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#bientôt - DALIDA - #25 - Le Classique Adapté En Plus De 20 Langues!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. Maybe Ciao Amore Ciao isn't? I was under the impression it was written with Dalida and Luigi in mind for San Remo?

    Glad you are enjoying the write-ups :)
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  2. It could be, but still Luigi wrote both the lyrics and music, and if they won the Sanremo, he would be the one to represent Italy.
    It's kind of a "Je suis malade" situation there - Dalida releasing her version very shortly after Serge Lama.
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  3. My darlings, I am so sorry I was unable to work on an elimination tonight as work really drained me today. If work isn't particularly busy tomorrow I'll try and get something for you!
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  4. No matter if we get an elimination or not, I'm going to do another mini spotlight of Dalida's song.
    Since I'm currently not at home, here's a quick one (there are about three song spotlights left, so I don't become annoying).

    This is the most recent discovery (about a few days ago), and I loved it immediately:

    "Comment faire pour oublier" is an awesome little gem that was released as a single in 1971. The song has a medieval feel to it, which wasn't a rarity in France, since popular artists used that style during the late 60's (including France Gall).
    In the video, we get to see Dalida cherishing her Egyptian roots (and looking gorgeous), which doesn't really go with the sound of the song. Nonetheless, that absolutely doesn't make it less enjoyable!
  5. @Maki - thank you so much for these spotlights you are doing! Really shows the full extent of Dalida's commitment to her career in her lifetime!

    I didn't want to leave you with nothing since there is no write-up this morning so instead, here are some behind the scene images of a Vogue article, posted on May 3 (the anniversary of Dalida's Death) for you to enjoy!

    What a gorgeous fashionista Dalida also was!




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  6. Okay my dears, work has pretty much come to a halt so let's get the next cut under way. Unfortunately, we lose someone's 11 with this :(


    Buenas Noches Mi Amor
    Average Score: 6.789
    Highest Score: 11 x 1 (@Sprockrooster) 8.2 x 2 (Le Berserky @pop3blow2)
    Lowest Score: 2 x 1 (@Empty Shoebox)​

    We say goodbye to an 11 quite early in yet another French music rate – let’s not make this a tradition, please!!! Worse – it’s @Sprockrooster losing his 11 first out of us again (Justice for Patricia Kaas)! A track with no 10s or even 9s was always going to struggle, especially with a smaller pool of voters. Overall though, other than @empty shoebox’s 2 (which isn’t the lowest on her ballot anyway), no one gave very low scores to Buenas Noches Mi Amor – it’s just that without multiple 9s or 10s to carry it, it was not going to go far here.

    This track was a PopJustice discovery for me. I first heard it in PJOPS31 (the first time I competed!) and even then I commented on how gorgeous Dalida’s delivery was. Having no nostalgic connection with Buenas Noches Mi Amor however made it difficult for me to rate it highly compared with the other tracks on the playlist (mind you, it is still not my lowest score here, we’ll get to that one #bientot).

    Another attribute for which this track never really made it to the upper echelon of my Dalida discoveries of the last few years was the key Dalida sings in. She sounds gorgeous as ever but this particular register does not possess the full mezzo-contralto depth she would go on to develop, and which also became my go-to with discoveries that receive more regular rotation. One cannot truly hold this against Dalida though as this era of music very much sought out this delivery in female singers.

    Buenas Noches Mi Amor, though not as huge a hit as the three songs we already eliminated, was a hit for Dalida (though not one of her more famous ones). It was a #1 in Canada and also reached #2 in France, yet wasn;t a signature track she would preform very often in subsequent years. I initially thought it was released after the Gondolier single but it turns out the release predates that by a few months if I am to believe Wikipedia! Since I don’t quite have that personal connection with Buenas Noches Mi Amor as our dear Sprocky does (this track was mostly included here for him – as he is the one who first introduced Dalida to the “Charts, Rates Etc” section of PopJustice) – let’s turn to him and hear why this was such a hit for him!

    @Sprockrooster (11) - Yes, this was probably added because of me (Edit – with love, my friend!) and sometimes it makes me compelled to give this my 11 (cause it is here because of me). But this gets my 11 on merit of the song itself. I love how this song when I entered it in PJOPS (Dalida for the first time), sent in a chain-reaction for people to enter her too. And she deserves the profile on this pink hellhole, so I highly applaud this rate. Now back to this song. This song is a lullaby in the best way possible. I mean: a glass of fine wine and some regional delicious cheeses. A late summer night in rural France with some French chansons playing slightly in the background. Mosquitos are biting your slightly tanned legs due to the sun earlier that day. You chat with friends and family late into the night unaware of the time cause you can. You look back on a great day. A great time you spend together. A mood. But when the night talks end naturally you decide to play this song to finish of a great time. Dalida bringing you into a drowzy sleep after a nocturnal joyous experience (also extremely fitting it closes the rate). Well, if this song with those angelic vocals and ethereal production doesn't bring you to heavenly dreamstate, than I do not know what will. (Wow! This is actually making me understand and appreciate the divine context in which to best enjoy Dalida’s music indeed – and what a coup getting this track to close the playlist!)

    @WowWowWowWow (7) agrees! – a beautiful conclusion to the rate! @Maki (6.25) wants answers, and would have gotten them all at this point! :D - This is a weird one - I can't recall how it goes at all, but when I listen to it, it's pleasant and not boring. There are some nice moments in here, but overall it's unremarkable. I would call this one the biggest 'filler track' in this rate, although we'll find out why @berserkboi chose it to represent one of Dalida's career highlights.
    Below are two performances that play up Dalida's fantastic emoting
    (Rita Hayworth was a huge acting influence)

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  8. These eliminations are going perfectly for me so far - this was my lowest remaining score.
    Sorry, @Sprockrooster, seems like you don't have luck with your 11s.

    "Buenas Noches Mi Amor" was destined to leave early, since there are so many well known and strong songs in the rate, and it just felt unremarkable (and it turns out that was the case). It may not be a milestone in Dalida's career, but it is a milestone for PJ forum in some way.
    And it seemed fitting to put it at the end of the rate playlist, both because of the title and the sound.

    Also, can anyone clarify whether the song is a cover or not? I've seen many different versions of it that are released in 1956 or 1957, but have no idea which one is the original.
  9. Well. I am never participating in a rate involving a French rate. My poor faves and my poor heart... how could you all?!?
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  10. I couldnt find anything that said it was, not even on Whosampled (though that site works funny on my phone).

    It might just be the 'big band' type instrumental that gives that impression as a lot of Big Band songs follow similar musical progressions?

    But..... Patrick Mon Cheri will need you in my upcoming Sheila 'The French Spacer' Rate!
  11. Dalida, the Queen of Original Versions! Well at least in this case

  12. Thanks for this, I was mislead by this version, which incorrectly states it was released in 1956 instead of 1957:
  13. Anyways, here's another mini spotlight.
    For the first time it's a cover version, which is a coincidence, as we were deliberating if "Buenas Noches Mi Amor" was the original or not.

    The song is "Dans la Ville Endormie", very powerful ballad with a gloomy, even eerie vibe and delivery:

    It also has a slight Bond-esque feel to it that makes it sound like it was made for some kind of movie soundtrack.

    The original version is by the band Les Irresistibles which, interestingly, consisted of four Americans living in France. Their song is called "My Year is a Day" and it was their one and only hit:

    This version is amazing, too, but Dalida makes it even better.
  14. Buenas Noches is my favourite out of the songs eliminated so far, it could have lasted a bit longer. Darla needs to, then I just have two 6s (Come Prima and Quand On N'a Que L'amour) and everything else is 7+.
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  15. Sorry I've been missing in action, my darlings - had a very busy Saturday but will certainly have the next cut out after Mother's Day lunch! Maybe I'll have some family trivia about the next song as a result?

    Thanks again for a wonderful track @Maki - reminds me a bit of the Dusty Springfield melancholy of the 60s, which is always fantastic! Will you continue to lose your low scores in the next elimination, or are you losing a 10? #bientôt!

    P.S: Thank you @soratami for prompting me to change a couple of mis-spelling mistakes - I appreciate it very much :D Things at Dalida rates must be perfect, like many of the tracks she gifted us! :)
  16. Time for that overdue elimination I owe you all....


    Come Prima
    Average Score: 6.885
    Highest Score: 10 x 1 (@andymc35)
    Lowest Score: 5 x 3 (@əʊæ @Empty Shoebox @Disco Blister)​

    We have made it to the low ranking song that was the least divisive of them all! As you can see, just a 5 as a low score is where we are at now. Only 4 songs out and we are already at almost a 7 average – Dalida did that! The strength of that discography speaks for itself when we are already ridding ourselves of such a pleasant classic because it does not quite match the highs still to come…

    Come Prima, similar to Buenas Noches sees us in that beautiful (if not quite my favourite) key in which Dalida sang for much of her early career – playing up that longing loving feeling in the way she accentuates and holds her notes. With a beautiful symphony in that instrumental, Come Prima suits our star to a T! Dalida’s team was always very resourceful in selecting songs that played to her strength for adaptations. The very Italian flavour of the track played up Dalida’s heritage splendidly and gave her exotic accent a perfect vehicle to showcase it.

    I gave Come Prima here an 8.8 because it is a gorgeous track, though not to a 9+ level that many of the classics here deserved. I first paid attention to Come Prima through its inclusion in Dalida’s Chart Topping Megamix Generation 78 which gave the track a dancey flair. It was a surprise to me to hear the original in its more romantic context the first time around, which made me pay it dust during my early years though in recent times, I can certainly appreciate much of what it achieves.

    Come Prima is probably a discovery to many of the voters here but it’s actually a huge classic of Italian music. The most famous version is probably the original by Tony Dallara and upon release sold 300,000 copies in Italy, becoming the biggest selling single of all time up to that point over there. This was after it was rejected at the San Remo Festival – make gold out of hay, Mr. Dallara!! Adapted into French by Dalida with a Tu Me Donnes subtitle in 1958, it would go on to hit #1 in France and Belgium further solidifying our star’s power in French speaking parts. Eventually adapted into English as “More Than Ever”, the melody ended up making #5 in the UK, which makes me ponder how much money that instrumental must have made in all its uses.

    Come Prima has even been adapted in Japanese as recently as 1991 (35 years on) and has been covered countless times. Furthermore, the original has been used in a 2017 Coca-Cola commercial, and a 2017 Ford Fiat one! To call it just a money maker might do it a disservice! Though the track didn’t do too greatly on PopJustice, it certainly is loved at large!

    @Sprockrooster (7) is as entranced as ever with the talent on display - A typical Dalida chanson. Transport me to France queen. @Maki (7) agrees though won't mind too much at losing the track at this juncture - Really nice, old-fashioned song with a classic feel to it. Inclusion of Italian language is a great addition, makes it a bit more romantic. However, some of her other songs from this decade are better.

    @WowWowWowWow (6) is Teenage Me, so still me mentally ddddd – As I’m getting more and more familiar with the Dalida oeuvre I am starting to long for songs that have bops or vox… some of them like this one are nice to listen to but it would not be on the mixtape I made of Dalida to introduce her to someone… @pop3blow2 (8.6) was probably happy to discover this one - Short, sweet, but effective. @nnnumb (5.5) sums up the overall feeling pretty perfectly for PopJustice - Pleasant enough if not a little unremarkable.

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  17. I love Come Prima so much. I didn’t actually know it until the biopic, but I grew to adore it. It just transports me to sixties Italy.
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  18. Even though there are a few lower scores, I don't mind "Come Prima" leaving.
    Looking back, maybe a 7 was a tiny bit higher than I would score it now, but it's a very pretty song either way.
    And it seems like we didn't get past the year 1960 in the eliminations so far. But will that change with the next one @berserkboi?

    Oh, and it's another cover - how surprising? I have a feeling there are more cover versions than originals in this rate.
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  19. @Maki - there probably is, but most of Dalida's big hits were covers so it's par for the course - she was also a Queen of making many songs better with a cover... A few are more adaptations than covers (with lyrics that differ, and we'll talk about that when we get to those #bientôt too) :)
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  20. "Come prima" means "eat(s) cousin" in Portuguese so I have to say I found that song a bit amusing.
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