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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by idratherjack, May 27, 2022.

  1. I can see where the Heartstopper comparisons come from.
    It's very 'happy-sad' and heartwarming and lovely... and has a kickass soundtrack.

    Danny's story is very well done - held a mirror to how I am with my own mental health and how I'm not the best at sharing my problems when I probably should.
  2. Also, Tim the lecturer. Swoon.
  3. As much as I enjoyed Heartstopper, I must admit that I prefer Big Boys. It somehow manages to strike that impossible balance between pain and humour better. We are indeed lucky to get both series in the same year!
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  4. Sam


    Just watched this in all in one and I’m an emotional wreck. I’ve not cried that much in ages.
  5. I blasted through this in a few days and it was brilliant. So funny and so heartfelt at the same time, a really beautiful show to experience. It felt very real for me being the gay kid at the local uni (and actually about 10 mins away from Watford).

    Also, so glad my gal Konnie Huq got her shout out. Queen.
  6. Watched episode 1 today and LOVED it, can't wait for the rest.
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  7. I just finished this. I didn't cry at the last episode that much
    apart from scenes with Danny's gran which were upsetting
    . I don't feel a second series is needed. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it, I did. But I feel like that was his story that he wanted to tell, and he told it well. I am slightly in love with Jon Pointing who plays Danny though (as I was from the vampire advert he was in a few years back). He is far from the usual balding, 50+ daddy I go for. But he just has that something.
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  8. My mum suffers from dementia. I can’t begin to tell you how much they managed to show about the condition with so little. It’s just one of the many many reasons why this series is so special - crafting concise, lived-in moments that are as moving as they are economical.
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  9. SBK


    I saw a clip a week or so ago and ended up binging the whole series in one evening.

    It was so good. I hate British TV formatting though, why only give us 6x22 mins.
  10. Preferable to an American series with a thin premise spread over 22x47 minute episodes ddd.
  11. SBK


    I dunno, if something is good over that length of time, its worth the time investment. But yeah, this storyline wouldn't have worked over that length.

    We Brits seem stuck in the old TV model from the 70s/80s where everything had 6 week runs.
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  12. I remember being shocked at Broadchurch being 8 eps! It seems like more US series are becoming shorter though. I’d rather have quality over quantity.
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  13. I was so glad Danny's story wasn't going where I thought it was when he was writing his letter on the beach.

    Also when Jack came out to his mum and she got up and walked away my heart sank, only for her to reappear with the big pink box of dreams which got me tearful. It was such a heartwarming scene that Jack's dad always knew he was gay.

    I've never known a show which can be so funny one moment and so desperately sad the next. Hope we get more but if it's just it's own self contained story it's been wonderful.
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  14. I bloody loved this. It was so warm and gentle, but truly realistic too. I didn’t expect the Danny story in the slightest, and the voice over made me really worried about his future, but thankfully it worked out ok. I welled up so many times and laughed out loud twice as often.

    It was just bloody brilliant from start to finish.
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  15. Just watched the first three episodes of this and it was so good, excited to watch the rest after work tomorrow.

    Things like this, Derry Girls, We Are Lady Parts etc show exactly the value Channel 4 offers, and I worry they wouldn't be created at all if Channel 4 were privatised.
  16. OK so double post almost exactly 24 hrs later but I've just finished it and it's the best season of TV I've watched since I May Destroy You.

    I think it's hitting particularly hard because of nostalgia and the fact that in my uni days I was dealing with the exact same stuff as Jack but also had a few friends who were really struggling. I always felt that maybe I wasn't able to be there enough for them and this show has opened my eyes to why that may have been. Partly the general selfishness of youth, partly my own mental health and partly because sometimes you honestly just don't know what to do for someone other than be there for them. Thankfully things are cool for us all now but it's really helped me process what has been a long standing feeling of unease. It's nice to see realistic depictions of mental health struggles and what Jack has said in interviews I've read about access to mental health services largely being based on social class is absolutely correct and worth saying.

    Also I spent a good hour on YouTube afterwards watching X Factor 2010 clips so there's that.
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  17. Thinking about her today.

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  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Started this today and it is complete gold. Maybe I am watching mainly to see Robert Gilbert but the pop culture references and the music selections are so solid too. And it's just almost too relatable in some points (the poppers scene.....)
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  19. Series 2 is coming
  20. Great news! This was my favourite new show this year.
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