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  1. @send photo she’s coming for your gig, girl!

    Oh wait... @evilsin.
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  3. Sis I’ve got some bad news.
  4. it all happened while I was sleeping... damn

    This is when we, in the words of a certain deceased prophet of depravity, really begin to separate the ring donuts from the eclairs.

    1. Name a Beyoncé album track
    This was an opportunity for you to ponder and reflect on the philosophical question of our times: “whet is a Beyoncé album track?” And you couldn’t come to a conclusion. The top answer is, to y’all’s credit, the correct answer. The real kii is that half of these are technically singles, even if they didn’t feel like it (justice for “End Of Time”!). Bonus points to @Bangers&Bops for inexplicably mentioning “Formation”. Also to the four of you that performed a moving tribute to @PLUTO.

    “Haunted” – 9
    “***Flawless”/“End Of Time”– 7
    “Daddy Lessons” – 6
    “Partition”/”All Night” – 5
    “Schoolin' Life”/”Dangerously In Love” – 4
    “Pray You Catch Me” – 3
    “Blow”/”6 Inch”/”Don't Hurt Yourself”/”I Care”/”Freakum Dress” – 2
    “Daddy”/”Jealous”/”Formation” – 1

    Let's relive that moment once again
    *wipes tear*

    2. Name a family member of Beyoncé
    The co-Toppest Answer of this round, though I was surprised at the lack of Tina mentions. Perhaps if Bey drafted her in for an interlude too.

    Solange Knowles – 50
    Tina Lawson (formerly Knowles) – 5
    Blue Ivy – 4
    Jay-Z – 3
    Anthony Cosby-Knowles – 1

    3. Other than Jay-Z, name an artist featured on a Beyoncé song

    Googoo led the way and was only pipped at the end by Necki, and for a remix too! Bless @NecessaryVoodoo and @Daniel! for taking us back with Sean Paul. I suspect this is what listening to too much Sia does.

    Nicki Minaj – 17
    Lady Gaga – 15
    Kendrick Lamar – 11
    Shakira Shakira – 8
    The Weeknd – 4
    Drake/Sean Paul – 2
    André 3000/Kelly Rowland/Blue Ivy/Frank Ocean – 1

    4. Name a Beyoncé charity single
    I mean, why not go with the most recent, non? To the question @Animalia’s answer asks, I respond: “top answers”.

    "Mi Gente (Remix)" – 50
    “Just Stand Up!” – 6
    “I Was Here”/“Perfect (Feat. Chucky Doll)” – 2
    “Walk On Water”/“What More Can I Give”/“Halo (Live)” – 1

    5. Name someone who makes a cameo on Lemonade
    Okay, with the appellation “cameo” I was meaning the film, but some of y’all done went put album features. Werk. And @send photo, bless! I still haven’t gotten the cheque (I need that cheque, I need that cheque)

    Serena Williams – 46
    Blue Ivy – 5
    Kendrick Lamar – 4
    Jay-Z – 3
    Jack White – 2
    Tina Lawson/@beyoncésweave/Kelly Rowland – 1

    6. Name a Grammy won by Beyoncé
    This could’ve gotten even messier with all the Grammys she’s accrued, but going with the only Big Four she’s won (welp) was the safest answer. Meanwhile, @Beginner confuses this for the Selena Gomez round.

    Song Of The Year – 29
    Best Music Video – 21
    Best Urban Contemporary Album – 7
    Best R&B Song – 3
    Best Surround Sound Album/Album Of The Year – 1

    7. Name a live performance by Beyoncé
    The messeries y’all got into with the multiple years and events. I had to step in a few times to ensure a specific answer. The clear Top Answer was Bey’s own Super Bowl, though the correct answer, of course, is the 2014 VMAs. The straggle of stans for boutique performances was cute though.

    Superbowl XLVII (2013) – 34
    2014 VMAs (BEYONCÉ Medley) – 8
    Superbowl L (2016) – 6
    2016 VMAs (Lemonade Medley) – 5
    Glastonbury – 3
    2017 Grammys (Lemonade Medley)/CMAs 2016 (“Daddy Lessons”) – 2
    2011 Billboard Music Awards (“Run The World”)/2010 Grammys (“If I Were A Boy”)/Obama Inauguration – 1

    8. Name one of Beyoncé’s business ventures
    The top answer was indeed Beyoncé’s more recent sweat shop enterprise. Technically, TIDAL is not Beyoncé’s struggle venture, though it might as well be given that she’s Jay’s liquidator. Some of you I think were tricksied by my coopting of Parkwood Entertaintment, meanwhile poor Bing Bong can’t think beyond the beverage it’s downing (Rum and Pepsi Max, don’t drink it). And flop @Mushroom, that’s not what her accountant said! Stay blessed!

    Ivy Park – 37
    TIDAL – 9
    House of Deréon – 7
    Parkwood Entertainment – 6
    Destiny's Child Reunions for Wayward Members/Heat, Perfumes/Pepsi/Michelle's Mortgage – 1

    9. Name a film Beyoncé features on
    SunN In the Skyyyy! Even when JHud punched her out of the Oscars, y’all still remembered Beyoncé’s flop star making vehicle which actually wasn’t. And only six of you bothered to put her actual awards-worthy performance, Obsessed, in.

    Dreamgirls – 41
    Austin Powers: Goldmember – 10
    Obsessed – 6
    Lemonade – 4
    Pink Panther/Lion King 2019 – 1

    10. Name someone whose career Beyoncé ended
    Did someone say carry my bag to the Hilton?

    Keri Hilson – 36


    In other news, eight of you wormtape scooch your way into the game, and various incarnations of Destiny’s Chirren also flop.

    Ashanti – 8
    Michelle Williams – 4
    Ciara/LaTavia Robinson – 3
    Everyone/LeToya Luckett – 2
    Destiny's Child/Britney/Sasha Fierce/Beckys/Somebody's Getting Fired technician – 1
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  6. HAUNTED?!?!?!??!!
  7. I didn't completely flop?
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  8. Ooooh missed the Superb Owl but otherwise I'm good whew
  9. So I did really well, that is if @beyoncésweave accepted the change I sent less than a minute after submitting my ballot.
  10. 206.

    No 1-point answers but a few where I didn't get the big number.
  11. Who's my Blow sistah?
  12. Oh... I might have charted better than most of her Lemonade singles.
  13. Right, I'm off to get drunk

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  14. It's worse than I thought

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  15. ejdhuyewbdkeb FUCK I was already on Bey's discography page on Wikipedia for another question and What More Can I Give was the first one listed under Charity Singles

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  16. I'm ready for a Top 40 smash.
  17. Imagine being so iconic that a handful of stans forget you headlined the Superbowl

  18. [​IMG]
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