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    Apart from the disastrous sport one, that was good!
  2. Wait I only missed out on ten points total let's celebrate that

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  3. [​IMG]


    WELL! What a journey this has been girls! In how depraved and illiterate y’all are.

    1. Name a UK #1 single from 2017
    In the Top Answer Game, it pays to go for the gayest answer. 12 of you missed the memo, including @RJF ddd

    New Rules – 55
    Havana – 5
    Shape of You – 4
    Despacito – 2
    Bodak Yellow/Look What You Made Me Do – 1

    2. Name a US #1 album from 2017
    This was where the reading incomprehension really showed. Poor its thinking this was asking for a US #1 single tew. Sad!

    Reputation – 41
    Melodrama – 16
    Damn – 4
    Despacito – 3
    Shape Of You/Bodak Yellow/Divide/Look What You Made Me Do – 1

    3. Name an act that toured in 2017
    Apparently the Barn This Way tour is still fresh in the little monstratas’ minds.

    Lady Gaga – 33
    Ariana Grande – 17
    Katy Perry/Little Mix – 6
    Lorde – 4
    Kendrick Lamar/Dua Lipa – 1

    4. Name a film that was released in 2017
    The power of the Star War is enough to defeat all the other (admittedly gayer) films, pew pew!

    Star Wars VIII: The Last Jedi – 36
    Wonder Woman – 19
    IT – 4
    Lady Bird – 3
    The Shape Of Water/Call Me By Your Name/Get Out/Justice League/Dunkirk/Beauty and the Beast – 1

    5. Name a television show that ended in 2017
    The white evil being defeated comes out tops. Bonus points to those who put in a rueful word for “Honey” – the only good thing the show has offered to the world teebs. The viewing habits of the hunties otherwise leaves much to be desired. I didn’t know half of these shows were still on!

    Girls – 30
    Pretty Little Liars – 13
    2 Broke Girls – 5
    The Vampire Diaries – 3
    Orphan Black/Veep/The Leftovers/Bones – 2
    House Of Cards/Twin Peaks/Scream Queens/The Get Down/The Mindy Project/Bates Motel/Sense8/Scandal/Stranger Things – 1

    6. Name someone who was born in 2017
    Ddd the knots y’all twisted into trying to answer this! The correct answer of course was Rumi, and I will be proven right in approximately 32 years’ time when she beats Sir’s boyfriend into a pulp in an escalade, but for now I decided to count the twins together and separately as three different answers. In other news, @send photo and @Jwentz went on some fucked up wikipedia spiral to end up with some random Swedish Prince. This was also an unneeded reminder for me that Liam Payne has procreated.

    Rumi and Carter – 36
    Rumi Carter – 14
    Bear Payne/Sir Carter – 6
    Eissa Jackson/Prince Gabriel, Duke of Dalarna – 2
    Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr/Sunday McCann – 1

    7. Name someone who died in 2017
    Quite a few of you went for the Taylor gag. Ha impact I suppose. The number of these people who I didn’t know about or completely forgot about is a bitsy alarming tho. Let me also take this moment to say a little prayer to @PLUTO, whom none of you commemorated (even shady boots @IMHO was remembered through a solitary peach bellini candle lit by @ohnostalgia). After this last ditch failed attempt at summoning the flop drawf planet, I think we have to assume that xe is officially deceased.

    Chester Bennington – 19
    The Old Taylor – 15
    Hugh Hefner – 14
    Tom Petty – 6
    Bruce Forsyth – 3
    Lil Peep, Mary Tyler Moore – 2
    Carrie Fisher/Keith Chegwin/Della Reese/Tara Palmer-Tomkinson/IMHO/Charles Manson/Adam West/Chuck Berry – 1

    8. Name a meme from 2017
    This was the one that got y’all really twisted, but a large spread of answers is good news for everyone, generally. I don’t know how some of these even registered tbh.

    Cash Me Outside Girl – 15
    One Thicc Bih – 9
    Distracted Boyfriend – 7
    Gemma Collins Memays/White Guy Blinking – 6
    Right In Front of My Salad – 5
    Roll Safe – 3
    Meryl Streep Shouting/Wendy Williams Collapsing/Spongebob sPoNGebOb – 2
    Katy Perry/Pennywise/Dancing Camila Cabello gif/Salt Bae/Floor Is Lava/Oh no baby wyd/
    Mariah Is Skinny/New Rules/Sophia The Robot/Queen Cuca The Alligatoress/Gay Babadook – 1

    9. Name a sporting event held in 2017
    The gays that didn’t remember the GoogooBowl got themselves into all sorts of dilemmas trying to summon their inner hetero spirits. Kii at cricket getting a looksie courtesy of @Tribal Spaceman, on Popjustice! (I'm watching it too, boo!).

    Superbowl LI – 52
    Wimbledon – 4
    Mayweather vs McGregor – 3
    UEFA Champions League – 2
    The Big Pop Girls Rate 2017/US Open/Australian Open/World Athletic Championship/The Ashes/World Series – 1

    10. Name the biggest news story of 2017
    I think @send photo wins this one. What a shit year, huh?

    Manchester Arena bombing – 29
    Weinstein sexual abuse allegations and aftermath – 20
    Hurricane Irma – 9
    Las Vegas Shooting – 4
    Donald Trump – 3
    Selena Gomez setting her Instagram to private/Solar Eclipse/Net Neutrality/Prince Harry's Engagement – 1
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  4. Bless whoever is stanning this much.
  5. Never delete these posts, let @beyoncésweave wallow in the shame of deleting ha post and reposting
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    Wow I did really bad
  7. Then why's it feel so *door slamming noises* good
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  9. 30 missed points... not ideal but could've been worse.
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  11. Actually I'm just psychic

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    You’re so gormless
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  13. [​IMG]
  14. Trying to "like" the results post only to be told I didn't have permission to do that was definitely a paranormal experience.
  15. Not me stabbing my muvva in the back and still snatching the top answer

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    I guess some of us are simply meant to be the game, not play the game.
  17. [​IMG]
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    Who the fuck out Ferne McCann's child as an answer?
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