Thank you, thank you, everyone! This was a silly little thing borne out of idle musing about when the next Top Answer Game would happen and how fun it might be to run particular rounds on topics near and dear to my heart. I literally started with the Beyoncé and White Rounds and worked backwards kii.

Needless to say, running the game has been trying at the best of times (and life shit has really not helped) but thank you for your participation, even if it was for a round or two, but especially if you stayed for the whole game. And thank you for engaging in the messery and the kiiery and putting up with my bullshit and just making this a blast to run. The Top Answer Game is one of my earliest memories of what a... unique place this community is; I hope this iteration, in some small way at least, revealed or reiterated that for you.

A special thank you to @RJF and @Jeffo who provided hugely useful Spreadsheet advice at the onset, especially the latter whose exhaustive detailing of the formulae was invaluable (even if I did manage to fuck it up on the first round ddd). Also a special mwah to @Rommers who very gamely came onboard for the Final Round, to my eternal delight.

I'm off to watch and fall asleep to the livestream of beyoncésweave the kitty @Rommers has kindly and exclusively provided me with. Thank you for participating, thank me for hosting, I hate you...


I'm free


Welcome to the other side.

@beyoncésweave You are a forum icon and this rendition of Top Answer Game only empowered that. Amazingly done!

Congratulations @Petty Mayonnaise!!

Also, I finally managed to be top 20 with the final round pushing me to all around top 30 at the last moment. I am going to call it victorious in the line of my previous efforts.

Finally, not people (read: @londonrain) linking me automatically when they see 'Anouk'. I see @Ray's tactics of repeatedly using her and me in the same sentence has worked. Like I am biggest the stan of this woman on this forum. And if that is the case that will be sad as I only adore a few songs and own only one album (out of 10+).
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