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    Seungri - T.O.P - Taeyang - G-Dragon - Daesung

    BIGBANG is the hottest band in Korea, consisting of members G-DRAGON (aka GD), T.O.P, TAEYANG (aka SOL), SEUNGRI (aka V.I.), and DAESUNG (aka D-Lite). With their urban-originated music and flamboyant fashion style, BIGBANG is a boy band that is loved by not only teenagers but also older age groups. With the breakthrough single “LIE”, BIGBANG became the most wanted in Korea’s music industry. While such hit singles as “Last Farewell”, “Day By Day” and “Sunset Glow” topped various charts in Korea for weeks, BIGBANG became the most influential artist in Korea.

    Their latest EP Tonight went on to become a chart-topper upon its release on many Korean music charts. The album also became the first K-pop album to reach the top 10 on the U.S. iTunes chart and is the only non-English-language album in the top 100. Big Bang won the Best 5 New Artists award from the 24th Japan Gold Disc Awards as well as the Best New Artist. The group received the awards for Best Pop Video and Best New Artist at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2010.

    Korean Discography

    Tonight (Special Edition) (2011, #1)
    Love Song
    Stupid Liar

    Tonight (2011, #1)

    Remember (2008, #1)
    Sunset Glow

    Stand Up (2008, #1)
    A Good Man
    Oh My Friend
    Haru Haru

    Hot Issue (2007, #1)
    Last Farewell

    Always (2007, #1)

    Stand Up (2007, #1)
    Dirty Cash
    Ma Girl (Taeyang solo)
    La La La
    This Love (G-Dragon solo)
    A Fool's Only Tears
    We Belong Together

    Japanese Discography:

    BIGBANG 2 (2011, #1)
    Beautiful Hangover
    Tell Me Goodbye
    Koe Wo Kikasete

    BIGBANG (2009, #3)
    Number 1
    My Heaven

    Number 1 (2008, #13)
    Number 1

    With U (2008, #45)
    With U

    For The World (2008, #53)
    How Gee

    GD&TOP - Pop/Rap sub-unit, often referred to as Uncle and Nephew.
    GD&TOP Vol.1 (2011, #1)
    High High
    Oh Yeah
    Knock Out
    Don't Go Home
    Baby Good Night

    Taeyang - Hyperactive R&B superstar, the 'mother' of Big Bang.
    Solar (2010, #1)
    I Need A Girl
    Wedding Dress
    Where U At?
    I'll Be There

    Hot (2008, #1)
    Look Only At Me

    G-Dragon - Leader, rapper, writer, producer, fashionista.
    Heartbreaker (2009, #1)
    A Yo

    Seungri - Youngest, cutest, known for his 'talking skills'.
    Remember (2008)
    Strong Baby

    VVIP (2011, #1)
    What Can I Do

    T.O.P - Rapper, actor, known for being beautiful and 8D alien-like personality.
    GD&TOP Vol.1 (2011)
    Turn It Up

    Daesung - Variety star, smiles 24/7, known for hilarious personality and powerful vocals.
    Tonight (Special Edition) (2011)
    Baby Don't Cry

    Get to know them here!

    I think discussion of there solo activities covers a lot of ground so I made a thread for everything Big Bang!

    And just for the record Taeyang is mine, you can't have him. Ever.
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  2. T.O.P bling bling like L.E.D.

    That line is always in my head. Or maybe T.O.P is always on my mind hehe
  3. Phew! Nearly done on the opening post...haha
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  4. These guys were what brought me into K-pop and I've been hooked ever since.
  5. Me too!

    A new interview! So GD got nothing from Japan and Taeyang's definitely doing nothing in the US (yet), TOP and Seungri made me laugh with their immaturity haha
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  6. Omg, that interview is so cute!

    I LOVE when Taeyang says "best movie I've never seen"and Seung-ri, TOP and GD have no idea what he said ^^
  7. So let me get this straight, there are two Big Bangs in Korea?

    The other one being a soloist purveyer of actually-not-bad drivetime AOR?
  8. That dog picture is so cute!

    And that interview was a little awkward though that may have just been the editing.
  9. "Overdog. Undercat."

    "I need a club banger. I need a club banger."

    Sigh they are simply the best male kpop group. No one can tell me otherwise.
  10. I don't think I've ever seen so much truth in one sentance!

    And I'm getting so jealous of these lucky airport stalker fans.
  11. taeyang without makeup...


    the wondersssss of makeup
  12. I'm trying to get into Big Bang as much as possible (they broke my K-Pop virginity). I already love the Tonight mini album + the Special Edition. What should I listen to next?
    Is the first album any good?
  13. Their debut stuff is very hip-hop sounding. "Lalala" is one of my favorites, but I know a lot of people that dislike it.
  14. Haru Haru is their biggest gem to me. Their newest stuff, bar Tonight, has been weak compared to their older songs. Lies is also amazing.
  15. Some people rate their solo projects higher than their group ones, I strongly recommend the best k-pop album of last year 'GD&TOP Vol.1', along with Seungri's VVIP mini album. G-Dragon's Heartbreaker album is also really good.

    For Big Bang I'd check out 'Remember', it's very electro-pop, I love it!
  16. I vastly prefer Love Song and even Stupid Liar to Tonight for some reason.

    And I feel like no one else likes G-Dragon's "Breathe". It's easily his best solo song.
  17. My favorite Big Bang song hands down is Fool ("Babo" in Korean). I'm also very fond of "Good Person," which TOP wrote his own little mini solo-rap for, and it's just got great lyrics. I guess I like when they sing in falsetto, haha.

    I second Remember, that is their best album! Try the Stand Up mini as well. Their Japanese full-length is also very very solid, and contains guilty pleasure/perfect 'getting ready for da clubzz' song Number 1.
  18. I feel like their debut stage needs to be shared.

    That's the Big Bang I fell in love with. As much as I love TOP, I want him to lose the suits.
  19. Flawless! (Though whoever allowed Taeyang to have that hair is still on my hitlist)
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