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  1. 29 - 17 - 21 - 21 - 21 - 21 - 20 - 18

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  2. Oop sorry sis, the error was only in the answers post (had Q6's Acidic at 36 instead of 35 points). Basically because of the non-binary answer late in the game which I didn't couldn't account for in time in the answers post. Your total stands at 311.

    Also thanks for the heart attack, binch.

  3. [​IMG]

    My best ever. Whoop!​
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  4. ohnostalgia

    ohnostalgia Staff Member

    @Petty Mayonnaise knows they can always throw me their password and I’ll send the answers for ha.
  5. Make sure you get ha Whatsapp password too. Or just get @Laura Vanderbooben to add you to the group.
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  6. I can’t beyweave you would accuse me like this
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  8. This looks like a @2014 home movie teebs.
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  9. I just love always being the Paula to your MC Skat Cat xx
  10. A&E



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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Time to get a little... reflective


    1. Name an iconic forum member who disappeared in 2017
    2. Name a thread in the the Comeback Coroner
    3. Name a song that won a rate in 2017
    4. Name a member on the Most Messages leaderboard of Notable Members
    5. Name a song which won the Popjustice £20 Music Prize in the last decade (2008-2017)
    6. Name a song from @Robsolete's iconic Kim Woodburn reputation review (just the song please, NO Gifs!)
    7. Name a moderator
    8. Name a Top Answer Game hostess who didn't finish their season
    9. Name a restaurant from the list of eliminations Beyoncéd (kinda) by @Jwentz in the Americanty Rate
    10. Name the Pop & Justice thread that will be the messiest in 2018
    Round 9 closes Thursday 25 January at 4PM GMT (11AM EST)
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  13. Dropping from 7 to 26 overall in one round

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  14. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Is that the cartoon about the horse?
  15. This is my moment.

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  16. Being faced with having to venture into both Pop & Justice and Comeback Coroner for a round of this damn game.

  17. Me being forced to acknowledge the rate I ignored for a year and then lazily finished and tried to forget about again days ago.

  18. RJF


    Okay but when will your forum round get reported to the moderators? Not everyone has that.

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