It's time to revive this thread.
BIGBANG are back. In a kind of 'Froot of the Month' way.

Every release will be a full concept with a physical release, a music video, more than one song out and everything.
And at the end, the full 'MADE' album will be released.
I'm quite excited.
Tao must be thrilled he got out of EXO before this massacre that Big Bang are about to unleash upon the K-Pop industry. 5 months of complete an utter slayage. Will your faves' fathers also be ensuring their sons/daughters are safe from Big Bang's chart dominance over the coming months!?!?
Why is Taeyang simply intent on destroying the god-given wonder that is his physical being? I couldn't with the rib tattoo and I CANNOT with the lip rings. They had better be clip-ons.
Saw them at the Staples Center on Saturday night. It was literally incredible. They truly are one of the best boy bands in history...their merch for this tour was shit though :(