plus, it would be pretty awesome to be the country that gives 'XO' the biggest push its had to date. And I also think 'XO' would keep album sales ticking over nicely (not that she really needs it; the album hasn't left the UK top 5 since its release).
  6. Thank you! I felt the atmosphere shift in my spirit and only spoke what I knew to be already sanctioned, ordained and aligned in the higher realms.

    Unlikely - the "Dark Horse" video and Pitbull remix will probably give it a very appreciable boost in coming weeks (assuming they're released promptly) and there are already a couple of other hits (Jason DeRulo comes to mind) gaining great traction at radio. Unfortunately #2 may well be it's peak on the Hot 100, unless Columbia moves quickly and ditches "XO" at Pop/CHR.

    Albeit ain't nobody ask you nothing. Respect the oracle.

    I'm confident her label are smart enough to have realized by now that "Drunk In Love" is the anthem everyone is here for. A huge performance could easily catapult it into the Top 3, maybe even #1, which would benefit her UK label far more than forcing "XO" into the Top 15.

    That said I do agree she'd have to switch up the performance - although, let us not forget how she gave the same "Single Ladies" performance EVERYWHERE for a hundred years or so, to the detriment of already-smashing follow-up singles "Diva" and "Halo".

    A shortened "XO" segueing into "Drunk In Love" would be interesting too.
  7. Something that points towards an 'XO' performance is that she's getting people to send in 'XO' related photos to her Instagram this week, with her publishing her favourites. A small thing, but it seems like the start of an agenda.

    Also, if she did 'XO', I'd pretty much assume she'd do it live, and really stretch out her pipes. And we all know how much the UK love that!
  8. Rmx


    Several Dutch new sites are reporting on a story that a French photographer has leaked info that the Washington Post is going to publish a scoop tomorrow about Obama having an affair with Beyoncé. Links are here and here (it's Dutch though but those are legit newspapers). And apparently this photographer has been correct in leaking scandals in the past... But it might just be BS for attention. Anyway just wanted to let ya'll know, this is pretty much exploding on my Facebook.
  9. I was going to post about this too! This is one for the history books (if true!).

  10. I actually really hope she does "Drunk In Love" at the BRITs. It's already a monster, but that kind of direct exposure would basically make it unstoppable (which it is already but ugh its chart peak).
  11. The Washington Post has apparently rebuffed any such claims after a spokesperson flat out denied them running a story about it tomorrow.

    ('It's definitely not true', the email states.)
  12. Here's to a Presidental-themed BRITS performance.
  13. XO for the Brits please. Let's make this a two smash hit album at least.
    If she's smart she'll redress the lack of the gays in the video and make it something to do with the Olympics in Russia.
    It's a stadium song after all and It's also Valentines day on Friday which would tie in nicely with the XO push.
  14. I've decided on my definitive Top 6 for the album. All would be placed in her Top 20 ever, most in the Top 10.

    1. XO
    2. Partition
    3. Pretty Hurts
    4. Blow
    5. Drunk In Love (can't believe this was in my bottom 3 for a while)
    6. Jealous
  15. fixed
  16. 'XO' is so not the best song on the album. I wish I could see what y'all are seeing.
  17. Blue Ivy Obama, true heir to Slytherin.
  18. Opening with Drunk In Love and cutting off where Jay-Z would come in to go into XO seems likely.
  19. It helps if you're in love...and I don't mean Drunk
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