Big Boys

Really loved the new Channel 4 comedy starring "the wee English fella" from Derry Girls which started last night. Dylan Llewellyn plays Jack, a closeted 19 year old trying to navigate grief, sexuality and university. It goes from being heartbreaking to hilarious and has plenty of references to Popjustice icons such as Gamu, Makosi and Alison Hammond, plus Doctor Who legend Camille Coduri plays Jack's mum. The trailer really doesn't do this warm and witty show justice, I found it so relatable and affecting.
I’ve just watched the first 2 episodes and it’s right up my street.

Internally squealed when this Popjustice classic came on:

Im assuming the incidental music is from the time 2013ish. I wonder if he chose the music himself?
I started watching this last night. I was expecting it to be an odd couple kind of comedy with Danny (the room mate) a bit of a dick, jarring with the lead, but in the two eps I've seen so far he's really fun and the star of the show for me. I recall the actor being a vampire in some gaming advert and finding him really captivating in that! He has some charm about him (and kind of reminds me of Dermot O'Leary!).
After Heartstopper, this is the best thing I've seen all year. A brilliant mix of wonderful comedy and genuinely emotional moments.

Even when I find something funny it takes a lot to make me actually laugh out loud, but the line about Makosi made me full on scream.

The final episode had me crying too, which I didn't expect. A coming out scene that managed to reference X Factor, Xtra Factor, Gamu and Konnie Huq? Incredible.
Just finished binging this and what a wonderful series. As others have said, they really gave Danny a lot of layers you don’t expect from the stereotypical lad. Watching their friendship blossom was beautiful because there was such genuine care and love between them.

I almost shit myself from laughing so hard at Danny shitting himself in that poor girls bed. One of the funniest sequences I’ve seen in a long time.

Loved Jack’s voiceovers, they really added extra warmth to the show.

The final episode had me crying too, which I didn't expect. A coming out scene that managed to reference X Factor, Xtra Factor, Gamu and Konnie Huq? Incredible.

I thought that scene was going somewhere else and then she brought that pink box down and I was an ugly mess. Of course Danny was Team Wagner.
There were so many genius / hilarious cultural references throughout that made it so utterly real and relatable. I thought the comment that 'straight men can be actors too... look at Phillip Schofield' was very clever, and did wonder if that might be a bit of foreshadowing of Danny's character - I hope so and I hope not.

Like Heartstopper, I didn't know many of the cast of Big Boys, but instantly recognised Sheila Reid (Iris) and Annette Badland (Nanny Bingo) as two amazing actresses who have that agility to move seamlessly from comedy to tragedy in a heartbeat and my goodness they achieved so much with the scene's they had. I'm sure the younger cast will go on to be huge stars, not least, Dylan Llewellyn, this being his second outstanding comedy role after Derry Girls, as every single one of them turned in fantastic performances.

I'd never have known about Big Boys were it not for a blink-and-you-miss-it advert on Channel 4, so with not having the promotional juggernaut that Heartstopper has with Netflix, I hope this wonderful little show finds the following it so deserves.
I have watched the first 3 episodes so far and am really enjoying it. I am watching it "live" so still need to watch episode 4. Still chuckling over "head boy"! Love Danny's and Jack's friendship!

Loved the inclusion of 2 Patrick Wolf songs too!

I'd only heard about this show from an article that popped up on my phone. I love a C4 comedy anyway, coupled with the fact of Derry Girls just ending and it starring Dylan Llewellyn and that it focuses on a gay/straight lad friendship? I'm in!
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