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  3. 9. Name the member I should name the cat I adopted after, I’m running low on inspiration tbh

    YAAAATH honestly this made my year! I am so honoured to gift your kittymas my name, @Rommers presh! Even better to edge out the forum frost queen and ill-advised hangovers from the last question. Most of these are actually great names for pussies, though personally I prefer an honorific or two; my last bundle of joy (god rest her soul) was named Chairman Meow. @send photo, of course, does the very absolute most.

    beyoncésweave – 8
    Mina/RJF – 6
    Rommers/Laura Vanderbooben/Rhombus – 3
    Big Bang – 2
    Petty Mayonnaise/Anastasia Beaverhaus/Pluto/Anouk/Vasilios/Jeffo/sifr/uksinglemom/My Single Is Dropping/luluthecat/that boy is a monster/precum – 1
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    ddd at uksinglemom
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  6. Ew Michelle.
  7. @send photo stopping at precum is the surprising part.
  8. The late morning shift is always the easiest for ha.
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  11. And how is the cat?
  12. A glimpse at my typical day in @Rommers spacious manse

  13. I wasn't expecting this supposedly extremely messy round to actually go better for me than the last 3 or so.
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    Poor @Eric Generic, @Zarjazz and all the other feline users.

    But ddddd at someone putting down Anouk. PLEASE DON’T SPEAK OVER FELINE VOICES.
  15. The point totals seem low enough overall that @Petty Mayonnaise looks to have it sewn up.

    The real question is, do I get first runner-up and the obligation to step up if when that little photoshoot Petty did five years ago leaks online and gets ha stripped of the crown?
  16. 10. Name your favourite participant in this Top Answer Game

    We love a winner! Or do we? HmmmT! No offence to Petticoat, but I do think @send photo is the correct answer; it gets lonely entering flop answers and you just need a kii or five, and m'boo brought it. @Rommers makes a late break for points, whilst @Big Bang and @Serg. have the ordacity to put themselves down. Oh, and @iheartpoptarts love please give @DJHazey your number xoxo

    Petty Mayonnaise – 13
    send photo – 11
    Rommers – 8
    Laura Vanderbooben/that boy is a monster – 3
    Rhombus – 2
    Big Bang/iheartpoptarts/Serg. – 1
  17. It's the top answer game, not the correct answer game.
  18. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    The tragedy of @DJHazey putting down @iheartpoptarts and getting nothing in return from her.

    Something something not the correct answer game something.
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