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#bientôt - DALIDA - #26 - Dalida Rencontre Bob Marley!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. You should! I first listened to it thanks to the 2019 album challenge and it's a really great album.
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  2. My scores are in!
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  3. Funnily enough, I thought that the verses of "Il faut danser reggae" melodically sounded like something France Gall would sing.
    And, yeah, the production and the vibe of "Soleil" surely reminds me of Michel Berger's work with France during the 80's - the main thing that sets it apart is the anthemic chorus.
    But, @berserkboi, will it be the song that is getting my 11... #bientôt
    Oh, and you should definitely listen to "Babacar" (and the rest of France Gall's discography, of course) - that is both subjectively and objectively her best album during the 'Michel era'

    While we're talking about France Gall and "Soleil", I can't resist sharing her songs that have the word 'soleil' in the title.
    This breezy, summer tune is totally fitting for the upcoming months.

    Also, there here is the gorgeous "Le soleil au coeur". The verses are one of my favorite FG moments of her career, as well as the stunning instrumental:

    And can we appreciate how exceptionally beautiful she is in this video... hypnotizing beauty.

    Sorry for this 'intrusion', but I couldn't help myself from doing it.
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  4. How many hours do we have left? I'm finalizing my list first thing in the morning. Listening non stop right now!
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  5. About 24 hours still if I am doing my time zone calculations correctly? Where is the other Belgian Mr. @Remorque at? :)
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  20. That's more than fine :) You can comment along the way xxx
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