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#bientôt - DALIDA - Remix Winner Revealed!! DO NOT USE THREAD for VETO PURPOSES!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Apr 7, 2019.

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  2. My darlings, we are under 20 Days to the voting deadline! Will tag a few of you #bientot, but also expect another Spotlight in the next few hours :)
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    So, where are we travelling to with this Dalida update?


    That's right! The wonderous land of @ohnostalgia and of @iheartpoptarts is next on our list! More precisely the French speaking part Quebec! At the time Dalida was doing the rounds from the late 50s, the Charts seem to show she was a big deal all over Canada but there may have been a change made to differentiate the French region's Chart at some point - since her biography tells me one thing but the Chart Fact part of Wikipedia tells me another. Either way, Dalida fans in Canada/Quebec were so taken by our Nouvelle Etoile in the late 1950s that they even caused the B-Side of her Breakthrough hit Bambino to go to #1 on their chart! It is called Pardon and here it is!

    Another #1 song Dalida had in the region was this little number, Tu Peux Le Perdre! This one is notable for still scoring our lady a #1 hit during the early 60s period a lot of critics were writing Dalida off as the YeYe movers and shakers were coming into the picture.

    (PS: Johnny Hallyday <a Yeye era Star> also does a version of the song)

    Ending this one a little eerily but in 1977, Canada was also the country in which a Dalida stan attempted to kidnap her due to not getting a response to a fan letter he wrote her months earlier... Yikes!
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  4. I love the title! Canada represent!
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  17. I'm doing this now! My ballot should be ready in the weekend.
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  18. I really like these spotlights you put every now and then, @berserkboi.
    "El Cordobés" is a lovely song, thanks for posting it!
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  19. First off - let me say Thank You to the gorgeous @əʊæ for the first set of scores and some commentary for the rate (beyond my own, an 11 is still pending to be given by me however - the shortlist is made up of 15 songs, yikes!)


    This update is a little different from what we have done so far! Instead of solely looking at one song, we are doing a Pot Pourri (Medley) feature! We briefly discussed Dalida being one of those stars who appeared regularly on Variety Shows, and in many ways it was those features that solidified her legacy and her endurance with the Public. You see, with the explosion of the 'evening entertainment block' that happened in France from the late 70s and its huge bubble in the 80s - there was really no other way to reach a massive audience like a segment on a hugely popular Michel Drucker MCed Variety show! Video had yet to kill the radio star, but Dalida and her team were always insightful enough to get our Star video airtime as soon as they could, as per some of the 60s performances that are linked on the first page. By the time colour came to our TV screens, the styling around Dalida became more flamboyant and glamorous - ensuring she was a vision that stood out spectacularly, many times shining brighter than other guests.

    The disco era, and Dalida's sound in the late 70s/early 80s made this transition seamless as well, and one set Dalida used to perform a fair bit on TV was a medley of her early hits, ensuring she paid tribute to her début era as well - honouring the repertoire and fans of it.

    The link above shows Dalida performing a few of her 50s/60s hits LIVE and putting on a stunning show. You'll notice the set features a couple of songs we are not rating here in Ciao Ciao Bambina, Romantica & Les Gitans. Although all three are beautiful tracks, they were excluded as the sounds of the era are covered well in quite a few songs we are rating already, and not wanting to alienate too many voters who might give up rating extra tracks of the traditional chanson genre.

    Another great feature of the above link is the short interview with Dalida at the end where she reveals some fan letters she receives and the content expressing how thankful a certain fan was of Dalida's career - highlighting different songs that were significant to their romantic life with their partner (giving examples of meeting for the first time with Gondolier in the background, their wedding song being Les Enfant Du Pirée etc). Dalida mentions how happy it made her that she can always be part of their memories and souvenirs - the power of Music indeed! Another soundbite reveals Dalida was able to fit into her dress from the debut concert still, 25 years on! A stunning DIVA indeed!


    Here is a megamix called Génération 78 that Dalida released as a retrospective single in 1978 that features Bruno Gillian and much of her early repertoire in a disco sound (paging @iheartpoptarts again, let's throw in @Trouble in Paradise and @DominoDancing too if I recall their Girl Band scores for the era too!) The track went on to top the chart in France & Monaco! Dalida invented the Megamix hit!!

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