I’m alone here aren’t I?


1. Name a UK Christmas #1 Single
This was split between PJ faves and more timely/appropriate/terrible releases. Poor @Big Bang was too stuffed off its face on Pepsi Max and rum to realise that “All I Want For Christmas Is You” was never a UK #1. Sad!

“Sound Of The Underground” – 18
“Perfect” – 11 –
“Do They Know It's Christmas” – 10
“2 Become 1” – 9
“Rockabye” – 3
“I Will Always Love You” – 2
“Killing in the Name”/“All I Want For Christmas Is You” – 1

2. Name an album track from Mariah Carey’s Merry Christmas
The reading comprehension failures begin here. Album tracks, hennies, not singles! Poor the its that put the album’s biggest single as an answer!

"Silent Night" – 33
"All I Want For Christmas Is You" – 6
"Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" – 5
"Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)" – 4
"Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" – 3
"Joy To The World" – 2

3. Name a festival/holiday celebrated by Christians during December other than Christmas
For your ease, I’ve highlighted the operative parts of the question which many of you failed to read, hence the deluge of secular, Jewish and non-December (@Sprockrooster sis wyd) answers. @send photo at least flopped elegantly, putting Xtine’s holy day of birth.

Advent – 21
St. Nicholas' Day – 15
Hannukah – 4
Immaculate Conception/Day Of The Holy Innocents – 3
Boxing Day – 2
Christmas Eve/Xtina’s Birthday/New Year/Watch Night/Easter/Epiphany/No Clue – 1

4. Name one of the gifts mentioned in the carol "The Twelve Days of Christmas"
For the record, I absolutely loathe this carol, not the least because it turns into a fucked up pseudo-slavery endorsing ditty by the end with the giftings of actual people, but that’s another story. Well done if you just put the first thing on the damn list.

Partridge in a pear tree – 42
Five Gold Rings – 11
Eleven Pipers Piping – 1
Two turtle doves – 1

5. Name something used to decorate a Christmas tree
No points for the tricksy flops who didn’t specify what ornaments are on the tree. I also didn’t know so many of you called ‘baubles’ as ‘balls’ but hey.
Lights – 17
Baubles – 16
Star – 9
Tinsel/Ornaments – 6
Holly – 1

6. Name a Christmas television special
This was a right clusterfuck. Instead of putting down a Charlie Brown Christmas and calling it a day, y’all twisted yourself into a delirium, coming up with various franchises and popstar specials I haven’t even heard of.

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer – 12
Doctor Who Specials – 8
A Charlie Brown Christmas – 7
How The Grinch Stole Christmas – 4
Muppets Christmas Specials – 3
Star Wars Holiday Special/Queen's Speech/Top Of The Pops/Gavin and Stacey/Mariah Carey's Merriest Christmas – 2
The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus/Absolutely Fabulous/A Christmas Melody/Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Specials/Nigella At My Christmas Table/A Kylie Christmas/French and Saunders Christmas Special/The Office/The Simpsons Christmas Special/Kelly Clarkson's Cautionary Christmas Music Tale/The Snowman – 1

7. Name something you would drink during the festive season
Surely this was self-explanatory? Miss @Kuhleezi explains ha random ass answer saying “my professor randomly dropped "yule ale" in a recent lesson and I want to believe it was some sort of sign from above or something”. Well, it wasn’t. You need to find a new class.

Eggnog – 35
Mulled Wine – 11
Wine – 2
Buck's Fizz/Cocktail/Vodka/Hot Chocolate/Baileys/Prosecco/Yule Ale – 1

8. Name an ingredient in the Kwanzaa Cake
The holiest and most abominable of the season’s baked goods had the gworls positively buzzing with Pan-West African Pride. You should always start with the base ingredient, which here happens to be, well, the cake, but purchased only! Poor @CaliDevotion and @Lego failed to read the recipe and assumed a Sandra Lee production has raw ingredients! Silly lambs! Also kii at @joe_alouder and @AlmightyAloud putting the cake’s decorations as ingredients. They still count!

Purchased Angel Food Cake – 31
Corn Nuts – 6
Vanilla Frosting – 5
Apple Pie Filling – 3
Popcorn/Cocoa/Flour – 2
Vanilla Extract/nut (ddd @send photo out!)/Acorns/Kwanzaa Candles – 1

Let’s be delivered by Sandra once again.

9. Name a New Year’s tradition
Naww, who knew you lot were such romantics. In other news, @send photo speaks for all of us.

Kissing at midnight – 22
Auld Lang Syne – 7
Drinking champagne – 6
Making resolutions/Countdown – 5
Fireworks – 4
Times Square/Eating grapes or raisins – 2
Eating Saurkraut/soaking in my depression, self-loathing, and regret and spending the night as I've spent the rest of the year: alone – 1

10. Name a city you’d watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks from
Poor you if you didn’t pick the two most iconic citites for New Years, though objectively some of the flop answers do have better fireworks.

New York – 29
London – 22
Sydney – 2
Hong Kong/Edinburgh – 1