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#bientôt - DALIDA - Remix Winner Revealed!! DO NOT USE THREAD for VETO PURPOSES!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. By the way I’ve been meaning to ask how many of you guys have seen either the slightly older 2005 two-part TV mini series of her life or the new movie from 2017? If not, I definitely suggest that you do! Learning about her life, both personal and professional and how they were intertwined, also gives many of the songs a different kind of meaning.

    I enjoyed both the mini series and the movie a lot. The series was maybe a bit more sentimental and not as classy looking as it was a production for TV, but it was still very, very good. In a way it was better than the movie as its length gave them more time to properly take us through her career and the major events and tragedies in her life without having to rush, which the movie suffered from slightly. But then the movie taught me some things that were not in the mini series, like her anorexic tendencies later on in her life.

    This is the trailer for the movie:

    I couldn’t find a trailer for the mini series, but I noticed the full length thing is on YouTube, unfortunately without subtitles. And so is the new one, also without subtitles.

    Most importantly you can actually rent or buy the new movie with subtitles on YouTube Movies for just a few euros, I warmly recommend you do. This link might take you to a version of it with Finnish subtitles though, so beware and look for subtitles of your own choice.

    The wonders of the interwebs! I just found the performance @berserkboi posted of 18 Ans above with subtitles in English. They really open up the song for a non-French speaker.

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  2. As a curiosity I also just bumped into an Italian movie she stars in 1968, looking amazing! No subtitles.

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  3. Excellent! I've been looking for a subtitled version of the biopic, so I'll get it on YouTube then (hopefully!).
  4. It was a total bitch looking for the film with English subtitles. Actually it turned out to be impossible on dvd. I ended up buying it with Swedish subtitles (I’m not Swedish but understand the language) as for some reason they released it over there.

    How hard would it have been to just put the English subtitles on the original French release and have extra sales from any non-French speaking fans? Alas no.
  5. Don't get me started!

    The only consolation I had from searching for the Dalida one with subs, was that I did find the Cloclo film with English subtitles so bought that instead.

    Apparently though, from my research, the Dalida film was released in Canada with English subtitles. No good for me as it's a region one, but if you have the ability to watch those on your DVD player then you can buy a copy relatively cheaply on Ebay.
  6. Sorry about the next cut being slightly delayed but I had a lot on this Saturday and just didn't find the time to do the write up. It's another heartbreaker by the way!

    To answer @Disco Blister - I saw the 2017 movie on YouTube during the voting period and I loved the inclusion of the songs used and all the strife Dalida went through, but the movie itself was on the tepid side of things. There was not much depth to the whole thing since it was more vignettes of key moments of her life (which also couldn't decide whether to give the career or personal aspect more weight, making nothing really stick with you emotionally due to how many they tried to do - had they picked half of the moments instead, more time to develop them properly would have been great). I'd say the most impactful segment, if I had to pick one was the fall out from her relationship with the 18 year old man. The actress, although gorgeous and pleasant enough did not really possess the magnetism, natural warmth and charisma of Dalida, which meant I didn't connect with the character portrayed in the same way I did Marion's Edith Piaf.

    Thanks for finding the TV series for me though, I'll be giving that a watch next! :) Will also add 18 Ans with the subtitles to the elimination post.

    @nnnumb - check your DVD player and model online with 'region unlock' or something - that's what I did with mine and found away to unblock it once I got some DVDs from France and some from America, it now plays them all!
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  7. From a classic heartbreaker

    To the most recent heartbreaker


    Pour En Arriver Là
    Average Score: 8.228
    Highest Score: 10 x 3 (Le Berserky @vague @əʊæ)
    Potential Voter 11 x 2 (@CorgiCorgiCorgi @Untouchable Ace)
    Lowest Score: 6.5 x 1 (@Riiiiiiiii)​

    We go to yet another song that I fear did not connect with the audience to the degree it could have due to language barrier. See, beneath the pleasant and almost standard instrumental – there are very powerful words! Pour En Arriver Là (To Get To This would be a rough English translation of the title) is a track I would have had slightly higher overall here, and though not a ‘key’ track of Dalida’s ongoing career, it was the ‘farewell’ single released after her suicide. With that revelation in mind, the words carry such weight and profound truth, they make listening experience incredibly eerie as we focus on that aspect.

    J'ai traversé des nuits / I’ve travelled through nights
    Et des jours sans sommeil / And days without sleep
    Pour en arriver là / To get to this

    Pour En Arriver Là was recorded two years before Dalida’s death but was never ‘mastered’ or released at that time. I’d gage the reason why was that it didn’t suit the vibe of her mid 80s releases, which were a little more on the ‘fluffy’ Easy Listening side of things (the era included French covers of I Just Called To Say I Love You & Last Christmas, need I say more..) As a contrast to those tracks, Pour En Arriver Là presents a more substantial amount of depth and self-reflection in its lyric as it broadly recounts moments and experiences in Dalida’s life, including the many highs and lows that have caused Dalida to consider committing suicide at different points in her life.

    L'absence est si profonde / The absence is so profound
    Qu'elle salit mes miroirs / That it stains my reflections
    Pour en arriver là / To Get To This

    The tragedy of Pour En Arriver Là is that the lyric hints towards Dalida persevering and conquering those thoughts and for a long time – she did; soldiering on despite all the low blows life throws at her (her inability to have children, her depression, the scrutiny under which she lived). With the text making so many references to Dalida’s life in the spotlight and how it painted her relationship with herself, Pour En Arriver Là becomes one of the most biographical numbers in her repertoire. All these make it even more heartbreaking that this is a track Dalida never got to perform live since it never reached completion within her lifetime.

    J'ai mis dans ma mémoire / I kept memories
    Que des débuts d'histoires / Only of beginnings
    Pour en arriver là / To get to this

    Posthumously released, Pour En Arriver Là is a very interesting record, and I also mean that beyond the text and its meaning. The instrumental is simple, but deceptively so as includes a melancholy and beat that treads perfectly between the two styles Dalida is most remembered for – the ballad and the midtempo. This melange suits and frames the lyrics that recount much of Dalida’s life exactly as it should – her delivery having drama and honest punctuation while being true to the sound that made her famous. Cutting references like her childhood dreams of becoming a star and what it has cost, feeling like her heart is constantly in need of CPR (due to the many heartbreaks), and the missing pieces in her reflection formulate only part of a song that just brings tears to my eyes as I listen to it; which should explain the well-deserved 10 myself and a few others gave it the song.

    Though Pour En Arriver Là doesn’t seem to have charted anywhere as I research Dalida’s Chart History, it did inspire a compilation release shortly after her death which sold very well (a valiant contributor of her 20 million posthumous record sales); and the eerie yet fitting lyrics have made the song an emblematic moment in the overall Dalida story as fans discover her discography many years later. Since, many view Pour En Arriver Là as a key record in Dalida’s 80s output and truly, one of the landmark tracks of our song list we are rating here!

    @Sprockrooster (7) might actually be enjoying losing the last few songs as I am in tears for my loss - This lacks a bit of a spark that carries a bit further cause there is a lot potential with that melody. @WowWowWowWow (7) calls the sonic qualities perfectly – A nice balance between the power ballad and the discopop.

    @Maki (9.5) is there for the whole thing - They couldn't have chosen a more perfect song as her farewell single, both lyrically and sonically - how it wasn't released on the album in the first place? The verses are perfection, while the chorus grew on me. It reminded me of one of my discoveries, called "Partir ou mourir", which I prefer to this song.

    Look at that text!

    En Anglais

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  8. You're right though, It's probably the best song from the selection heard.
  9. We're not letting go of my 9+ scores for the last five eliminations.

    Wonderful song, with even more wonderful lyrics. The verses are haunting and perfectly delivered.
    The thing I usually do when listening to foreign songs is Google translate the lyrics, and read them while listening to the song. It's a joy, since Dalida's songs always have beautiful lyrics, and this one is the best example of that.

    And why not waste a chance to post "Partir ou mourir" (one of my favorite discoveries) once again, since it's in more than a few ways similar to "Pour en arriver là":
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  10. I was wondering when we'd get to this...

    It's one of the key tracks in this rate for me now having googled the lyrics after the voting period and is, for me at least, highly reminiscent of Hier Encore by Aznavour. And I can't give a higher compliment than that!

    A loss.
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  11. We'll invite @DominoDancing too since there's a German version of this one out there!


    Captain Sky
    Average Score: 8.310
    Highest Score: 11 x 2 (@pop3blow2 @nnnumb) 10 x 2 (@Disco Blister @əʊæ)
    Lowest Score: 5 x 1 (@Empty Shoebox)​

    You know what track we are up to? The actual rate discovery for Le Berserky! Your all knowing (ha!) Dalida connoisseur actually has a blind spot only a fellow connoisseur like Disco Blister can repair, and that was through recommending Captain Sky for rate inclusion in the Dalida Thread in that pesky Comeback Corner of the forum (should we run rates directly from there like the K-Pop forum does, discuss!). To tell you the truth, without that prompt by Disco Extraordinaire – it is very unlikely I would ever have discovered Captain Sky!

    What is surprising about this particular track is that Captain Sky is from Dalida’s resurgence era – alongside her disco phase, making the oddity factor even more interesting. As you’ll recall Salma Ya Salama saw Dalida take a risk in her musical direction at a similar time but her sense of adventure didn't stop there. She was firing from all cylinders with creativity and taking chances; and boy did it pay off! Look at that rich discography she left behind as a legacy for us!! Although Captain Sky ‘only’ got a 9.1 from me this rate, there’s definitely potential from it to grow on me further and if I randomly heard it (with Dalida’s haunting delivery) in a Song Contest for the first time? All the points!!!!

    As one would expect from such an oddity in a discography of almost 700 songs – there isn’t actually a whole ton of information available on Captain Sky. It charted in some markets (#18 in Luxembourg and #16 in Monaco) but wasn’t pushed to the same degree as other releases from the era (Femme Est La Nuit was the big hit, and funky #1 from the parent album in the main markets) though it still received some TV promotion and a German cover. Captain Sky is an adaptation from the original Italian track from Vito Pallavicini & composition by Pino Massara. The gorgeous music is almost that of a soft ballad but the creepy build with the children’s voices slowly harmonising in the background make it a standout, that goes much beyond the usual sounds of the 70s balladry.

    What is also fascinating and makes Captain Sky stand out further in this playlist (outside its sonic uniqueness) is how it reflected society’s obsession with extra terrestrial activity at that time. You’ll probably recall that as a society, we have been intrigued by what’s out there for decades (centuries really if you look at spirituality) but with the prominence of radio and eventually TV, there was a huge outlet for expression of thought on the subject from the 50s onwards. The mid-70s to mid-90s are a set of years I remember were of interest to me when I was consuming the media representation of the subject. Remember Fallon being kidnapped by aliens in Dynasty?? Ddddddd and then the X-Files of course, how perfectly would the Captain Sky song have fit in that?

    Outside all this though, it wouldn’t be a Dalida song without wonderful French lyrics (provided by Eddy Marnay), would it? The story told is of mankind sending children to war when invaded by aliens (heralded by feared Captain Sky). When the children got there, Captain Sky was touched and persuaded by the innocence of the children that mankind was not worth destroying and leaves Earth. The outro however reveals how mankind learns nothing and continues to kill each other despite being given salvation by a higher power. If this isn’t a timeless message we still need to hear today – what is, hey?

    @əʊæ (10) is all about this discovery being a familial affair - ddd I bet my mum knows this one. the German version goes off too. @WowWowWowWow (6) wants to Taylor Swift his way out of this narrative – Is that a CHILDREN’S CHOIR?!?!?!? @Maki (8.25) is all about the slow builds in these discoveries - I'm having trouble understanding whether this one is a cover or not. It doesn't start really strong, but as it progresses, it just gets better and better and I totally love it. The hook which children singing is really cute and beautiful, even a bit nostalgic. I have a certain feeling of heaviness and sadness to this song, no matter how innocent it sounds.

    @Disco Blister (10) gives it all to us, and please thank them for having Captain Sky here (especially you 11 givers!!) - Ah, le très mysterious Captain Sky! This is such an interesting entry in Dalida’s repertoire, a good one, at least in my books, ahem. I find it fascinating how during the 70’s aliens and ufos inspired so many songs (and tv-series and movies of course). Give me the comeback of space disco immediately! Anyways, Captain Sky is not disco, but it’s filled with mystery and intrigue, plus a lovely melody.

    @pop3blow2 (11) is the one to sing the praises of our Queen's delivery - Throw a creepy kid chorus in anything & I’m tenning it. That said, this song is the discovery of the rate for me. It’s unsettling both sonically & lyrically. She sells the dramatics without making it hokey. It has that 70’s sci-fi/horror feeling where everything seems fine on the surface, but actually everything is just a bit off. What a song.

    @Sprockrooster (9) is having a heartfelt moment or two with this one (I hope you still enjoyed participating between discovering tearjerkers like this and Avec Le Temps here) - I love that spoken intro along with that piano so much. Also those key changes are amazing and lifting the song up to a 9,0. Tell me the story and make me sob queen. @nnnumb (11) reveals the beginning of his regrets, and might Paroles be the one to change one's 11 for? #bientôt! - Perfect! There was never really another contender for my 11, although Paroles Paroles did end coming very close. Aside from the vocals, this sounds curiously English. Not that that influenced my score.

    En Allemand

  12. "Captain Sky" is unique - such a cute, yet eerie song. It's one of my lowest scores remaining, so this is pretty much a perfect placement for it in this strong collection of songs we're rating.
    I find it really interesting that the song managed to get two 11's!

    Thanks for clarifying that this indeed is a cover, @berserkboi. It sounded very English to me (like @nnnumb noticed, too), but it turns out it's an original is an Italian song. It definitely is a standout sonically, there's nothing remotely similar to this song in the rate.
  13. Oh my...judging by your description, this is probably supposed to be a rather serious song, and perhaps it comes across as that in French, but in German the intro alone is..."high camp".
    Super catchy though.
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  14. Ahhh, no! Good showing for 'Captain Sky', though.

    I enjoyed a great deal of her discog highlighted in the rate, but this song was a show stopper for me. I'm a sucker for 'kid choirs' in pop music. Vanessa Carlton used them some on one of my fave all-time albums Rabbits On The Run. I was elated she referenced that she was inspired to do so by this random album from the 70's: Innocence & Despair: The Langley Schools Music Project.

    It's an album I came across years ago & was oddly fascinated with. This Dalida song gave me the same vibe (it especially made me think of their Space Oddity), so I was hooked.
  15. It's still super camp in French too, it's just fascinating how the lyrics still manage to be relevant 42 years down the track :)
  16. I feel like a bit of a cheat now. As sad as I am to see Captain Sky leave so soon, my new eleven is still with us.*

    *It's not Paroles Paroles. Ha!
  17. Sad to see Captain Sky leave on his spaceship, but also glad to see the song do so well in this rate! I thought I was the only one loving it, so I’m super happy now!
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  18. I totally get your opinion on the 2017 movie, and agree. It was somewhat lacking in depth because they had to rush through so many things. And the actress, though doing her best, did indeed not possess the magnetism and certain warmth of Dalida. She also looked a bit too 2017 when it came to her face and body, if I may say so, compared to Dalida. I still enjoyed the movie, but thought of it more as an acted documentary which stated the main events in her life and career, if that makes any sense.

    Do share your view on the TV series, when you've watched it! It's been a few years since the last time I saw it, but if I recall correctly it focused much on her inner turmoils, love life and family (as well as more on her career especially during the earlier years). It was more sentimental in a traditional TV series way, but we can't have it all I guess, lol. The actress may not have looked like Dalida all that much, but she did at least possess the warmth which the recent one didn't. Mmm, I may have to watch the whole thing again myself!
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  19. I am watching it this week, so I kost certainly will once I've digested the whole thing :)

    Also - apologies for no elimination for another 24 hours or so, working an annoying shift at work so I have a little less time for writing in the evening. We are losing an 11 next though, and also another one of my 10s grrrrrr
  20. Since I am unable to give you all an elimination in due time, here is something to ponder over anyway! :)

    Dalida Rate Top 15

    * Pour Ne Pas Vivre Seul (1972) / Lyric Video

    * Je Suis Malade (1973) / Lyric Video
    - Laissez Moi Danser (1979)
    * Mourir Sur Scene (1983)
    - Paroles Paroles (1973) / Lyric Video

    - Gigi A Paradisco (1980)

    * Le Temps Des Fleurs (1968)
    - Bang Bang (Italian) (1966)
    * Salma Ya Salama (Arabic) (1977) / Sueno Flamenco Mix

    * Parle Plus Bas (1972)
    - Kalimba De Luna (1984)
    * A Ma Maniere (1980)
    - Ciao Amore Ciao (1967)
    * Fini La Comedie (1981) / Lyric Video

    * Soleil (1984)

    - What do we think of this Top 15? Any glaring omissions? (Most obvious to me is Il Venait D'Avoir Dix-Huit Ans or Bambino or Gondolier, so a few! LOL)
    - With us losing an 11 next, what do you think is starting to not look very safe?
    - What cuts would cause you most pain before the Top 10?

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