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Can't wait to start participating then quit by round 5 when I'm reminded of how much I suck at this.

I got old RULES I count ‘em:
  1. Each round, I post a series of questions. You send your answers to those questions in a PM to me.
  2. The object of the game isn't to get the correct answer, but to guess the most popular answer.
  3. The answers and points are tallied at the end of each round. The person with the most points at the end of ten rounds wins the game.
  4. For my ease, please PM mea simple numbered list of your answers.

  1. Name a UK #1 single from 2017
  2. Name a US #1 album from 2017
  3. Name an act that toured in 2017
  4. Name a film that was released in 2017
  5. Name a television show that ended in 2017
  6. Name someone who was born in 2017
  7. Name someone who died in 2017
  8. Name a meme from 2017
  9. Name a sporting event held in 2017
  10. Name the biggest news story of 2017
Round 1 closes Sunday, 17 December at 4PM GMT (11AM EST)
@Drew : ''These questions are shit, by the way.''
@Drew : ''These questions are shit, by the way.''
Wait though

Re: Beyoncé's Mythical Album

Um she just released her new album:

And..... ITS AMAZING! Groundbreaking! She's singing about topics she's never touched before like feminism! And sex! And the various exciting ways she can be in love- Crazy! Dangerously! And now Drunk! Yes, Queen B! Deliver me to heaven! The 2015 Album of The Year Grammy is hers for the win!