Name a Top Answer Game hostess who didn't finish their season
What if this question was just foreshadowing for @beyoncésweave walking away?

I was close to putting @PLUTO for that 'F1 Rocks Buzzacore' thing but I knew he'd swoop right in and declare he actually did finish that contest on the same page that he started it..

1. Name an iconic forum member who disappeared in 2017
Ooh, this was close until the very end, when @IMHO’s sudden reincarnation in the Big Pop Girls thread seemed, counter-intuitively, to push the stragglers towards ha. If I’m being honest, I would rather that the Top Answer Game’s negative energies summoned the lost prophet of discombobulation back into our folds, but alas, this whole Season has been an unsuccessful ploy for that very purpose. Also I cannot have anyone challenging me for my likes-to-posts Burger King crown, preciozi, I cannot and I will not! But if Imelda is here on a permanent basis, I do hope she picks up ha seethingly bitter deathmatch with imperialasteroid kii.

In other news, some of these flop answers were most certainly not iconic.

IMHO – 23
PLUTO – 18
Anastasia Beaverhausen/Hitori/UnionJackMix (!!!)/Push The Button – 1

2. Name a thread in the Comeback Coroner
Now that we’ve exhausted the MKS leaks, we’re talking about Heidi’s baby and the next SugaReunion in the Sugababes thread. I haven’t been to the GA thread since Kimba’s wedding but I’m sure it’s similarly lit. Meanwhile, some of you flops could have at least tried and put something from the first damn page.

Sugababes: versions 1, 2 and 3 – 22
General Girls Aloud Discussion – 15
*Spice Girls* – 3
The Saturdays – General Discussion – 2
Teresa Teng/The Reissue Thread/Bananarama - General Discussion/Reunion Discussion – 1

3. Name a song that won a rate in 2017
These questions have been extensively focus grouped sistren! I was hoping y’all would fall for for naming my iconic rate’s iconic winner, and some of y’all did! But you really should have gone with the winner of the rate with half the word count and a quarter of the run time

“Into You” – 29
“Ace Reject” 6
“Run Away With me” – 3
“Like A Prayer” – 2
“Supersoon”/“Powerless (Say What You Want)”/“New Rules”/“Starboy”/“212” – 1

4. Name a member on the Most Messages leaderboard of Notable Members
Will we ever find out what a Dumper is? And how will @Rhombus and @RJF account for the years they have wasted on this pink hellhole? We_just_don’t_know.gif

Dumper – 20
Rhombus – 16
RJF – 8
Laura Vanderbooben – 1

5. Name a song which won the Popjustice £20 Music Prize in the last decade (2008-2017)
The most recent winner or the most overrated Girls Aloud track oop (I kid, it’s pleasant but really?) were the safest bets. Though @Island and @EnsnareTheSenses respectively got the wrong Little Mix and Girls Aloud memos. Even more disastrously, @Tribal Spaceman put the first ever Twenty Quid prize winner, despite me specifying a date range in the damn question. Christ.

Touch – 21
Call The Shots – 19
Bittersweet/The Promise/Black Magic/No Good Advice/Move – 1

6. Name a song from @Robsolete's iconic Kim Woodburn reputation review (just the song please, NO Gifs!)
In case of near equal iconicness, best to go with the first answer. Poor @Robsolete haself put LWYMMD, proving that it's easier to make art than to top kii.

“…Ready For It?” – 27
“Look What You Made Me Do” – 6
“End Game”/“Getaway” – 4
“This Is Why We Cant Have Nice Things” – 3
“Gorgeous” – 1

7. Name a moderator
Queen of politeness, competence and bannings wins out, while @solenta still has fans for merely existing. Meanwhile, some of you flops were answering as if the year was when this question was last posed. @ryan_riot92 made me do a rihanna_who’s_that.gif, but I’ve been reliably informed that she’s a K-Pop subforrem exclusive.

2014 – 22
Solenciennes – 14
Someboy – 4
Mvnl – 2
Whoopi Goldberg/Charley/SockMonkey – 1

8. Name a Top Answer Game hostess who didn't finish their season
Most of y’all played it safe with the most recent failure (and the only one on this netowrk’s series. I do still have one round tho..). Bless at the hunties commemorating one of @Mushroom’s many incomplete masterpieces, though that season was my first and I recall it being lit as fuck, including the hostess getting locked out ha house and gifs being banned! (cue “but the forum was so much better back then”). And excuse me @constantino you ignorant trollette, @Big Bang did finish ha season of the Buzz Top Answer Game. I should know, I won it!

Rhombus – 36
Mushroom – 6
Jinzo – 2
Big Bang – 1

9. Name a restaurant from the list of eliminations Beyoncéd (kinda) by @Jwentz in the Americanty Rate
Legendary you think you are? More like Leg and Dairy Queen! I literally handed this to y’all on a greasy platter and two of you still managed to flop! I suppose the winning entry isn’t technically an elimination but this ain’t the game for technicalities @Subwaykid and @Serg. The only real purpose of this question was to retrigger @Jwentz for inflicting that revolting mess on all of us. Hope you’re enjoying your brown rice and dried chicken breast, boo!

Dairy Queen – 42
A&W/Wendy's/Chick-fil-A – 1

10. Name the Pop & Justice thread that will be the messiest in 2018
I, too, would have bet on the Little Golden Shower Lovers driving that thread into oblivion. Wait until the album flops and the inevitable streaming ruins the charts conversation strikes up. I do so hope a POC pop gorl also beats Kyle to the post, for the added racist drama. In other news, some of these predictions are such wishful thinking, in thinking the threads will be messy or they’d exist in the first place.

Kylie – Golden (14th Album) – 16
Taylor Swift - reputation (6th Album)/Justin Timberlake - Man Of The Woods – 5
Britney Spears - General Discussion/Lady Gaga - A Star Is Born and New Album – 4
Ariana Grande - Fourth Album Woman – 3
Beyoncé - Seventh Album – 2
Madonna - 14th album/Troye Sivan – My My My! and second album/2018 Grammys/Winners Rate 3/Christina Aguilera - New Album (maybe 2018?)/Big Pop Girls – 1