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Beyoncé's Next Projects (The Gift, 'Spirit', B7, and beyond...)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by EnsnareTheSenses, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. I'm not ready.
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  2. Already is that bop.
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  3. Bigger has already killed me.
  4. same. this is an album album, she ain't playing
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  5. Is it this?
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  6. The gapless transition from the intro into Bigger snatched me right away.
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  7. "Bigger" is absolutely immense. Way more immediate than "Spirit."
  8. Bigger is giving me Haunted with that moody production
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  9. Wow Bigger is very good
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  10. Find Your Way Back, whew
  11. These interludes are very annoying - can they pull A Star Is Born and do a non dialogue version?
  12. Just ... don't add them to your library?
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  13. I wanna throw my ass to "Don't Jealous Me."
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  14. Nile is way too short.

    It's instantly underrated!
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  15. Wait at her second verse on MOOD 4 EVA... she really said 'fuck it, I'm going in.'

    This is kinda glorious.
  16. Seriously considering a lawsuit over Nile being so short, I NEED A FULL VERSION
  17. Holy shit Nile. Ascending.
  18. What did she gain from making Nile less than 2 minutes?
  19. Water is fucking it
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