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Beyoncé's Next Projects (The Gift, 'Spirit', B7, and beyond...)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by EnsnareTheSenses, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. upload_2019-7-18_22-25-16.jpeg
    I’m gonna need a tour of these songs

    Can you imagine Don’t You Jealous me remixed with end of time
    Already with Baby Boy and Top Off
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  2. TIERRA WHACK DID THAT ugh queen
  3. Brown Skin Girl is the one.
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  4. Blue Ivy on Brown Skin Girl, I can't. Just too cute.
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  5. “I am Beyoncé Gisele Knowles Carter, why would you bother?”
    I’m done
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  6. The Kelly reference on Brown Skin Girl was cute.
  7. Holy fuck, My Power slaps
  8. Beyoncé as soon as Nile starts getting good

  9. My Power is absolutely the one.
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  10. I fucking knew Tierra Whack would kill it. "My Power" is the shit.
  11. I can’t believe we actually got a full album so soon. I’m going to have my first listen this morning. What a gift.
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  12. So I just finished my first listen, and now I'm drunk and emotional thinking about how lucky I am to be here while Bey is at the height of her powers. To experience the last decade in real time as a fan has been...whew we're just so unworthy, but I'm so happy she continues to bless us despite that.
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  13. Mood 4 Eva, Brown Skin Girl, and My Power are the biggest standouts on first listen, bops on bops. Some of the interludes and non-Bey tracks are inessential, but that’s to be expected.
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  14. These are all African producers right?

    The album's really good. Hopefully some of the songs get some sort of live outing
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  15. This album is historical and breathtaking on so many levels. From thinking about it in the context of her career, to the context of the world right now, to the representation on it and the huge movie-tie in it's being delivered with. She makes my heart fuller with every release and step she takes in her artistry.
    Keys to the kingdom is the one unnecessary song
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  16. Historical?
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  17. Its a stressful day and your comments have me so hyped for this album. I know what ill be listening to this weekend.
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  18. Mood 4 Eva is a bop.

    Brown Skin Girl feels so Destiny‘s Child somehow.

    Nile being that short? Hate crime.
  19. Well this is fantastic. Nile is the one. Don't Jealous Me, My Power, Otherside, Already, Find Your Way Back... and on and on... I mean, whew. Her power, indeed.
  20. She continues to outdo herself. Album of the year? Too soon? It's so good.
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