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#bientôt - DALIDA - Remix Winner Revealed!! DO NOT USE THREAD for VETO PURPOSES!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. In other news I’m flying to Paris (for Mylene!) tomorrow. Any suggestions on where I should go, Dalida related or something else (exhibitions, record shops etc.)? I’ve already once been to see her house, the statue and her grave, but I might visit them again. Especially the graveyard, now that France Gall is one of her neighbours over there. Which still makes me filled with sadness. I think @Maki would agree with me.
  2. I still can't believe it... just the thought of never being able to meet her is heart-wrenching.
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  3. Will we cut into the Top 5 with my 9.7, perhaps?


    Let's go to an almost 11 instead, *cries*!


    Je Suis Malade

    Average Score: 8.760
    Highest Score: 11 x 2 (@Maki @Disco Blister) Potential Voter 11 x 1 (@londonrain)
    10 x 5 (@andymc35 @nnnumb @Sprockrooster @soratami Le Berserky)
    Lowest Score: 2 x 1 (@Empty Shoebox) - Pourquoi, je demande en pleurant!​

    Another day, another shock but we open the Top 5 by cutting the song that seemed the most obvious choice for the win out of what is remaining. Je Suis Malade not in a Dalida Top 3 in general is so wrong on so many levels – one of which I cannot blame on unfamiliarity since I ensured I submitted it to PJOPS a few rounds ago (where it criminally didn’t crack the Top 20 unfortunately, instead finishing at an abysmal #29 *hint - @Maki wasn’t taking part in Song Contests yet at that stage).

    A landmark moment in Dalida’s career, her version of Je Suis Malade transcends the fact it is a cover by such a margin (not that the original by Serge Lama isn’t fantastic in its own right) that most of my French peers think that Dalida always sang the original – that’s the level at which she has made it her own – Dalida inventing Whitney’s take on I Will Always Love You! A heartbreaking song and a half – Je Suis Malade was another defining moment for Dalida showing her audience she could sing and sell intense emotion as well as, or better than she delivered the fun frivolous bops like Bambino.

    How did Dalida get her hands on this eventual classic you ask? Apparently, she first heard the Serge Lama original on the radio and the lyrics moved her so much, she was in tears by the time the song finished. All she wanted to do from there was to perform Je Suis Malade at her Olympia concerts as an homage, but her rendition took a life of its own from there! Instantly connecting with the public at large, Dalida’s version ends up trouncing Serge’s in the public consciousness, and makes it an unavoidable radio hit. The work done here in the lyrics by Serge and the composition by Alice Dona is masterful - it allows flexibility in how one can build or strip from it musically, and when in the hands of masters of their craft like Dalida - it easily becomes a showstopper!

    Je Suis Malade is uncontestably a 10 out of 10 track, and in line for my 11 during many deliberations in my head. The studio version is excellent but this song is one that just becomes one great moment in Music when Dalida lets go while performing it live, building and punctuating the emotions until all the floodgates open when she executes that mindblowing ending. I’d call Dalida’s live versions of Je Suis Malade some of the most heartbreaking performances ever – truly, you can feel her grief over her losses and the almost biographical lyrics made this a song she could project all of herself in. And that, she does – the power of Dalida is best represented in this song over anything else in her discography if we put our personal favourites aside and wear a more objective lens for one moment – drama, vocal for days, theater, emotional punch, the lot!

    Before I start sobbing at work reflecting on how every sentence of the lyric is a gut punch emotionally, let’s go to the voters’ thoughts!

    @Sprockrooster (10) had a very conservative perspective this rate in what to give his 10s to, but I am glad Je Suis Malade still received every accolade it deserved - She can really excel in a cover song with those captivating song. I mean that outro is just chills all over my spine. And in a very good way. I live for the dramatics and here it works. @nnnumb (10) continues with the very very right opinions on display - A contender for my 11. I'm much more used to the Serge Lama original which is one of the best records ever made.

    @WowWowWowWow (9) was there for it too, although maybe he needs to give it a couple more listens for that deserving full 10! *hint hint* - Alright Dalida, who hurt you, because we are on your side. I enjoyed how this was very vocal ballad/powerhouse but also had a bit of mystery or intrigue to it. @əʊæ (9) can hear every single thing that is special in the lyric and the all important tone in which Dalida delivers this, let’s not forget that is where Dalida always shines on ballads - Full on pathos and it feels so good.

    We end with @Disco Blister (11) picking the perfect choice for an 11 (unfortunately @Maki didn’t leave a commentary for Je Suis Malade, but I am sure he will share thoughts shortly!) and explaining all the ways in which this is a special moment in Music. - My 11 was an easy choice. This is just the saddest song ever. Ever. To me it also sums up Dalida’s life: so much amazing success, yet so much pain, tragedy, loneliness and constant insecurity. Poor thing. Three of her lovers committed suicide, I can’t even imagine what that does to a person. (Two of them only after their relationship had ended, but still.) On top of that never having the family she had longed for since the late 50’s. Je suis malade is from 1973, but I always think of her live performances from the early 80’s as the definitive versions, especially this one at Olympia in 1981:

    Now that’s a performance. And a true diva. Whoever has seen the slightly cheap but alright two part mini tv-series of her life can’t forget how the song was used during the final scene, when she committed suicide:

    The @Disco Blister link, with added English Lyric for you

    My Favourite Performance, and the one I sent to PJOPS

    With a soft dance beat, still lovely!
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  4. Well... this seemed like a 'safe' and, perhaps, predictable choice for an 11, but I really couldn't give it to any other song (so far, at least).

    I've been thinking for days how to comment on this song, but couldn't explicitly say how I feel about it and ultimately gave up. The emotion of "je suis malade" is unexplainable, everything about the song itself is perfection, and those aforementioned live performances - wow, they leave me speechless.
    Despite the fact that it is a cover, "Je suis malade" sounds made for Dalida, both sonically and lyrically. She made it completely authentic, and it's deservingly considered her signature track.

    I can't say that it was underrated, but it's such a pity that this masterpiece didn't reach the top 3 (and the reason is apparent). However, it remains my ultimate Dalida song.

    The fact that my average for the top 5 is 9,95 (slightly higher than @berserkboi's!) is a sign that it will be a tough battle for the top spot.
    At least I'm glad that my 11 got this far.

    To finish this up, this is (I think) how I got to know this showstopping anthem:

    I love when legends sing legends. No words can describe this performance, too.

    Oh, and cheers to @Disco Blister for sharing the exact same scores for my top 3 songs of this rate!
  5. A little treat for you all as I work on the next elimination! While looking for today's beautiful picture of Dalida for my avatar, I came across a countdown of Sad songs and Je Suis Malade finished #14 overall, and Avec Le Temps was #2!

    Also @Disco Blister - I hope your trip is amazing!! I don't know what to recommend to you that is French Music based, hopefully there are pamphlets in your hotel lobby that hold the answer!
  6. Shall we summon @iheartpoptarts for another discovery?


    Average Score: 8.942
    Potential Voter 11 x 1 (@unnameable)
    Highest Score: 10 x 4 (@pop3blow2 @vague @Ana Raquel @əʊæ)
    Lowest Score: 7 x 2 (@Empty Shoebox @Disco Blister)​

    Well, if we can call one song an over-performer this rate, it would most certainly be Soleil! Barely even considered one of Dalida’s hits, let alone signature tracks – it mopped the floor with every single song here except one, and was at #2 for almost all of the voting period until the two sevens above pushed it down to #4. My last non 10 remaining, I still very much love Soleil and think it deserves every ounce of the 9.7 I gave it – though I only expected it to do as well as Il Faut Danser Reggae not blow the competition out of the water like this, this feels me with equal parts bewilderment and pride!

    My lost Song Contest entry for Dalida was actually always Soleil, I could not believe it! You know what though? Listening to it now, it 100% sounds like a PJOPS winner even Pop Tarts would give points to! Including it here was to make the playlist more PJ friendly with a soft bop among the many ballads, and this one almost took home the prize – the power of unassuming Dalida singing about making love to the sun! Dddddd

    So unassuming is Soleil, it is one of our last remaining track without any chart impact behind it at all. Released as a B-Side to L’innamorata in 1984, the package failed to chart altogether, though Dalida’s gorgeous performances of Soleil on TV have since made it a bit of a classic summer hit in Mauritian consciousness. I remember the Soleil performance playing on TV a fair bit in between programs on our TV station MBC (we only had two channels in Mauritius in those days so changing the channel was not even an option since the other channel focused on solely local politics -yikes!).

    Wikipedia tells me that due to the positive reception of Soleil in France (and this despite not charting), Dalida opted to translate the track to Italian as Soleil Soleil for release there. Her performances of it were the last TV appearances she would end up making in the country. I had a spotlight on Dalida’s TV performances (as you may recall) before eliminations started and Soleil is a prime example of a song that eventually became iconic or known due to Dalida really investing in being in the public eye, because looking solely at the commercial ‘single’ performance would reveal it as being was that of a flop.

    Since Soleil is also part of Dalida’s 80s discography – you’ll find most of the performances giving you all out Diva from the styling, the moves, the fashion to the soft building production. Linda Evans would be jealous of how amazing Dalida looks with a similar wardrobe here! Parent album Dali features those covers of Last Christmas and I Just Called To Say I Love You we discussed previously, as well as Kalimba De Luna so if you enjoy Dalida as an 80s Time Capsule operator – it might be the one worth investing into for you!

    According to Wikipedia: “To promote the album, a television special later released on VHS called Dalida Idéale was filmed in 1984, and directed by Jean-Christophe Averty. Although highly campy, this television special includes Dalida singing in 7 languages and dancing her way through a huge number of her earlier hits.[citation needed]” – Quick! Find me a VHS player right this second!!!

    @Sprockrooster (8) is all for the boppiness of Dalida falling in love with the life giving Sun (be SPF conscious, please!) - Despite the dark undertone this is a summerbop! @WowWowWowWow (9) has found his favourite Dalida era I believe! – Give me that mystery I love. give me style, give me glamour!

    @Maki (9.5) is almost all there for it! And yes, what a chorus!! - This is one of the best uptempo songs here, I love the anthemic chorus. Maybe it is a bit too repetitive, which is the only reason why it isn't a 10. @əʊæ (10) sees Dalida as a Lesbian icon slash femme fatale and it is giving me life!! - A pussy-snatcher. @pop3blow2 (10) has even greater compliments, summing up probably why Soleil did so well here! - Really good pop/disco song here. Could almost be an ABBA song.

    Goddess Of The Sun indeed

    In Italian - just as gorgeous!

  7. Presenting the Dalida

    Top 3!

    Are you Team #ChansonRusseDalida? (Le Temps Des Fleurs)


    Are you Team #DiscoDalida? (Laissez Moi Danser)


    Are you Team #HeartbreakOnTheDancefloorDalida? (Mourir Sur Scene)


    We will have our winner by the end of the week!
    Thoughts on this Top 3?
    As you expected or a big shock?
    All three tracks have received 11s - but who has yet to lose theirs? Can you remember?​

    Bonus spoiler - meet your low scorers for these three tracks!!

    Tank @Sprockrooster!


    Tank @Empty Shoebox!


    Tank @nnnumb!

    Bonus Tank @CorgiCorgiCorgi - how cute!!


  8. I honestly cannot believe my lowest score is still here. Should have done the most and destroyed it completely.
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  9. Mourir Sur Scene better win this!

    What a song.
  10. "Soleil" is a summer anthem and I'm positively surprised to see it reach the top 5.
    The more I listen to it, the more I like it and hear France Gall musical similarities, like @soratami mentioned a while ago. It really could've been a 10 from me.

    My ideal top 5 would look something like this:
    5. Laissez Moi Danser
    4. Soleil
    3. Le Temps Des Fleurs
    2. Mourir Sur Scene
    1. Je Suis Malade

    At least "Soleil" is in the correct placement. "Mourir Sur Scene" and "Les Temps Des Fleurs" are interchangeable and both deserve the top spot, but the former is put higher because it's not a cover.
    Team anything but "Laissez Moi Danser".
  11. My ideal top 5 would have been:

    1. Pour Ne Pas Vivre Seul
    2. Mourir Sur Scene
    3. Paroles Paroles
    4. Gigi In Paradisco
    5. Bang Bang
  12. Oh, if we're doing the general top 5, then it looks something like this (the previous one was my made out of songs that actually made the top 5):
    1. Je Suis Malade
    2. Histoire D’Un Amour
    3. Parle Plus Bas
    4. Il Pleut Sur Bruxelles
    5. Le Temps Des Fleurs

    So, two out of five is not that bad, but "Histoire D’Un Amour" and "Il Pleut Sur Bruxelles" were eliminated way too early.
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  13. The absolute taste of putting either Paroles or Bruxelles in your top 5, @Maki and @Riiiiiiiii !! I stan!!
  14. Our BRONZE medalist is.....


    Laissez Moi Danser

    Average Score: 8.967
    Highest Score: 11 x 1 (@andymc35)
    10 x 5 (@Disco Blister @Empty Shoebox @Ana Raquel @əʊæ Le Berserky)
    Lowest Score: 2 x 1 (@Sprockrooster) <--- SHOCKER OF THE RATE?! We’ll see…​

    So, let’s go back to the voting period where I was experiencing some of the shocking voter ballots for the first time! Sprocky unassumingly sent me his ballot, and I opened it expecting the same sort of stanning I was displaying on mine (lots of 10s, no score under 7 ddddd) then my jaw dropped when I saw a 2 next to Laissez Moi Danser! I was not expecting that at all since my dear Sprocky has been the premier Dalida stan around these parts next to me whenever she is brought up, and has a fan of a bop and Disco pastiche previously like in my Girl Band Rates.

    That “2” by Sprocky first took Laissez Moi Danser all the way out of the Top 5 to #17, until the later voters progressively drove it back up to the Top 3. Another shocking score for it is the 10 by Lady Of Shoeboxes! Usually found in the Low Scorer section, she gives this one full marks! All I needed to do to get that long awaited 12 in a Song Contest from the Shoebox Extraordinaire was to send the right Dalida song, I could NOT believe it!! Truly, we are transported to the Twilight Zone with the flipping of Low Scorer and High Scorer votes here – The Power Of Dalida doing Disco!

    Monday Tuesday… Laissez Moi Danser takes us to 1979 where the Dalida Love Train was in high gear! She had recently made a spectacular comeback on the charts with Soft Disco J’Attendrai and had since committed to explore the sound with more panache, including more of the instrumental mix - even including some English in the lyrics. The French lyric having a soft biographical element to it about the expectations placed on Dalida, and her yearning to be left to do her own thing, to “Let Her Dance” are also a great nod, making the song her own.

    The result was a phenomenal success! It went on to top the chart in France, Monaco and Luxembourg as well as reach a #3 peak in Canada (receiving lost of certifications along the way). I am told it even went on to achieve great success across continental Europe, though I cannot find chart impact for other countries, just that it got to #24 in the Europe Chart. Most recently (and probably due to the 2017 Dalida biopic) it re-entered the chart in both Belgium and France, and Wikipedia tells me also Australia (which is most likely incorrect as I would have lost my marbles if it had, and I randomly heard it on the radio). Laissez Moi Danser also got a (horrible) Star Academy treatment in 2004 and that version still made coin, reaching #1 in France and Belgium.

    Monday Tuesday… Laissez Moi Danser started its life as Voglio l’Anima in 1978 by Toto Cutugno but the original only received a tepid reception for Mr. Cutugno. He did suspect that rush of an instrumental was something special though and turned it in to Orlando to work with. History repeats itself and as Dalida has proven time and time again, give her a minor hit to work with and she turns it into a proper hit for you! I have to wonder sometimes how much money Dalida made so many songwriters and producers over the 30 odd years career, with her adaptations – truly a world class muse!

    As I mentioned many times already, Laissez Moi Danser was my go to bop growing up, never failing to make me get up and dance whenever it comes on, and for many years – the only uptempo Dalida track I used! A total 10 from the get go for me, I had expected before starting the rate that it would win due to its mass appeal sonically, still to this day! I wasn’t far off with it making the Top 3 though! And I do wonder, if Sprocky’s ballot were excluded whether it would have… (Might be a job for my trustee Mr. Wowx4 after reveals are done, if he chooses to accept it!)

    @Sprockrooster (2) is Mister Hater this time, but he managed to be the most successful tank of the Top 3, well done! - This sounds like a joke or caricature of the French chanson, which I only heard before via the Eurovision Songcontest, which are also trash. No, not a great discovery at all. The only redeeming about this, she sounds great on it. @Maki (9.25) is all for full on Disco Dalida, as opposed to just the glimpse he got in J’Attendrai - Such a fun and cheerful song! Very memorable and catchy, too. The inclusion of English is great I only wish it didn't get that much repetitive near the end. Nonetheless, great presentation of Dalida's disco period.

    @pop3blow2 (8.9) needs a few more listens for this to become his go to French Disco Classic! - This is sort of quirky. I mean its certainly ‘disco’-ish, but has a fun vibe to it that is different. @Disco Blister (10) is all about Dalida starting the LGBTIQ+ visibility on our small screen! (I could not embed the link you provided for some reason, the source may be blocking me from doing it :( ) - Dalida, the Original Queen of Gay disco! All the tv performances of this on YouTube are pure camp gold. Those ever so subtly homosexual dancers! That fur or boa flying in air! The diva choreography! And the song is just un bop.

    @WowWowWowWow (9) thinks this is timelessness personified (I agree!) – Disco Dalida! Sounds like the classic anthems that get remixed or resampled in early 21st century Eurobops. @andymc35 (11) sent us commentary for his 11 and it captures everything right about the song - The pinnacle of Dalida's disco period. Infectious chorus and Dalida seems at her most carefree and happy throughout. @əʊæ (10) is as hopeful as I am that Mr. Wowx4 accepts his assignment dddd - I have no idea what it's chances to win are, but I wouldn't be mad at all if it did

    A Gay Camp Performance - Inventing PopJustice All The Way Back in 1979!!!

    That performance with the iconic dress!!! @iheartpoptarts!!

    En Anglais!

  15. Great, now I have two 10's for the remaining songs!

    "Laissez Moi Danser" is one of the songs that I figured out would do really well here due to the sound, but it isn't even in my top 10 of this rate. And, once again, I had no idea that it's a cover! It's still a great, carefree song and in no way overrated.
    I expected a lower score from @Sprockrooster, but not a 2.

    Both "Le Temps Des Fleurs" and "Mourir Sur Scene" will be amazing winners.
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  16. I was just checking my scores and apparently, out of the two remaining, I gave one 6.9. Ouch!

    Great, great rate though! I hope Monsieur @berserkboi will give us some more French rates in the not too distant future?

    (A Mylene Farmer one is waaaaay overdue!)
  17. I'm pretty sure that Sheila spotlight rate is coming #soon, right?
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  18. I believe a Mylene Rate is coming up courtesy of @Ray and @soratami (it was discussed in the French divas rate), and yes it is really overdue!!

    Next from me are a potential three:

    - Sheila Spotlight Rate
    - Selected French Mega Hits pre-2000
    - Spotlight on Anime Music (for @Ana Raquel ;-) )

    See you all in a few hours for #2! :D
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  19. Let's bump this along to the next page with Eleni and Helene!

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