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#bientôt - DALIDA - #26 - Dalida Rencontre Bob Marley!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. I can agree that it's annoying, but have you heard some of the other versions of that song? Doing that made me slightly raise my score for it, since her version isn't weak at all.
  2. Never heard any other versions... I imagine they're worse than Dalida's haha. I was reading up on the song and it's interesting how it originated from Greek sponge divers though.
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  3. I thought exactly the same. I was rather shocked to actually like Dalida’s version.
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  4. My money on the first to leave is Comme Disait Mistinguett. Je dis Adieu!

    And if Laissez Moi Danser should somehow be the one to exit first, I would be so shocked that I would probably follow it in protest! Fortunately I know it just couldn’t be possible.
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  5. You're very welcome and thanks for the photo!

    Also, look who's having a chat in 1965 (December 30th is the date):
    Upon further 'investigation' , I was able to find 7 photos of France Gall and Dalida together.

    And a fun fact: both France and Dalida participated in a magazine contest of funny faces in mid 1970's:

    Can you guess who won?
    Took me about an hour to find the photo!
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  6. GOLD!!!
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  7. My lovelies - it looks like we are set to begin!

    Our voters are:

    Les Bambinos Et Bambinas Du Pirée

    @Ana Raquel
    @Empty Shoebox
    @Disco Blister

    14 turning out is great considering how niche our original Big Pop Girl is these days, and that there are no English songs here! I was going to post the song titles that received an 11 to show you the diversity we stanned over here but with such a small pool of voters, is that a good idea? Your thoughts!

    So what did the 14 of us collectively decide was the worst track of the playlist?


    Itsi Bitsi, Petit Bikini

    Average Score: 6.317
    Highest Score: 10 x 1 (@pop3blow2)
    Lowest Score: 0 x 1 (@Empty Shoebox)
    <---- You called it and weren't afraid to kill it with fire, but will you continue to rule the Rate? Mwahahahahahahah

    So PopJustice decidedly chose the biggest selling record on the list to be the first one to go! Perhaps a little surprising that such a huge hit (which was known by many prior to the rate, albeit by different interpreters) would cause the most hostility, but familiarity was no saviour to the tiny bikini this time around! I mean, I completely understand why this is the first cut – unlike Dalida’s early hits like Bambino or Gondolier, Itsi Bitsi Petit Bikini has aged poorly – the instrumental, the melody or even the lyric are on the simple and juvenile side of things (my 8.7 score <seems high, but in a Dalida Rate - is it really??> was very @ohnostalgia influenced, my own not the user).

    Let’s still cover the basics on this classic though, since it probably will be the only time we discuss it on PopJustice. A novelty bubble-gum 1960 hit (hello, @iheartpoptarts!!), Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini went on to make #1 in the US (and sold one million copies) for Brian Hyland. Written by Paul Vance and Lee Pockriss, the story is told in three verses where 1) the lady is afraid to leave the locker room in such a tiny bikini, 2) once on the sand wrapped herself in a towel, and 3) once in the ocean she was too afraid to come out. When released, further to becoming the smash hit it was – the single prompted a sudden take off in bikini sales and is credited as a huge influencer in the acceptance of the modern bikini in society, allowing many surf movies and TV shows to build on that momentum.

    Why did I select this particular cover for the playlist when Dalida has so many to choose from? Well, believe it or not – there is an interesting connection and talking point here! You see, Dalida’s win of the Miss Egypt contest before she became a singer was due to her iconic swimsuit presentation for which – (you guessed it!!) she wore a bikini.

    Back in the 1954!! Madonna found quaking in her own irrelevance!! (Kidding, as you know I am a big Madonna fan)

    Further to all this, Dalida’s version Itsi Bitsi, Petit Bikini came at a time (the first of many notable such moments actually) critics had written her off as a ‘has been’ due to the more traditional chanson sounds on her songs as the Yé-Yé era artists like Johnny Halliday and Sylvie Vartan were emerging. What did the French Queen of Re-Invention do? She releases this and scores a #1 hit in France, Belgium, and Canada of course! Silencing her critics is something you’ll see happened a whole lot in Dalida’s career so consider this a preview!

    An interesting titbit about Itsi Bitsi, Petit Bikini in Belgium for our trivial pleasure – it spent 9 months on their chart as the Sales Figures from 4 versions (including Brian’s and Dalida’s) were combined and counted towards its sales impact. (Can our resident Belgians @Riiiiiiiii and @Remorque advise whether this is a common occurrence on their chart, please?)

    Dalida’s version is more pleasant than the original I must say, since there is a wonderful playfulness and candid delivery here. Her great engaging storytelling ways work wonders in making this slight cannon fodder track score an impressive average score if you consider some of the below commentary!

    @Sprockrooster (7) is into the sheer randomness of it- I am slightly howling at these lyrics. But I stan. @nnnumb (3) - I hate this song! To be fair, it is the least offensive version I've heard, but I'd still prefer to never hear it again. @WowWowWowWow (5) becomes another party pooper – So I made a promise to never give lower than a 5 in a single-artist rate unless the song was truly that heinous that I couldn’t justify giving it that much. And honestly I feel like the Lord is testing me here.

    @Maki (5.5) will be happy to agree - Sorry, but Dalida singing kindergarten pop is not for me. Even though it doesn't really suit her, she does a pretty good job. Not keen on the original song, either. The weakest in this rate, and I'm sure it won't last long at all. Poor @pop3blow2 (10) isn't finding many allies here, though that may change very shortly! - I mean, its a classic… in all of its absurd novelty glory. @Disco Blister (6) comes close however - Obviously a classic and objectively thinking rather great. Unfortunately I’m sick of the song, any version of it.

    Look at our Queen being quite the comedian as well, so engaging!

    Let me leave you with yet more Wikipedia insight for your next trivia games!!

    In September 2006, the song's co-writer Paul Vance read his own mistaken obituary. The obituary was of another man, Paul Van Valkenburgh, who claimed to have written "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polkadot Bikini" under the name Paul Vance. The impostor had explained his lack of royalty payments for the song by claiming that he had sold the rights as a teenager.[8] Vance, the song's true co-author, has earned several million dollars from the song since 1960, describing it as "a money machine.

  8. That was to be expected. Darla next please and then I won't have any scores below 6 left.
  9. But.... but.... That Yelbar remix!!!
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  10. Haha! I loved this song (the English version) since I was little kid, so I had a hard time not giving it a 10. I figured it would exit pretty soon, though.
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  11. That is both expected and deserving first elimination. It's my lowest score, and now there's only one song which received a score lower than a 6 from me.

    I'm surprised that @berserkboi isn't the highest scorer of a song in this rate (but he most likely will be in 90% of the cases).

    Perfect start, but I'm prepared for the general roller coaster the rates usually are for me.
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  12. I am working on the next cut (to be posted around 24 hours from the first cut) and your spoiler:

    Judging by your scores and commentary: A song that is either an 11 or would be 11 for someone is getting chopped next!

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  13. Not Gigi L'amoroso please.

    Not again...
  14. I hope @berserkboi won't mind if I continued with my mini spotlights in between the eliminations.

    Today, I chose the most recent discovery, which actually occurred this morning.
    It's the short, but lovely "A Chaque Fois J'y Crois", which appears on her 1977 album "Salma Ya Salama":

    It can be seen as a rarity in Dalida's later years, due to the song's happy lyrics and joyful feel. It also sounds like a nod to the Greek traditional music once again. Then, I found out that the song was co-written by a Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis and it totally makes sense now.
  15. Oh I'm so sorry I didn't make it. I was unexpectedly not at home for a few days last week and didn't have enough energy in the last two days ...
  16. My mum's gay friends got her into French pop and now she has Paroles Paroles on repeat ddd. She's also been learning lyrics to Zaz' biggest hit all day and ranting about Kate Ryan's Eurovision flop. The midlife crisis is real!
  17. Shame this didn't happen a few months ago, she could have participated in the French Divas rate!
  18. What does she think of France Gall?
  19. So happpy you are alright and back though :) Olease follow along for extra @Filippa thoughts as we go! :D xx
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  20. Good start.

    I do think I've given my 11 to the wrong song now though. Listening back to the playlist, I've fallen completely under the spell of... well, I'll let you know when we get there. Hopefully not for a while yet!
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