That's 2 out of 3 with 9 points missed so far.


I'm not ready for the floppage that will be the cat question.
4. Name an item from the Gemma Collins Collection

Reading through the Gemma Collins website was a kii and a half. Love the dress names, love the hideous site design, love Gemma. Though I was severely disappointed that the greeting on the site is “hey Girls!” and not “Seaux Gwerls!” Fix it @that boy is a monster fat.

Some of you needlessly fidgeted over the colour of the dresses, but I’m a generous broad. I wasn't so generous with those flops that just put Dress, inexplicably. @LTG just fucking gave up and put makeup, meanwhile @send photo put something from the Gemma Private Collection, and @Rhombus was right in thinking that Gemma would want her bottoms to have a ribbed and pleasurable fleeting experience.

Naomi – 22
Adele/Dress – 5
Jumper/Stunning Crystal Kaftan/Metallic Crop Cover Up – 3
that boy is a monster's pillow/Bedazzled Douche/Printed Sundress/Makeup – 1
2. Name a Radio ARTPOP troupe member

dddd this 2013 trip! Going with the host was the safest bet, but the number of valid answers shows just how much GooGoo made y'all suffer. @londonrain was obviously not playing to win, meanwhile @BEST FICTION made me waste an entire half hour watching the damned show trying to figure out who this was

Tim Alexander – 20
Bed Girl – 8
Emma – 7
Lady Gaga/Rommers – 3
that boy is a monster/Michael – 1
Not me writing "the disabled girl" in order to provoke ableist controversy and you santising my answer
5. Name the worst player on The Slasher, Season One

kii I was only too happy to indulge in @rommers’ seething hatred of The Slasher. I haven’t caught up to the latest proceedings of that infernal racket but I can only assume the flops are flopping harder than ever. Most of the answers correspond to the incompetencies and the meltdowns I’ve witnessed, but are some of these even players in the game? wejustdon’tknow. Special shoutout to @Terminus and @munro who decided to be cute and abandon the Top Answer Game, only to go and flop even harder. And @NecessaryVoodoo provides the correct answer, ta love.

Sam de Jour – 14
Terminus – 9
munro – 7
Uno – 6
Jwentz/Rommers/gagapourgaga/Big Bang/All of them/johnny_tsunami/Solenciennes – 1