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#bientôt - DALIDA - #26 - Dalida Rencontre Bob Marley!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. I can kind of relate to this, except that my 11 was pretty much instant. However, if there wasn't for that song in this rate, I would have no idea which song is more deserving of getting an 11.
  2. Time for that second cut....


    Le Jour Où La Pluie Viendra /
    Am tag als der regen kam
    Average Score: 6.407
    Highest Score: Would be 11 x 1 ( @Filippa ) 9.6 (Le Berserky) 8.5 x 1 ( @Riiiiiiiii )
    Lowest Score: 3 x 1 ( @Empty Shoebox )​

    So, just because @Filippa has been missing in action the last few days (seriously though, I hope she is alright as this forum is a much better place with her in it! EDITshe’s back baby!!), you all decide to kick out the track I had here especially for her, hey? Indeed, without our good Filippa mentioning Am Tag Als Der Regen Kam to me when I submitted Mourir Sur Scène to PJOPS – I would never have hunted down the best selling single of its year in Germany! Filippa mentioned to me that this would without a doubt be her 11 a week or so ago as she has wonderful memories attached, which I am hoping she will share with us.

    Back to the track though - A French Diva scoring the biggest hit of its year in Germany (where it is still one of the most successful tracks ever), you say??? What crazy bizarre world, do you think this is?? Oh, we are actually living in it?! Has such a thing been achieved since, Mr. @DominoDancing?

    The success Dalida’s concerts were meeting in non-French speaking countries, when she was touring extensively at the start of her career, prompted Barclay Records to promote her internationally and localise her hits in multiple languages. The biggest success story out of this was the adaptations of Le Jour Où La Pluie Viendra. The original was a 1957 French release for Dalida, which went on to make the Top 3 in France. When deciding which tracks of her repertoire to adapt, this melodious track was a no brainer. Released in Germany as Am Tag Als Der Regen Kam in 1959, it went on to top their chart for 15 weeks! A direct cover lyrically rather than an adaptation, the song still speaks of a romance in the rain and sonically reminds me of the melancholy of tracks like Tous Les Garçons Et Les Filles (a French standard).

    My main takeaway from this though was how amazing Dalida sounds in German. Maybe it’s due to the German version coming out a year or two after the French one, but her vocal technique sounds much fuller, with the depth and tone hugely impressive when it comes to the 50s tracks on the playlist. Takes the song from an 8.7 to a 9.6 for Das Berserky! This time, I prefer German to French! The T A L E N T!!

    Let’s discuss the track a little more in depth, numbers-wise Am Tag Als Der Regen Kam went on to a half-million accumulated copies in Germany, while the other local versions went on to make the Top 3 in France, Austria, Spain, Belgium and Canada! No contest, one of Dalida’s biggest hits in a discography filled with commercial prowess, and also one that contributed its fair share of certifications to our highly consecrated Diva! Did you also know that Gilbert Bécaud also released a version the same year? And that Belgium again went on to count both versions as one on their charts? Ingenious little country…

    Eventually the track also found itself translated and made famous in English as The Day The Rain Came by Jane Morgan, which went on the top the UK Chart, and spent 15 weeks in the US Chart despite only making #21 there (so close to qualify for PJRetro if it weren’t for that UK success dddd). What do we all have to say til we get the Filippa rundown?

    @Sprockrooster (5) saves you the trouble of entering it in a strong Song Contest, telling you exactly how it would do - A bit middle of the road. And in this rate that automatically means a very low score cause of the songs it is up against. @nnnumb (5.8) agrees with me (about the German bit) !! - An extra point for being in German, but a little forgettable.

    @pop3blow2 (8) is so right, that’s how you deliver a song! - Fun little song with a strong vocal. @Disco Blister (4) has a fun observation for us - Apparently this was a huge hit in Germany? Can’t really see why. Maybe the rain went into their ears, as I just find this classy but helplessly boring. @Maki (5.75) is winning the rate so far - The intro sounded so similar to the one in "Bambino". This is pretty boring and I don't really like her articulation here, it's a bit unnecessary.

    Posting the song in German, French & English for you and you can decide which is your favourite – P.S: The right answer is German! Ddddd. We adore a Diva who gets us ESL to get together and celebrate!

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  4. OK, this rate is going perfectly so far. This was my second lowest score, and now I only have 6+ scores remaining.
    I must admit that I only listened to the French version of the song until now, and while the German version is better, I don't think it would affect my score much. Still, it's the weakest of her songs form the 50's and deserved to leave.
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  5. Well, she's not a stan, but I got her to sing along to Ella elle l'a, so I consider that a win haha!
  6. Writing up the next elimination now (to be posted tomorrow morning my time) and.....

    You monsters have killed my Grandfather's favourite Dalida song... :-(
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  7. Yeah, "Ella, elle l'a" is undeniable.

    Reading the spoiler made me think that
    we're losing another one of her songs from the 50's (and it better not be "Gondolier", "Histoire D'un Amour" or "Bambino").
    I hope that I wasn't one of the higher scorers, but I still hope that I didn't tank it (which actually isn't possible because there are no scores lower than a 6).
  8. I gave Petit Bikini a 9.5 because I've got an entire drag act produced for it in my head.

    And yes it involves a red bikini. Only a red bikini.
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  9. Let's highlight another one of my recent Dalida discoveries.

    This time, it's the absolutely beautiful and really sad ballad "Avant De Te Connaître":

    Her delivery is so delicate and gorgeous here. The violins are just the final touch to make the song even more amazing.

    I'm pretty sure @berserkboi will approve this comparison, but "Avant De Te Connaître" sonically reminds me of a sadder version of Sheila's "Tous les deux":

    Can you hear the similarities?
  10. @Maki - both these songs are gorgeous! You are right in that gorgeous delivery so emotive by Dalida - making it much sadder than the crisper delivery of Queen Sheila's song. Sheila's technique is as professional as ever but I do find she starts really connecting with sadness in her songs a bit later in her career, and Tous Les Deux seems to be where that starts...
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  11. I find all the different language versions interesting. So, out of curiosity, exactly how many languages could Dalida sing in?
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  12. As far as I can tell 6. Italian, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Japanese but I'm sure she'd also do English if that were thrown her way ;) I also believe there might be some versions in Greek out there so make it 8! A multilingual Goddess!
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  13. On the Wikipedia page, there are also mentions of her singing songs in Flemish and Hebrew, so that makes it 10 different languages!
    And she has over 20 songs recorded in English, I'm curious to hear them now.
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  14. This box set covers a great deal of her foreign language work. I've just picked up a new, sealed copy on Ebay for £14.99 so it's very cheaply available too.
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  15. [​IMG]

    A Deal! A Queen! A Discography! A TALENT!!
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  16. It's the time of the day again....


    Les Enfants Du Pirée

    Average Score: 6.714
    Highest Score: 10 x 1 (Le Berserky) 8.5 x 1 (@Ana Raquel)
    Lowest Score: 0 x 1 (@Empty Shoebox) ​

    So Brunette Dalida just isn’t your thing at all, hey PopJustice? Third elimination in a row we give the chop to the dark locks! As per the spoiler, Les Enfants Du Pirée is my Grandfather’s favourite Dalida song as is told to me by my mother. The song always brings a smile to her face when it comes on as it takes her back to her younger years with her father and a song they would listen to together. The @ohnostalgia indeed.

    Just today when Mum visited and I started playing Dalida on YouTube, we were discussing how much of a family institution our Diva truly was! Apparently my brother’s fascination with Dalida also came from my grandfather, who would give my brother a taste through playing many of the early hits and Gigi L’Amoroso (as I briefly mentioned in the French Divas Rate) to him. Unfortunately my grandfather passed away when I was 8 years old so my memory of him is more around us playing Junior Monopoly, and him always fake cheating to get a reaction out of me (I’d refuse to pay him anything and we’d both have a laugh after a short argument) than anything music related. The good ol’ days in Mauritius for Berserky :)

    Let’s go back to Les Enfants Du Pirée and the fascinating details around its inception! Initially a soundtrack track for a 1960 movie called Never On Sunday (a Greek black-and-white romantic comedy), the film’s star Melina Mercouri performs it within the movie’s context and is one of the most important tracks as it plays up the more colourful character Ilia’s yearning for a fitting partner. The original Greek version Τα παιδιά του Πειραιά would go on to win an Academy Award in 1961 for best original song too. A rare feat of critics loving the track as much as the audience.

    In a situation that reminds me a little of the movie Frozen (Let It Go sung by one performer in the movie and a different one in commercial releases), once in Dalida’s hands that same year – Les Enfants Du Pirée was massive! When released, it topped the chart in France, Spain and Belgium while reaching the #2 spot in Holland and Canada. With its 20 weeks atop the French Chart – Les Enfants Du Pirée became the first song by a French singer to sell over a million copies internationally; and its tenure made it the first track to be coined ‘Tube De L’Éte’ – the first Summer Hit, a term we still use today! Dalida did THAT! The harbor themed video made Journalist Jacques Chancel call it “the first video in France that really made a shift from the era of out-dated videos”. Legends only!

    Beyond the commercial impact, and from my memories of my Grandfather – much of his love would have been around that gorgeous Greek influenced instrumental juxtaposed with Dalida’s charming Italian accent. You see, to Mauritian ears the melodious turns of phrases are made even more engrossing with that exotic accent rolling the Rs seductively. Further to this, you’ll notice Dalida mentions meeting a ‘Marin’ (French for Sailor) at this ‘Port Du Bout Du Monde’ a few times. This always caught my attention as my first name is Marin (my Catholic Family named me after Saint Marin who is celebrated on my day of birth, and I guess them endorsing my sexuality subconsciously if the jokes around Sailors were anything to go by when I grew up dddd) and Les Enfants Du Pirée is the only song I ever think of that includes my name in it! A total 10 from me for nostalgia, endorsement, instrumental and vocals!

    What did PopJustice, who mostly experienced this with fresh ears have to say?

    @Sprockrooster (6) shows this is where our Grandparents' tastes started to diverge - This is new to me, so it is instantly a bit held back cause there is no nostalgia where it can thrive on.
    @WowWowWowWow (7) will be running a "Song From Old Flames" rate in a forum near you, #bientot! Hopefully @New Flame joins us; I'll be the first voter! Dddd – Hard for me to be objective as a former flame introduced me to Melina Mercouri and “Τα Παιδιά του Πειραιά” but I think Dalida did okay here. Loyal to the original but with a bit of a twist. Also any excuse to post “No Tengo Dinero” by Los Umbrellos.

    @nnnumb (7) sees the beauty in that progressive video too! - Breezy. Obviously, if I were voting based on the YouTube clip, this would've scored higher still. @Maki (6.5) still does okay with these eliminations, but will that last? - Greek music influences are great here and I love the xylophone(?), but the song isn't as strong as the others. It's a very pleasant, light and breezy track that I can appreciate.

    Our Diva's Forward Thinking Video - looking amazing as ever!

    From that Academy Award Winning Movie...
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  17. The Melina version FLOPPED in PJOPS!!!
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  18. Shocked it even qualified with winning an Academy Award and Dalida's version topping so many charts and selling a million copies! Ah! If only I had a do-over at the beginning of PJOPS instead of starting on Round 31...
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  19. That write-up was sweet, it reminded me of how my grandfather, who was a huge ABBA fan, got me into them when I was younger. He had a spot for the French divas too, and also got me into Édith Piaf - Non, je ne regrette rien was a favourite of his and a song he hummed pretty often. Now I wonder if he knew/liked Dalida.

    By the way, guess what my grandfather's name was

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  20. Another elimination that I'm really satisfied with, it was one of my lowest scores remaining.
    The song is good, but it's too light compared to the vast majority of the songs in the rate, so it's reasonable that it was eliminated so early. I love the Greek influence, by the way.

    Those write-ups are lovely, @berserkboi! I really enjoy reading them.

    And I didn't know that "Les Enfants Du Pirée" is a cover - this means that all of the songs from the 60's in this rate are cover versions in some form.
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