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BIAS 48 ROUND 2: Results (one last vote to come)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by PopZeitgeist, Nov 28, 2018.

  1. Yes your favorite top 10 in regards to each category. So in theory you could have Momo in the singing category.

    (For the two “vocal” categories I would expect not much crossover though. It’s essentially supposed to be main/lead singers vs rappers/subvocalists)
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  2. He


    Extension please.
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  4. I'm giving this another shot. Two questions @PopZeitgeist :

    a) Are we allowed to have fewer than 10 girls per category? I'm struggling with the dance and rap sections.
    b) What are we basing "visual" on exactly? Right now I'm basing it on "which of these girls do I fancy most" (e.g. Hyoyeon) and "how happy would I be if I got this girl's photocard with an album" (e.g. Sejeong), but I feel like I'm doing it wrong?
  5. My ultimate 4-member girl group... whew, I really did that:



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  6. a) If you're really finding it a struggle I suppose you could. Just means you get less votes.

    B) You're doing fine with Visual votes. No need to overthink it.
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  7. So I'm doing my ballot right now, but I'm still confused about the wrecker thing dddd.

    Let's take an hypothetical example with the SNSD members that left since they're not eligible anyway.

    Should I put the "W" besides Seohyun only (as she's 2nd next to Jessica, from the same group) or should I put "W" besides all the other SNSD members as well?
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  8. Seohyun might just be the original bias wrecker.
    (Or maybe it was Eugene.)
  9. All the members. This "loose" definition is just for this round.
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  10. I think my list was fueled by intangibles more than anything else.
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  11. Will do tagging sessions later. Probably extend to December 31.
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  12. Just vote for Sana!!!!
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  16. I'll be tallying the votes tomorrow, results at the latest Jan 8th.
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. This isn't my username. But I have no idea what's going on anyway.
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  19. Just finished tallying the votes. Results tomorrow, but first




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