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  1. We love 90s R&B

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  2. I literally put "Atlantic" for the coast question

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  3. So we call the non-member of Veronicas Veronica?
  4. East Coast Beast Coast, ho
  5. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Oh i fucked up a lot.
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. tfw you find out you should've put Margaret Thatcher instead

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  8. Taken from the album "Do You Wanna Ride", released by East West Records. I'm thinking Adina Howard was the real inspiration for this round.
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  9. You still winning the round thanks to the points twist:

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  10. LTG



    ddd i still put May cause she's there now
  11. I thought putting someone who was in charge before most people here were even born wasn't such a good idea, but now I'm worried.
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  12. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I'll always think of The Veronicas as a reductive version of Welsh pop queens Electrovamp.
  13. are we all agreed Artemis is more iconic than Apollo ok thank u I stanned ha ass when I studied classics yas turn the male gaze pig into a deer and watch his own dogs HUNT and EAT him
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  14. Me submitting second to last during the last round and not caring about the points bonus


    Me submitting shortly before the deadline this round as usual and inadvertently getting rewarded for it

  15. I don't recall 'Electrovamp' releasing the greatest song of all time?

  16. So.. ferreal which Veronica did y'all put? I went with

  17. [​IMG]

    Not nearly as many disasters as I was expecting, honestly. Y’all only fucked up the theme in three of the questions, and there were actually only about two blowouts, so I declare this iconic innovation a success!

    I was kind enough to combine answers in a few cases, as outlined below. I will, however, name and shame the flops that just… well, flopped is too light a word.

    The spread this round of 103 is by far the lowest of the Game, so it really mattered which top answers you got, and which you didn't.

    1. Name a colour on the Swedish flag
    Did you know blue is the most popular and yellow the least popular favourite colours globally? You do now!

    Blue – 41
    Yellow – 7
    Red – 1
    @Subwaykid, sis, we need to have a talk…

    2. Name a country beginning with Z
    Come through iconic Zambia! Topping the question without even being in the headlines! Talent! Oh, and well done everyone for not putting in Zaire.

    Zambia – 25
    Zimbabwe – 24

    3. Name a coast of the United States
    As @DJHazey kindly pointed out, the Gulf Coast is another coast of the US, but thankfully none of y’all put it.

    West Coast – 26
    East Coast – 23

    4. Name a type of peanut butter
    I combined Smooth and Creamy upon finding out that Creamy is a North American convention? Poor them!

    Smooth/Creamy – 27
    Crunchy – 19
    Skippy/Organic/Truffle – 1

    Okay I chased up on these flop answers to little avail. @Island initially sent in Jif(!), and then clarified to Organic, kii. @send photo decided to do the most for only one round this time.

    5. Name a side of the road you drive on
    Mmm yes c’mon British Empire, for building half the world’s roads and telling us how to drive on them!

    Left – 28
    Right – 21

    6. Name an extreme of the pH scale
    Okay, I combined the variations of acid and base together. And yet, @KingBruno still managed to flop!

    0 (Acidic) – 35
    14 (Basic) – 13
    7 (Neutral) – 1

    7. Name a child of Zeus and Leto
    Is this Tw*nkJustice?

    Apollo – 37
    Artemis – 12

    8. Name a female British Prime Minister
    Two awful, awful women, though one was evil and the other is just... incompetent.

    Margaret Th*tcher – 31
    Theresa May – 18


    9. Name a member of the Veronicas
    The homophobia! The bi erasure. Get them @ohnostalgia!

    Lisa Veronica – 28
    Jessica Veronica – 21

    10. Name a Sugababes single that went to UK #1 in 2002
    It's all good for MAYYYyyYYyY
    etc. etc.

    “Freak Like Me” – 43
    “Round Round” – 6
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  19. [​IMG]
  20. Oh fuck. Not @beyoncésweave throwing us an easy round and me still fucking it up

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