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BIAS 48 ROUND 2: Results (one last vote to come)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by PopZeitgeist, Nov 28, 2018.

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    Sasaengs and
    Uncle fans alike

    Its BIAS 48 TIME!!!!

    TWO Main Rounds:
    1st- nominate your 10 bias members from various girl groups
    2nd- Charisma Vocal-Colors Nerve and Dance will be critiqued as we whittle down the Top 48 to duke it out in the Top 12 for ULTiMaTE sacrifice BiAS

    Rules Round 1:
    Nominate 10 Bias from at least 6 different groups who released in the past year (or since We Like....) You have up to 4 Bias wrecker slots, but only one wrecker per group. Please refrain from campaigning during this stage
    (I want an unbiased opinion

    2nd round campaign away as we rank the girls regarding their CVND. Details to follow....

    FIRST Ballot Due DECEMBER 7th!
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    PM Me List of 10 Members of girl groups who have released music since December 2017. Rank does matter in case of tie breakers. Up to 4 Bias Wreckers allowed.
    *Max two members per group.
    *sub group releases makes whole group eligible
    *Only former members who left officially in the last year are eligible
    *Co-Ed group members not eligible

    Sample Ballot

    1. Spice Girls - Baby
    2. Girls Aloud - Nicola
    3. Destiny's Child - Beyonce
    4. Destiny's Child - Michelle (W)
    5. etc

    *Please add a (W) next to your bias wreckers

    DUE Midnight GMT December 8th (7pm EST Dec.7th)

    TOP 48
    Blackpink Jennie
    Blackpink Jisoo
    Blackpink Lisa
    Blackpink Rose
    CLC Sorn
    DIA (UNI.T) Yebin
    Dreamcatcher Siyeon
    Dreamcatcher Yoohyeon
    Elris Sohee
    EXID Hani
    EXID Hyerin
    EXID Solji
    Gfriend Eunha
    Gfriend SinB
    Gfriend Sowon
    Gfriend Yuju
    (G)I-dle Soyeon
    (G)I-dle Miyeon
    (G)I-dle Yuqi
    (G)I-dle Soojin
    (G)I-dle Minnie
    gugudan Sejeong
    LOONA Kim Lip
    LOONA JinSoul
    LOONA Choerry
    LOONA Yves
    LOONA Chuu
    LOONA Olivia Hye
    Mamamoo Hwasa
    Momoland JooE
    OH My Girl YooA
    Oh My Girl Seunghee
    Oh My Girl Mimi
    Pristin Nayoung
    Red Velvet Seulgi
    Red Velvet Irene
    Red Velvet Joy
    SNSD Hyoyeon
    SNSD Yuri
    SNSD Taeyeon
    Twice Sana
    Twice Mina
    Twice Jihyo
    Twice Jeongyeon
    Twice Momo
    Twice Chaeyoung
    WJSN Yeonjung

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    Before we get to their CVNT scores, we need to wittle down to make sure all our roles are filled, so you will vote for 12 girls in 4 different categories: Singing, Rap/"Unique Vocals Colors", Dance and Visual.

    Try to have between 24-36 contestants in total. No group limitations but try not to vote them in every category. Only one contestant may be voted into all 4 categories.

    Rank does not matter but put (W) next to any additional group members again. You may have a different "Bias" in each category per group.

    SO KEEP CAMPAIGNING and you will have until next Friday to submit your votes!

    DECEMBER 21st 9PM EST (2AM GMT on the 22nd)
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  4. So 2 max per group?
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  5. When you're not allowed to campaign for your specific bias but we already did that enough in every other thread. REDACTED akgaes let's get this bread.

  6. Okay I have a lot of questions dd.

    1. What is bias wrecker?

    2. The members have to be from girl groups that had a comeback in 2018??

    3. Should the list we're sending be in order or it doesn't matter?
  7. Bias wreckers are the person who WOULD be your bias, if your bias wasn't in the group. Someone who makes you reconsider who your bias is in the group for example.
  8. Yup December 2017 to be a full year just in case.

    Rank does matter, but for the first round overall votes are counted first and then rank factored in.

    Yup. Has to be at least 6 groups to spread the love a bit, so you can only give 4 groups two slots.
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  9. I have a few questions just so I can start narrowing down biases...

    The entire girl group had to have a come back for the member to be eligible right? Like we can’t vote for Tia from Chocolat because Chocolat is long gone, even if Tia released music this year? (tried to come up with the least relevant examples that still get my point across tbh sorry Tia unnie).

    And on the opposite end, if a group is still releasing music, are former members eligible even if they have not participated in a comeback for over a year or can we only rank current members?

    Finally what’s the tea on if a subunit was the only release for the year, can we vote for people outside of that unit?
  10. waiT. She did?
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  11. Entire group or sub-group has to have had comeback. All of Pristin is eligible, but none for f(x) despite solo releases even though both groups are still together in theory.

    Current members only (unless they left within the year).
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  12. [​IMG]
  13. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    Are coed groups allowed?
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  14. Sis we can't vote for Tiffany, don't try.
  15. KARD is not eligible, no.
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  16. There goes another bias in the list of disbanded faves.

  17. This is strictly K-Pop....right dddd? Kinda got confused about the Spice Girls and Destiny's Child example.

    Also huge kii at "vocal COLORS".
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  18. Yes only kpop. Just a parallel example.
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  19. I'm kinda struggling to name 10 without the soloists and former group members being included nn. Top 4 was pretty easy but after that...

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