Can't believe that Big Bang has achieved the impossible and sort of have won me over. T.O.P. the things I do for you.

Love Song is definitely my favourite song from them.



Taeyang & T.O.P's current hair styles>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
That photo is hysterical. She better not win, she doesn't deserve to. If she wasn't against Big Bang I would probably still feel the same. Taeyang's body nom nom nom....

Also does someone know where this photo is from please.



So bloody proud of them! Wow, it really makes me take a step back and think K-Pop might actually make it globally.

Next they need a US/International deal now. Easily the best boyband I've heard in years.
It's nice to come back from being offline to such news. Well done KPop fans. Well done Big Bang. I know it's their 8475684th time accepting an award, but still... They looked happy. Also... Speaking Korean on European tv = road to more success, ha.
In good Daesung news, his new drama What's Up is finally going to air! (teaser here), and here's his MV from it: I'm in love with his vocals. (This was made before all the shit went down)

Big Bang will also be performing as a 5 for the YG concert this month, and I CANNOT WAIT for their new album in January. I'm so happy that things are happening much sooner that I was expecting! #happystan

I just hope that we get some solo projects from all of them relatively soon after the group comeback.