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  1. I put bread instead of rice :(

  2. @Rommers get her for plagiarism

  3. [​IMG]
  4. That upset a minority of people and that was it, and it was a one time thing. She remains acclaimed and well-loved.
  5. A&E


    Smh I forgot about mayonnaise even though I just took a jar with me to make a sandwich at work.

  6. KII at me snatching this from one of your posts too (though you rightfully quoted and paid royalties)

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  7. Damn right I did

  8. Are any of the top scorers really going to be winners in a round where we all lose?

  9. Do I think I flopped harder this time around?

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  10. Yes, because life is graded on a curve.

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  13. DDDD the cuisine question answers...

  14. [​IMG]


    1. Name a shade of white
    Who knew whiteness was so complex?! Some of these are barely white, but who am I to judge? Meanwhile, in the first of many flops, @Big Bang thinks it’s sufficient to put just “white”. Werk I guess.

    Cream – 24
    Ivory – 8
    Beige – 6
    Eggshell/Vanilla – 4
    Off White – 2
    Pearl/Ghost White/Snow White/White/Magnolia/Britney's lily white ass – 1

    2. Name a white flower
    Y’all have no idea how satisfying it is to engineer a tie, especially in the throes of the tedious, anxiety-inducing labour that is entering answers in. You flopped if you put a flower that comes in other colours, whilst rise up, rise up, this not the beginning for poor @evilsin.

    Lily/Daisy – 24
    White Rose – 3
    Lotus/Tulip/Steel Magnolia – 1

    3. Name a white food
    Honestly thought this would have a smaller range and y'all would opt for rice, bread and @Petty Mayonnaise, but y’all just had to put everything under the sun, including shit that clearly has yellow in them. @send photo’s answer had me screaming mere minutes after opening the round.

    Rice – 14
    Bread – 12
    Mayonnaise – 7
    Milk – 5
    Egg – 3
    Sugar/Cauliflower/Potato – 2
    Marshmallows/Flour/Popcorn/Mozzarella/Tofu/Katy Perry in Bon Appetit/Cheese – 1

    4. Name a white artist
    Who else, really?

    Taylor Swift – 45
    Ed Sheeran – 5
    Justin Timberlake/Eminem/Sam Smith/Lady Gaga – 1

    5. Name an artist white people love to hate
    Though the number of you who put her twice here was alarming to behold.

    Beyoncé – 36
    Kanye West/Taylor Swift – 6
    Azealia Banks – 2
    Every single one/Ed Sheeran/Chris Brown/Alexandra Burke – 1

    6. Name a country that has never been colonised
    See above re: ties. But some these are outright wrong so y’all need to read a book. Also, heavy asterisks next to Nepal and Ethiopia but I'll let it slide.

    Japan/Saudi Arabia – 15
    Nepal/Ethiopia – 6
    United Kingdom – 4
    China – 3
    Thailand – 2
    Germany/Korea/Liberia – 1

    7. Name a disease introduced by Europeans to the lands they colonised
    The correct answer is Whiteness, but most of these would do.

    Smallpox – 37
    Plague – 11
    Flu/Chickenpox/Diabetes/Measles/Common Cold/Cholera – 1

    8. Name a culture white people love to appropriate
    Some of y’all got a bit tew specific/confused about black culture and @Sprockrooster rendered the question a non-sequitor.

    Black – 42
    Native American – 4
    Hip Hop – 2
    R&B/Western/Dreadlocks/Mexican/Rastafarian/Asian – 1

    @Serg.'s answer is a bitsy


    9. Name a cuisine white people find too spicy
    I was generous here and combined the answers that inexplicably put “curry”. No such concessions for the flops who put a frikkin condiment that cannot possibly be classed as a “cuisine” (and really, be a bit less obvious). Ta for the chuckles @send photo and @BEST FICTION.

    Indian – 22
    Mexican – 19
    Ketchup – 4
    Korean/Thai – 2
    Chinese/All/Oxygen/Water/Pepper – 1

    Overall, a case of


    10. Name a neo-Nazi
    DDDD the number of y’all who had disclaimers for putting Taylor in. Ha simultaneous impact and decay! I just wanted the answers to be split between Trump and Spencer but y’all went in deep. I trust that these are all neo-Nazis (except for Hitler wyd @Remorque sis) cos I sure as fuck ain’t reading up on them.

    Taylor Swift – 17
    Donald Trump – 14
    Richard Spencer – 13
    Andrew Anglin – 2
    Rocky Suhayda/George Lincoln Rockwell/Steve Bannon/Tomi Lahren/Miguel Serrano/David MacDonald/Adolf Hitler/Brandon Russell – 1
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  15. And I've just been served summons. Thanks for taking part in the Top Answer Game!
  16. She only missed 5 points this round.

  17. Only five points missed!


  18. When you don't know if you feel bad or good about how well you did

  19. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Okay it I think thinking of ketchup as a cuisine and thinking it’s too spicy is qwhite white thank you very much.

  20. [​IMG]
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