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#bientôt - DALIDA - #5 - Un Autre Sacrilege!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. Eating cousins gives me so much joy??? More reasons to stan Dalida - Queen of Cannibalism!! Dddddd lol - she invented Game Of Thrones!!
  2. She also invented

    I don't remember there being any cannibalism in Game of Thrones though, unless it's a final season thing.
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  3. We lose something that makes one of us happy here, but I could cry!!!


    Darla Dirladada
    Average Score: 6.971
    Highest Score: 9.7 x 1 (le berserky) 9.5 x 1 (@Riiiiiiiii)
    11 x 1 (from @iheartpoptarts for the Yelbar Remix potentially, I’d like to think….)
    Lowest Score: 2 x 1 (@Empty Shoebox)​

    So not only do I have to deal with the pain of potentially no Dalida ever again in PJRetro (thanks for that piece of awful news, @Mina! Dddddd), but I also have to eliminate one of my favourite non-10 scores here?? This is not my Monday!! All jokes aside, Darla Dirladada was that Dalida bop little Marin used to dance to non-stop, and hum ad nauseam to his poor mother as a child. First heard through that oft-mentioned Generation 78 Megamix – the bit where Dalida sings Darla Dirladada was the bit I’d constantly rewind my cassette for and sing along to! @soratami would have made me his nemesis at school dddddd

    Dalida, as proven time and again has the ability to turn any old average record into something special, and that is truly what happened here! I have listened to some of those versions mentioned by other voters and boy are they night and day compared with Dalida’s! To new ears, Darla Dirladada probably seems like a silly little bop that Dalida probably just threw to her fans in between projects, but in reality – this is actually one of the most significant records of her career! See, this little song was actually the first that Dalida released after leaving Barclay Records which she was with for about 15 years! A change of record label is always stressful but starting your own one with your brother – quadruple that!

    Under the recently established ‘International Shows’ by Orlando (making him one of only a few Independent Label owners in France) Darla Dirladada came out in 1971 to record breaking sales! First as the highest single sales in one week in France for its début (around 75,000 copies! That would be equivalent to a PLATINUM certification after about 20 weeks on average in our Australian Charts!!) – eventually it spent 3 weeks atop the French Charts, and was certified GOLD within a month of release in France! This sort of thing was completely unheard of back then – imagine a Greek folklore song achieving this in France?? Leaving the support of an established label and achieving that??? The power of Dalida!!

    Also, Darla Dirladada is the first track for which we can make a distinction between a cover and an adaptation! The original boasts words of encouragement for Sponge Divers awaiting the opportunities ahead, whereas Dalida’s version has a cheating lover subtext (Monsieur, tu n’etais pas fidèle!) and portrays Dalida as an Earth Goddess. The lyrics maintain this ‘at one with nature’ persona, which I really appreciate – and the lines ‘Je n’ai qu’une enfance, c’est ma terre’ or ‘Je n’ai qu’une amie – la rivière!’ pay tribute to her roots in a wonderful way. With her Italian background, and Egyptian upbringing those lyrics just create the most beautiful visual in my mind! A great way to adapt a Bella Ciao (hello @Filippa!!) style track into something that is somewhat the same, somewhat very different! Also, how fun is the video – playing up Dalida’s earthy lyrics with her walking children in nature in her Montmartre garden??

    I’ll leave you all by saying the only reason this was not a 10 or an 11 even are that 1) The original which we rated is a little below the Generation 78 segment and 2) that massive Yelbar remix only came into my life a few weeks ago, so I could not justify even considering it in my long list – though had I known it for a few years? Who knows!!

    @Sprockrooster (7) and I are the same person, yet again! Ddddd - Such an infectious bop. I am clapping along in case you all were wondering. @Maki (6.5) will be the first to sing the praises of what Dalida did here, despite what the score might tell you… - Another cover, we have a version of this song in my country, too. She does a much better job than it, of course, although I can't help but feel a bit annoyed how repetitive it is. I really like how she sings it in a Greek manner (if that makes sense).

    @Disco Blister (9) is Maki amplified, and boy am I jealous of their experiences!! - I’ve always hated this song, thanks to a local artist’s very annoying cover version which is sort of a classic in my country. This is one of those songs I was very surprised to find out were actually Dalida’s hits, when I discovered her about ten years ago. Not that it helped matters, as I’ve almost always skipped her version too. Until this very minute, actually. I started watching the video, and because it was shot outside her home, the garden of her house in Montmartre, I just had to watch all of it. I’m rather fascinated by that house, as you can see it in so many clips on YouTube, and it’s located right in the middle of Montmartre on a small side street. I’ve even gone to see it from the outside, call me a stalker of spirits, lol. What a pity it wasn’t turned into a museum after her death, I think it was split into smaller apartments and sold. Well anyways, seeing her perform the song now made me realise that sung by her it’s not bad at all. Actually it’s a rather great song! You live, you learn, I guess… EDIT – Even inspires an appearance from Alanis, legends supporting legends!!!

    @WowWowWowWow (8) is thankful for this discovery, but have you tried the lifechanging Yelbar?? – The part when it picks up a little bit. Some points were made. @pop3blow2 (7) is only whelmed this time - This never really gets going for me. I do like the fade out, though. @nnnumb (7) has behind the scenes ideas that are giving me life!! - Interesting, if a little too repetetive. I would love to see the outakes from the video though where Dalida finds out that going barefoot in the garden is lovely until you find the cat poo that next door's cat has carefully hidden in the grass.

    The aforementioned Montmartre version

    Here is that life changing Yelbar Remix that cured my acne, gave me back my full head of hair from my 20s, made me lose 10 kgs etc!!
    Seriously though, am I the only one who can hear an interpolation of I Feel Love's awesome bass-line in the second verse with the whole thing having the haunting version of Gala's Let A Boy Cry in the hypnotic instrumental by the end?
    A remix masterpiece!

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  4. This would be mine ideal elimination, so well done voters!

    This version of the song is the one popular over here:

    Heard it on the radio recently, and it seemed like it will never end - so repetitive and annoying.
    There are a few other versions that I listened to afterwards, but Dalida's cover is the best by far.

    There are no weak songs remaning, but I still have a few scores lower than a 7.
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  5. Lovelies, is this the right time for a Top 30 Recap? I think it is!

    Dalida's Top 30 Tracks!

    * Gondolier (1957) / Lyric Video
    - Il Venait D’Avoir Dix-Huit Ans (1974) / Lyric Video
    * Pour Ne Pas Vivre Seul (1972) / Lyric Video

    * Je Suis Malade (1973) / Lyric Video
    - Laissez Moi Danser (1979)
    * Mourir Sur Scene (1983)
    - Paroles Paroles (1973) / Lyric Video
    * Gigi L’Amoroso (1974)
    - Gigi A Paradisco (1980)
    * Avec Le Temps (1972) / Lyric Video
    - Bambino (1956)
    * Le Temps Des Fleurs (1968)
    - Bang Bang (Italian) (1966)
    * Salma Ya Salama (Arabic) (1977) / Sueno Flamenco Mix
    - Besame Mucho (1976)
    * Pour En Arriver La (1987) / Lyric Video
    - J’attendrai (1976)

    * L’histoire D’un Amour (1957)
    - Quand On N’a Que L’Amour (1957)
    * Parle Plus Bas (1972)
    - Kalimba De Luna (1984)
    * A Ma Maniere (1980)
    - Ciao Amore Ciao (1967)
    * Fini La Comedie (1981) / Lyric Video
    - Il Pleut Sur Bruxelles (1981) / Lyric Video

    - Comme disait Mistinguett (1979)
    * Captain Sky (1977)
    - La Danse De Zorba (1965)
    * Il Faut Danser Reggae (1979)

    * Soleil (1984)

    A pretty stellar list, yeah? Although I'd happily have Darla back and my lowest score out! Let's just hope it doesn't end up being a PopJustice favourite that lingers til Top 10! Dddddd

    Further to this - the next 10 cuts til the Top 20 includes a massive amount of 10s leaving us, some 11s - one of which is mine!!! and a few of my almost 11s, expect long-ass write-ups for these #bientot!

    Since we have made it to this stage, let's actually look (if we want) at the songs that have received 11s and that we may potentially be losing in the next few days!

    - Pour Ne Pas Vivre Seul
    - Je Suis Malade
    - Laissez Moi Danser
    - Mourir Sur Scene
    - Gigi A Paradisco
    - Avec Le Temps
    - Le Temps Des Fleurs
    - A Ma Maniere
    - Captain Sky

    There were 14 voters in total and only one of us lost our 11 so far, as you can see that means a couple of tracks here (or just the one) got multiple 11s - but which are they/is it??

    If you'd like to send some commentary for any tracks remaining, now would be a good time!
  6. Nooo! Darla Dirladada is so catchy it hurts.

    And thats's probably why it's already out...
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  7. Well my lovelies, looks like my Avatar had given out a little spoiler on the next cut already! That means I can keep it another 24 hours!!! Ddddddddd


    La Danse De Zorba
    Average Score: 7.021
    Highest Score: 9.5 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)
    Lowest Score: 1 x 1 (@Empty Shoebox)​

    An above 7 average after only 6 eliminations, Dalida did that!!! We finally eliminate my lowest score (a lowly <or not so> 7.9)! Now, I know on most of your scales, that’s not a low score by any stretch but on Le Berserky Scale in a Dalida Rate (!!!!!!), that’s as bad as it gets! Ddddddd I can appreciate Dalida’s performance/s here over and above anything else (seriously how much fun does she look like she is having? How engaging is she? I’d lose my marbles if I were in that audience!), hence why it ranks so high when I didn’t actually have much of an emotional connection with La Danse De Zorba. You see, I cannot recall my family ever playing this song at all growing up, nor do I remember Dalida even doing a version as I only knew the below version once I moved to Australia when I was 15, this remix becoming a sleeper hit on the Australian charts.

    A bop though! @DJHazey - is that another song that could have feature in the Eurodance Rate (90s Edition)? Dalida rules Australian Charts and just keeps giving!

    La Danse De Zorba got included due to me wanting to pad out the song list when I got to about 30 tracks and needed a few more. I ended up picking some songs that were massive hits, despite which we wouldn’t get to rate on PopJustice (probably ever) unless I had them here. And a massive hit it was! Much like Am Tag Als Der Regen Kam, La Danse De Zorba (or Zorbas) solidified Dalida’s viability as an international star reaching the top spot in many charts outside France, and becoming the highest selling single of 1965 in Brazil after it stayed in their chart for ages (hello @Ana Raquel and @saviodxl !) Checking the Wikipedia article for Dalida’s chart impact also shows it is one of her tracks to have charted in the most countries total – a proper international hit!

    La Danse De Zorba (or Zorbas) started off as an instrumental by Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis and featured in the 1964 film Zorba The Greek. The instrumental quickly became popular around the world, prompting many artists to add lyrics or play with that instrumental to release it as their own. An orchestra arrangement by Marcello Minerbi & His Orchestra made it to #6 in the UK, while a version by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass made #11 in the US. Potentially due to its more exotic sound, the track was most successful when adapted and released in Continental Europe and South America, hence the Dalida version being the one to have sold the most copies out of the adaptations I could get Sales data on. This version sold over a million copies, earning Dalida two GOLD discs in France, and the Cico Viola award of 1965 in Brazil. This was also another Tube De l’Éte for our Dalida – coining it with the Greek flavoured Les Enfants Du Pirée and maintaining it here – makes me wonder whether this was the peak time for Asterix & Obelix also on the book sales front…

    We go to PopJustice for some thoughts, that are mostly unlike my own…

    @Sprockrooster (9.5) is as impressed with Dalida’s ability to improve on just about anything as I am - I possibly can't give this a 10, cause I do not want this cover (that has been covered by so many people in the world) to win the rate, but what the fuck she does a phenomenal job at it and by a milestone my fave version. @Maki (6.5) has a similar experience, but with a much lower score ddddd Still his rate so far! - I had a small revelation with this one - had no idea it samples a popular Greek song. We have the original instrumental of the song on one Greek music compilation CD that my family played often and I instantly recognized the song. I love the energetic performance, but it leans on being annoying and repetitive.

    @pop3blow2 (7.8) makes such an astute observation here, and I have to admit, frenetic is even a word I’d use for the Orchestral arrangements - This is an oddly schizophrenic little song. Not something I’d probably come back to. @Disco Blister (8) says something I can definitely agree with, and also – Queen of France clearly, and Queen of Mauritius!! Also, Queen of PJOPS as the most submitted artist there too dddddd - Woah, totally love her dancing and attitude in the clip! Dalida, the Queen of Greece! @WowWowWowWow (9) loses his first high score here, the sentiment is super true! – I do love me some Greekish Dalida for sure. @nnnumb (4) keeps it short, though not sweet (lol) - Errr... no.

    Our energetic Star giving it her all!

  8. I'm so impressed by these eliminations, this was my lowest score remaining. The only song that had lower average than my score is "Come Prima", and that was a 7.
    I was expecting "Le Danse De Zorba" to leave early.

    And a question: Is there a song where @Empty Shoebox isn't the lowest scorer?
  9. A quick look at my spreadsheet tells me she won't be around 6 times, though it may be more if I lol more closely... She isn't on the next cut! :)
  10. Oh no. My 2 lowest scores are still in...
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  11. A quick mini spotlight, before the next elimination.

    Like its name suggests, "Ballade à temps perdu" is a gorgeous and poetic ballad, and yet another excellent Dalida vocal delivery:

    It was released as a part of a double single in 1969, but unfortunately didn't get even a small part of the recognition it deserved (it was the B-side of the single, so it partly explains that).
    The song is made for the cold, rainy days, which are currently present in my area.
  12. C'est Le Temps De La Prochaine Elimination!


    Comme Disait Mistinguett

    Average Score: 7.053
    Highest Score: 10 x 1 (@soratami)
    Lowest Score: 3 x 1 (@Disco Blister)​

    We go to another song I included when looking at padding out the playlist, and this inclusion was through @riiiiiiiii’s recommendation! Though Comme Disait Mistinguett was not a song I thought of adding initially, I am actually very glad it is here! It shows Dalida at her most playful and despite many fans (myself included) painting her as a tragedian with her gorgeous and insightful ballads, many who knew her in her lifetime mentioned her wonderful sense of humour and joie de vivre - and I think we get to see a lot of it here!

    Comme Disait Mistinguett is a Dalida song I knew since childhood but never truly warmed to it as the Cabaret style was never a huge sound I enjoyed but listening to it with fresh ears recently, and watching the performance/s linked – it is a joyous experience! From the Gigi In Paradisco album, Comme Disait Mistinguett was also the B-Side of the single release of Il Faut Danser Reggae in 1979. Though this means it technically doesn’t have its own chart impact since the focus was on that other track we will be discussing #bientôt – there are a few interesting titbits about the track we can look at!

    First off – who is Mistinguett you ask? Well, this Jeanne Florentine Bourgeois was a French actress and singer, who was once the highest paid female entertainer in the world! A show girl of sorts with performances in the Moulin Rouge and the Folies Bergère – she débuted back in 1885, and at the height of her career (1915-1925 ish) had her legs insured for 500,000 francs! Being a showgirl and with quite a colourful personality, it is no wonder the melody of Comme Disait Mistinguett has a very 'Show Girls' flavour.

    The lyric around ‘As Mistinguett said’ seems to be as I understand it ‘God made me the way I am and all is well with that’. The Dalida connection here is her playfully denouncing many of the silly rumours around herself over the years – including a really silly one around her brother singing instead of her when she is on holiday. I am guessing this one may be made up as I hadn’t heard it before though it is very enjoyable silliness.

    Written as part of the Gigi In Paradisco album (when Dalida was well into her disco era), there is a certain theatricality to the Comme Disait Mistinguett and that’s probably due to the concert around the era (we’ll cover this in more detail later). Michel Fresnay (a French fashion designer, highly sought after back in the day by International stars) made her one of the iconic outfits of her career (included in that Doodle Google!!) with the black sparkly bodycon dress with the pink feathers which she wore for every performance of the track during the concert. The outfit was also shown in an exhibition honouring Dalida’s life and career in 2007 – iconic Divas only!

    @Sprockrooster (8) supports our Queen showing off her greatness as much as she likes - This makes me smile with so much ease. @nnnumb (4) isn't here for this at all - Again, too music hall for my taste. @Maki (6.75) continues to do well with the songs that go, hey? - A bit of sassy and quirky sound brings something new to this rate. Not a fan of this, but it's enjoyable. Kind of a cabaret sound, which isn't my thing. Quiet funny lyrics, too.

    @WowWowWowWow (8) was surprised he was here for this – I admit, my head bopped back and forth a few times without realizing it. @pop3blow2 (6.5) loses what I believe to be their lowest score, so well done - you! - Uh, this is doesn’t really work for me. Can’t put my finger on it, but it’s generic-aly jarring. Like a cruise ship song or something. @Disco Blister (3) may be our lowest scorer but these points are very valid, Dalida Queen Of Everything! - Dalida, The Queen of Showgirls! This is a prime example of certain songs of hers which are all about the over the top camp performances, less about the songs. Ten points for the pink feathers, 3 points for the song. Good thing that Le Lambeth Walk isn’t in this rate…


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  13. I've not gotten around to Lambeth Walk yet. Perhaps a tad too close to my Cockney roots for my liking.

    Bravo on the write-ups so far @berserkboi . This is rapidly turning into my favourite rate yet!
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  14. Too kind! Thank you and all voters giving me the pleasure to rediscover a favourite so many years later too! :D
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  15. Yeah, this is the only song is the playlist that didn't work for at all... so I'd say that's pretty good.
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  16. My lovelies, the next cut may get delayed due to my organising some IDAHOBIT activities at work tomorrow, and not being quite there expressing what I want about the next cut (which I also underscored watching the youtube link now), it is half done though - so maybe tweaking it tomorrow at work may be okay, we'll see!
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  17. Another low score gone, this is going so impressively good.
    Was expecting this one to leave pretty early, too.

    I only have two scores left that are lower than a 7 (two times 6,75).
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  18. It's going swimmingly well at the moment, but I've got a terrible feeling that what would now be my 11 is going to leave us soon. I noted that, according to our host, no one had given it a top score even though the YouTube clip has probably the greatest performance I've ever seen by anyone.

    If it goes I will not be happy.
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  19. This write-up is probably still not quite up to the strength of the song but I don't want to hold us up any further......

    Looks like @nnnumb was right about the lack of 10s here :(


    Quand On N’a Que L’Amour

    Average Score: 7.228
    Highest Score: 9 x 1 (@Riiiiiiiii) <------ Belgians supporting Belgian Talent!
    Lowest Score: 3 x 1 (@Empty Shoebox)​

    Confession time – until you all started sending me commentary for Quand On N’a Que L’Amour, I had no idea (or forgot if I ever knew as a child) that this was a Jacques Brel cover! Subconscious decision or not, this epiphany pleases me greatly as it gives a lot of context to my including Il Pleut Sur Bruxelles on the song list (more on that #bientôt)!

    The fact is, Quand On N’a Que L’Amour has been a Berserky family favourite for as long as I can remember, and found itself here as a result - despite coming empty handed for all my research towards any chart impact for Dalida’s version. It did feature on Dalida's very successful 1979 album Dédié à toi as well as on her second album Miguel back in 1957. My guess is also that the Jacques Brel connection encouraged her to perform the track at Variety Shows in the 70s, due to the familiarity many would have with this classic of French Music - prompting more sales of the record!

    Watching Dalida perform the song in the linked video from the first page of the thread made me feel my 8.7 is a massive underscore actually! I was feeling things when Dalida delivered a heart wrenching performance, her eyes telling a tale of despair and devotion. Truly a soulful performer who tells you everything in her delivery without you needing to understand a single word in the lyric.

    Not to say the lyric is lacking in any way though! Jacques Brel’s text is absolutely stunning, as is his delivery it in his spoken word/singing style « crescendo brélien »- cutting deep, and absolutely transcending vocal theatrics. The text is the star and nothing overshadows that in his version. Dalida’s take has a bit more theatricality to it but even that is restrained, with the focus on her face only highlighting subtle changes in her eyes and expressions. Another example of Dalida’s innate and unique ability to emote in a powerful way that many performers fall short of – The Queen Of The Theatre! (in my opinion, unparalleled still!)

    The strength of Quand On N’a Que L’Amour has inspired many a cover by Greats of French Music in Patricia Kaas, Celine Dion and Lara Fabian among many others giving the song a crack over the years!

    @Sprockrooster (8) best be rethinking that Top 40 Ultimate Artist Rate, with a performance like this not even the biggest highlight of Dalida’s career! - That opening is majestic in both beat and her vocals so I am drawn in with ease. @Maki (6.75) probably joins me in the “Underscored This” team watching that performance back... - I view this song as one of the very early Eurovision entries, by the way it builds to the chorus it totally reminded me of one. The string instruments save it from being a bit monotonous, as well as her lovely voice. This one is also a cover, and she did it justice.

    @nnnumb (8.7) can see the beauty but I suppose knowing Brel’s original first and the more cutting delivery places this one on a slight back pedal - A brave attempt at Brel's breakthrough hit, but falls short of the man himself. To be fair though, the only person who's ever come close to equalling Brel on one of his own tracks is Greco. @Disco Blister (7) has the same experience I did when finding out things about the source material - Oh, this is a Jacques Brel song? I probably should be ashamed then, but unfortunately I find this slightly boring.

    @WowWowWowWow (8) is surprised, in awe and is realising what makes Dalida the Queen she is! – OK imagine my surprise when the music video started and I heard a bop but it was just the intro music for the YouTube channel. Oh well! But this clip definitely helped me understand why Dalida captivated people. There are very few artists where you can just do a close-up of their face and that gives you everything that you need. Go Dalida Go!

    I would do a bit of a breakdown of the beauty of Jacques Brel’s text but the translation in the below video tells you all you need to know about the greatness of this poet through just this song!
    Research Belgian Excellence when you get a chance or he’ll be my new Go To in PJ Retro! Dddddddd

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