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    Aw, fuck
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  2. Me clicking between this and the slashers season 1 tab

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  3. [​IMG]

    I hope you don't hate New Zealand tew much, hunties!​

    1. Name a town in New Zealand
    Y’all swerved and went the Cardiff/Glasgow route. Poor the its that put a town with town in its title, meanwhile only @He actually put down a town, for which he gets a grand prize of one point that’s a lot of points

    Auckland – 41
    Queenstown – 5
    Wellington – 3
    Blenheim – 1

    2. Name a New Zealand band
    A range of some excellent bands actually (bar @One Stop Candy Shop and @ryan_riot92 who completely miss the assignment), and the top answer is probably the correct one. If I had made this “name a NZ popstar”, we might have had our first one answer question.

    Katchafire – 29
    BROODS – 6
    Flight of the Conchords/The Naked and Famous/Hello Sailor – 3
    Split Enz – 2
    Lorde/Six60/Ladyhawke/The Black Seeds – 1

    3. Name a celebrity not originally from New Zealand who owns property in the country
    This was reverse engineered from wanting Shania as an answer. *gazes fondly into the distance remembering the time of hiking through Wanaka trying to find her lifestyle block* (I didn’t, but the views, whew!) Meanwhile, @Weslicious and @Lost In Japan. get things horribly confused by putting down actual New Zealanders.

    Shania Twain – 37
    James Cameron – 7
    Peter Thiel – 2
    Demi Moore/Anna Paquin/Keisha Castle-Hughes/Graham Norton – 1

    4. Name a New Zealand export
    DDDD y’all really tried it didn’t you? I suppose I should have been even more specific. If only those who put variants of milk just rounded up and went with dairy.

    Lorde – 20
    Dairy Products – 16
    Milk – 6
    Wool – 3
    Lamb – 2
    Beef/Kiwifruit/Wine – 1

    5. Name a New Zealand film director
    I thought there would be more of a split between Peter Jackson and Taika Waititi, but apparently not so. dddd I loathe Peter Jackson. Not only has he been cashing on the same dead cow for nearly two decades now with diminishing artistic returns, but he also secretly lobbied the government to change a bunch of industrial relations laws so that his company (which accounts for like half of the film industry in the country) could pay its employees shit and keep them under terrible contracts, all under the threat of moving overseas. Ta the three of you who put in an actually talented, amazing and underrecognised director.

    Peter Jackson – 43
    Taika Waititi/Jane Campion – 3
    Andrew Adamson – 1

    6. Name a beach in New Zealand
    Hot Water Beach is a cute little beach and the actual hot water coming out of the sand part is cool but all these other beaches are more beautiful and iconic. There’s probably a joke in @solenciennes’ answer about how he needs friends, but he makes that joke by himself thank you very much.

    Hot Water Beach – 40
    Ninety Mile Beach – 4
    Piha – 3
    @beyoncesweave/Cathedral Cove/New Chums Beach – 1

    7. Name a New Zealand food
    YATH the iconic Pavlova. I have been known to buy a whole one from the supermarket and douse it in strawberries, passionfruit and kiwifruit and then eat it in one sitting. Props on those of you who put Hāngi food but ddd that is such a niche export market. Also, did you know that NZ’s Marmite is different to (and better than) the UK kind? (And Vegemite, obviously).

    Pavolova – 34
    Kiwifruit – 7
    Hāngi food– 6
    Fish & Chips/Lamb/Marmite – 1

    8. Name a wine growing region of New Zealand
    Well done on going with the top google answer hunties. The Marlborough region actually produces more wine than all the others combined.

    Northland – 6
    Nelson – 22
    Marlborough – 12
    Auckland – 7
    Canterbury – 2
    Hawke's Bay – 1

    9. Name a national park in New Zealand
    Yath Tongariro is amazing. Actually all 13 national parks in the country are, but Tongariro is the oldest and probably the most accessible, with a total of three active volcanoes and ridiculous scenery.

    Tongariro – 47
    Fiordland/Aoraki Mt Cook National Park/Abel Tasman – 1

    10. Name a species of Kiwi
    Ddd all the native birds of New Zealand are useless and fragile and swallow millions of dollars in conservation funding and the kiwi is no different, except it also happens to have national symbol status. They are kinda cute though, if you manage camp out at night at the discrete sanctuaries dedicated to them to spot them for a few seconds at a time before they scurry away. Meanwhile, I think @One Stop Candy Shop took this to mean species of kiwifruit kii.

    North Island Brown Kiwi – 31
    Great Spotted Kiwi – 8
    Brown Kiwi – 5
    Okarito – 3
    Little Spotted Kiwi – 2
    Golden – 1
  4. Leaderboard reveals in 10 minutes and next round reveal in 20~ minutes.

  5. I missed 2 top answers but that wasn't so bad

  6. WHY did I think it would be cute to change my answer from pavlova to kiwi

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    Ok well I'm clearly last in this round as well uruguruhgrhghghhhhhhhhhhh
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  8. Only one fuck up, here's hoping I hold on to the top 10.
  9. Ten outta ten hoes!!!!!
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    Y’all are tricksy.
  11. WTF is a Katchafire
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    A top Google result, that’s what.
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    Ddd I flopped on 2 answers
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  14. A&E


    o wow Pavlova isn't Australian?
    that's what i get for putting my answers together in approx. 2 minutes in total
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  15. Why do I have a feeling the next round is the Ariana Grande round?
  16. [​IMG]
  17. LTG


    I flopped :(
  18. I think the results are going to be very close for this, hopefully I keep my top 10 placement
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  20. Poor ha.
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