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#bientôt - DALIDA - Remix Winner Revealed!! DO NOT USE THREAD for VETO PURPOSES!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, Apr 7, 2019.

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  4. Fingers crossed for lots of lovely discoveries! XXX
  5. Whoa, "Helwa Ya Baladi" is amazing! Thank you so much for mentioning the song!
    Such a pity we didn't get to rate it here, it's a 10/10 without a single trace of doubt! The music arrangement is magnificent, as well as the melody and her delivery, of course.

    I would like to use this opportunity for another 'mini spotlight' of mine which would've been an amazing choice to include here.
    In @berserkboi's SPOTLIGHT SEPT, he introduced (or reminded) us of Dalida's more reflective and serious songs, and this one is a perfect example of that:

    The first time I heard "Partir ou mourir", I thought that it was one of the last songs Dalida wrote/recorded. Turns out it was first released in 1981, but the lyrical content definitely is something that could remind you of her thoughts prior to her suicide. It's such a sad and depressing song, talking about her (correct me if I got it wrong @berserkboi) tragic life and wanting to run away from her recurring problems - 'leave or die or sleep for a long time, never to wake up', as she says. But she took a love take on it, which for me represents a 'mask' from directly adressing her life full of tragedies, so that the song would be more relatable. Whew, I almost never go this far into deciphering the lyrics - Dalida did that!

    Sonically, it is an amazingly produced song and the beats that are used are interesting to me. The melody is gorgeous and sad (which is something i adore), and her emotional performance is as gorgeous as ever. Beautiful discovery worth a listen!
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  6. @Maki - thank you so much for mentioning Partir Ou Mourir! That and Helwa are actually two of my biggest cuts in the discography and it still stings that I cut them from the final list. I tried to be wary of having more than one Arabic track on the list due to that language usually struggling in Song Contests ( @londonrain's Alabina entry being marginally successful) and by the time Salma did okay, the song list was finalised :(

    Partir Ou Mourir was more an oversight as once I got my ballad quota, I stopped looking into her serious songs since PJ is usually more BOP oriented. Mourir Sur Scene covers a little of the ground covered musically and Je Suis Malade does it lyrically (both also being emblemic to Dalida made their inclusion more obvious).

    You nailed the content on the head though, easily one of the more self-reflective songs of Dalida's - it is yet another spectacular underrated moment!

    (Maybe I should do a Part 2 with the underrated songs) dddd
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  7. Dddd I won't be able to participate @berserkboi - I hoped to have everything listened to and scored before I go on vacation, but I just didn't manage. Sorry!
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  8. Thanks for letting me know, gorgeous! Stick around if you can for some lovely discoveries along the way but have a blast on your holiday!! :D XXX
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  9. Thanks for considering me for the rate. Sadly I can´t participate for several reasons (time, work, PSB rate, knowing only two of her songs...) but I will certainly stick around during the reveals.
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  10. Oooooh! Which ones? :D
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  11. ...Who is Dalida?
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  12. (Read the first post)

    The best selling Artist never to break the US or U.K. Market (140 million units {and counting})

    Excellence etc
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  13. On it! You'll probably receive my votes right before the deadline tho. Because you know... that's me, forever doubting.
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  14. Paroles Paroles (which I fondly remember from the radio, when I was a child) and Laissez Moi Danser.
    Both are amazing, but I´m generally not a big Chanson/Diva fan. I can only take them in small doses.
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  15. [​IMG]
  16. I apologise for both the slight delay and the brevity of the below but we have a BIG one to cover tomorrow so bear with me! :)


    Now this Spotlight won't focus on one thing in particular, instead we will look at some fun "Odds & Ends" in Dalida's discography!

    First up, as some of you remember from @soratami's wonderful French Divas Rate (where she was done wrong, but we will course correct here for sure!) Dalida translated a few of her big hits in various languages, but the most peculiar find was the Japanese language inclusion! Now, even as a huge Dalida fan for years (and also a J-Pop fan) I had never come across this til the French Divas Rate... This made me research her Chart Facts a bit and according to Wikipedia Paroles Paroles made the top spot in Japan and Gigi L'Amoroso was also well received in Japan (way to pick Japan favourites as your Top 2 cuts, @soratami!! LOVE IT!!)

    The below YouTube link shows a little of what the packaging and collections looked like in the wonderful Land Of The Rising Sun! Lovely detail!

    Gigi found sounding amazing under any circumstance + how beautiful is her Italian accent in Japanese?

    Next up is something that many artists have done since but I hadn't realised til the rate! Dalida has a Soccer Anthem under her belt! Called La Chanson Du Mundial, it was a single released in 1982 which actually made it into the French Charts at #7 (a spot higher than France finished in the actual cup but I digress) and #12 in Belgium! An album was also released in conjunction with this , and the cut from it we are rating here is the gorgeous Il Pleut Sur Bruxelles!

    We truly were blessed with a diversified Discography, hey?
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