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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Rob, May 8, 2009.

  1. Rob


    Anyone know when this is starting? I know it's nowhere near as popular as it used to be (and I'm certain this will be the final series), but considering I thought it would be starting in the next week or two it seems odd there's been zero promo for it.
  2. I read an interview with Davina where she said next year will be the final one as the broadcasting contract runs out after 2010. Finally.
  3. First week of June, I think!
  4. I completley didn't watch it last year and my life was all the better for it.

    What started out as an interesting psychological experiment is now the lowest form of entertainment.
  5. The best series were BB1, BB3 and BB6. I honestly don't know why anyone watches anymore unless they were too young to have seen the earlier series. Having said that I don't think anything could ever be as bad as BB4, right?!
  6. I always say I'll never watch but have failed miserably the past 9 years. After launch night I'm mercilessly sucked in. Last years was a total disaster. Its had its day. I loved the first three series the most. Series 3 with Jade will now probably be viewed as the best series ever.
    After that its been downhill all the way. The series featuring Nikki and Pete is up there as one its best. The celebrity version with Barrymore and Pete Burns could very well be the greatest series of BB ever.

    I'd miss the Celebruty version if it gets axed but this years run was a bad prelude to this summer. When the door do finally close on that house and Davina;s OTT squawking , BB has a case to suggest its one of the most important TV shows of its generation given its impact and influence.
  7. I only really liked BB1, maybe 2 and 3. The earlier ones anyway, simply because at that time the prize wasn't 'fame'.
  8. Starting June 4th. I'm addicted to this show, I don't even care about the psycological experiment anymore.
  9. For me it will never top the brilliance of BB1, BB2 ( to a lesser extent), BB3 or BB5 but I do still watch yearly. The trouble is the people aren't genuine anymore, they just go on expecting to be famous which in the first 2 or 3 years wasn't the case.

    That Dennis from last year was a vile little troll, ugh.
  10. I didn't watch last year nor the year before. Completely bores me now. I think after this year they should take at least a 5 year break before even contemplating any form of new series.
  11. I don't watch it, but whenever I have caught a bit it's usualy someone complaining about 'game plans' and people not being themselves. Oh fuck off. It really is foot through the TV screen material.
  12. It really lost it for me the past couple of years - I used to be such an avid viewer as well. I will most deffinitely watch the launch show though.

    I still think that Big Brother 2 was the best, I loved Helen and Paul at the time it was all so sweet and innocent and watching Brian change throughout the series was so interesting.
  13. I was trying to find a clip on YouTube of the time that Shabnam of BB8 was in the Diary Room; she wanted to know - if she left the show - would she still get her "deals" or not? That series was really the one where I could really feel the dollar signs in people's eyes.

    To me, the whole thing has just gotten so predictable - they are clearly casting with the hopes of getting carbon copies of past housemates - and then let's not even get into the whole crowd of braying donkeys that just boo anyone who walks into or out of the house, just because.

    I still think Celebrity Big Brother 4 was the best series of any of them.
  14. Was that the one with Pete Burns and Chantelle? If so that series was brilliant, the image of Pete and that potted plant will haunt me forever!
  15. Yup. "You are insincere... to the point of nausea!" Oh, Pete.

    Relive the magic here.
  16. I recently started to watch a series from the start on youtube the other day*, it's interesting to see how the show progresses watching it all in a row, though I don't think I could bare to watch the famously boring last few weeks of episodes.

    *out of boredom
  17. Logo for Big Brother 10:


    Well, it was shards last year so with the curves perhaps they're going for 'nice' after the feel good factor of Britain's Got Talent.

    Edit: Oh, it's actually a finger print isn't it?! NO RELATED PEOPLE PLEASE.

    Hopefully that means it'll be top secret missions or a mole as opposed to 'Project DNA'.
  18. Pretty
  19. Charley

    Charley Moderator

    There was a mole on Big Brother Belgium once. It was kinda lame and he won in the end.
  20. Oh that would never happen here.

    "What's that? That guy is LYING to the housemates even though he's playing a role and being instructed by Big Brother at every turn? MOLE!!! GET MOLE OUT! GET MOLE OUT!"

    Rest of nation: "OH DEAR."
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