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#bientôt - DALIDA - #26 - Dalida Rencontre Bob Marley!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Apr 7, 2019.

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  2. Appreciate the invite hon but as I don't know this artist at all I don't feel I could score fairly and do the rate justice. I'll check out some of her tunes though for sure!
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  3. I appreciate the tag, @berserkboi. I don't think I had ever heard a Dalida song until a few weeks ago. I made it through over the half the playlist tonight & jotted down some scores/notes.

    I've enjoyed a fair bit. (She's a good 'late night' listen/rate)

    Now, to be fair, I have very little point of reference for her or her music. I have read along on her wiki as I've gone along (what. a. life.). If I get through the other songs tomorrow, I can send my scores if you want them? If you'd prefer only scores by people who are more versed in her, I understand.
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  4. Not at all, appreciate any scores as we go along, especially if you find new music to enjoy (a few tracks are new to many voters too) - I look forward to your thoughts, definitely participate if you can :D
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  5. Im sorry, I won't be able to participate, but I hope you all have fun. Good luck with everything, @berserkboi!
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  6. My scores are in and I AM READY!
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  7. My lovelies - just a quick update to let you know we have received a few more votes overnight, and have a couple of participants who let me know they were working on their ballot so will change the status to 'Final Hours' til we hear from them!

    These Bambinos and Bambinas may need the extra tag as I haven't heard anything yet, but were interested in participating at one point :)


    Hopefully this is the time you need! Xxx
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  8. I'm currently arranging my scores @berserkboi, but took too much time on the commentary, which can be sent additionally.
    Expect my ballot in an hour or two!
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  9. Not a problem at all! :) Still waiting on a few people so comment away xoxo
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  10. Finally, my scores are in, and here are some basic facts about my ballot:
    - The average score of my ballot is 8,376 (kind of reflects the quality of the songs here)
    - My lowest score is 5,5 (but, looking back, it should've could've been lower)
    - There are 8 songs that recieved a 10 from me, only one 11, of course, and a couple of songs were very close to getting full marks (like, one decimal point close)
    - Only 9 songs got a score lower than a 7 (which again reflects the quality)
    - Songs that recieved a 10 are about equally spread across each decade

    This is a wonderful collection of songs, I'm so glad that I decided to participate.
  11. And here's another mini spotlight, because why not?

    This time, it is a ballad, and what a gorgeous ballad. "Un enfant" was released only as an album track in 1965, therefore it can be another potential discovery for @berserkboi.
    One thing caught my eye - she sings about a 'child we will never have'. Dalida predicting the future?
    Definitely worth a listen:

    Really sad song, and she nails the delivery again. The instrumental at the beginning is so beautiful, too, I keep replaying it.
  12. That is indeed a discovery for yours truly!! Thank you!! :D

    For all your hard work, which I appreciate oh so much, here is a picture that includes both Dalida and France!!!

    (To be a fly on the wall at that gathering)

    While we are in the final hours of voting and just waiting on a couple of extra ballots, here is the final one before we close voting #bientot!


    A short and sweet one for you all, but did you know Dalida also did duets in her lifetime? Well, beyond the mega sucessful Paroles Paroles at least... Here are a few of those for you, as her songbird voice sounds amazing with a bit of repartee too!

    This is Dalida and Claude Francois doing a few of their hits in Duet form:

    With Johnny Mathis doing Que Reste-T-Il De Nos Amours / I Wish You Love, a French Classic that has also been adapted into English multiple times!

    Julio (Enrique's father as he would be to this generation) Iglesias and Dalida doing more Edith Piaf classics!

    An actual duet which Dalida recorded with her then lover, who would commit suicide a couple of years after their break up :( This was also released in French but have posted it in Italian for some variety. It reached #16 in France and Luxembourg!


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  13. Lovely Enfants Du Pirée - just so you are kept posted, I am just waiting to hear from @Filippa and @Remorque (& anyone else who still wants to participate quickly) about their votes (giving them a few more hours) til I post the first elimination Melbourne Time tomorrow morning around 9am. The bottom 2 songs are pretty consistent so I doubt either ballot could change more than just their placement with each other, so I'll work on these as the first two cuts fairly confidently.

    The ballots that came in the last few hours have had such a drastic effect on the Top 10, it is almost unrecognisable!! The #1 spot kept shifting between a few songs too, things are getting tight up there!! #soon is arriving #bientôt!! Kii!! Any bets on what might be going first?
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  14. Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polkadot bikini.
  15. Exactly my thoughts, too.
    Although a few of her early ballads are also very possible to be among the first few eliminations.

    @berserkboi I'll try my best to send you my remaining commentary, since I'm really busy today. Hopefully the first cut isn't the song that I didn't comment.
  16. Laissez Mon Dancer would be my guess for a first cut
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  17. I certainly hope not!

    Any Gigi would be ideal.

    Since the voting's closed, I may as well post which songs I'm rooting for the most.

    Pour Ne Pas Vivre Seul
    Laissez Moi Danser
    Mourir Sur Scene
    Le Temps Des Fleurs
    Pour En Arriver La
    Ciao Amore Ciao
    Fini La Comedie
    Captain Sky

    All but one 10s! (and Gondolier would be one if we were rating today)
  18. That's very unlikely if you ask me.

    I just hope that any of my 10s (and other 9,5+ scores) don't leave in the first five eliminations, at least.
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  20. I hope Darla Dirladada goes first. What an annoying song.
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