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  3. They're both about the same in terms of (lack of) technical ability but I'd say Frankie is better as she doesn't constantly sound like she's got a blocked nose.
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    If the fact that Popjustice is basically a Girls Aloud fansite and the only place the band still has any relevance didn’t escape you… you did well.

    1. Name a girlband album
    While there are numerous correct answers below the wings, and Spice put up a valiant fight, this was only going to go one way. Meanwhile @send photo provides me with listening material for my morning commute tomorrow.

    Tangled Up – 26
    Spice – 13
    Glory Days – 4
    The Writing's On The Wall – 3
    Survivor – 2
    Original Tracks Vol. 1 - Namie Amuro with Super Monkey's/What Will the Neighbours Say?/Taller In More Ways/Spiceworld – 1

    2. Name a blond girlband member
    Counterpoint to the Girls Aloud rule! You should be ashamed if you didn’t put the girlband member whose persona was built on being blond. Meanwhile, something has gone horribly wrong with @Hurricane drunk’s vision, mistaking the girlband redhead for a blond, and @Bangers&Bops brings up the Aubrey O’Day fan entourage.

    Emma Bunton – 31
    Sarah Harding – 13
    Perrie Edwards – 3
    Heidi Range – 2
    Nadine Coyle/Geri Halliwell/Aubrey O'Day – 1

    3. Name a girlband which started through a reality television competition show
    I mean, come on! And ffff Bangers&Bops gives me hives bringing up countless hours wasted binging Making The Band.
    Girls Aloud – 43
    Little Mix – 6
    Fifth Harmony – 2
    Danity Kane – 1

    4. Name one of The Supremes’ US #1s
    Finally a contest that generated a healthy range. This was neck and neck until the very end when one of their longest charting #1s edged out their first.

    Baby Love – 17
    Where Did Our Love Go – 16
    Stop In The Name Of Love – 7
    You Can't Hurry Love – 5
    You Keep Me Hanging On – 4
    Love Child – 2
    Come See About Me – 1

    Speaking of close…
    5. Name a girlband who sing in a language other than English
    This question probably made the anti-K-pop brigade wince and the K-Pop unnies salivate for choice, producing a three way tie at the top. Talent! The few hunties who decided to venture outside of South Korea flopped, but not as shamefully embarrassingly as @munro and @Fever who, yet again, couldn’t be bothered reading the damn question and mistook the English part for nationality instead of language, as explicitly stated. Sad!

    2NE1/Girls Generation/TWICE – 14
    t.A.T.u – 3
    Las Ketchup – 2
    Namie Amuro with Super Monkey's/Fifth Harmony/Little Mix/f(x)/Red Velvet – 1

    6. Name someone who has been a member of more than one girlband
    Good to see that Eden’s Crush is not forgotten, nor Heidi's life before she made the best decision of her career. @gagapourgaga tries to remind us that M.O exists while @Robsolete twists haself into a Robin Antin sized hole. Finally, while it’s cute that two thirds of the Sugababes are represented here, something makes me doubt if y’all were going for the technical differences between ‘Sugababes’ and ‘Mutya Keisha Siobhan’. The latter is now not a legal entity anyway wendy_crying.gif

    Nicole Scherzinger – 20
    Heidi Range – 15
    HyunA – 6
    Jenny Frost – 3
    Aubry O'Day/Mutya Buena – 2
    Keisha Buchanan/Frankee Connolly – 1
    Lauren Bennett – 1
    Siobhan Donaghy – 1

    7. Name a girlband member who has had run-ins with the law

    Cue a chorus of #cherylisaracist. You said that with some determination. I hope Sophie Amogbokpa bought herself something nice with the £500 compensation payout she got, honestly. Surprisingly not a lot of you plumped for poor Criminelle, and the tail end was a series of horrors. CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story was still fresh in @AlmightyAloud and @Bangers&Bops’s minds and filing for bankruptcy isn’t a run-in with the law @BEST FICTION you cheating lying bastard I hate lying cunts!

    Cheryl Tweedy Cole Fernandez-Versini – 39
    Amelle – 3
    Lauren Jaurequi/Mel B/Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes – 2
    Namie Amuro/Park Bom/Mutya Buena/Diana Ross – 1

    8. Name a solo album by a British girlband member
    Cheryl album was the operative question here, as some of you still got that wrong. Best to go with the debut/most successful. The wah wah chanteuse also makes a difference (as does Unsayshubul at the other end, kii @BEST FICTION FLOP!). Once again, correct answers bring few points, Little Shivs! And @Fever was smoking something potent to miss the glaring ‘British’ part of the question.

    3 Words – 20
    Cinderella's Eyes – 12
    A Million Lights – 5
    Schizophrenic – 4
    Ghosts – 3
    Northern Star/Real Girl – 2
    Lemonade/Scream If You Wanna Go Faster/Parachutes/Insatiable – 1

    9. Name a girlband member who has appeared as a judge on a reality television competition show
    The Top Answer game at points becomes a tricksy exercise in mental associations, so if you carried over the impressions from question 7 to here, then congratulations. Not so much, however, if you carried the impressions in reverse like poor @Bangers&Bops. And @NecessaryVoodoo and @A&E get basically nothing for stanning the true gay icon.

    Cheryl Cole – 47
    Mel B/Kelly Rowland – 2
    Nicole Scherzinger – 1

    10. Name the optimum number of members in a girlband
    Honestly thought there would be a larger spread here but werk. The correct answer, of course, is three, but only if your members are talented enough to harmonise properly and perform choreography with mild synchronicity.

    Five – 42
    Four/Three – 5
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  6. I missed 3 big questions I'm shook


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  7. oh WOW i flopped harder than I ever imagined

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  8. Only missed 6 points.
  9. Oof took a bit of a hit from ol' Emma (she's the best anyway I should've gone with my loyalties) but otherwise not bad!
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  10. LTG


    Yath this is my best this season so far.
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  11. Didn't her dad swing a katana at someone trying to collect her debt?

    I wrote 3 Words but changed it because of you flops on this forum that have made Nadine's stupid career an ongoing joke.

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  12. Well seven out of ten is better than I had been doing. So I'll take that as a "I do really know" response to the


    and snickering I was getting when I said I knew something about this round.
  13. Why didn't I put spice instead of spice world ugh 10 year old me apparently wanted to stan

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    I only missed out on 15 points.
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  15. Somebody throw all my clothes in the bathtub and torch my chances of recovering from missing Round One AND this floppage.
  16. I missed 42 points.
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  18. I did... okay?

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