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Big Brother 10

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Rob, May 8, 2009.

  1. Rodrigo is still my fav. Then Sophie. Who would have thought Sophie would be the one leaving with dignity.
  2. I know, it's totally barking! (HAHA, Dogface - I didn't even realise until I typed it)
  3. Charlie's obvious little Beyonce sulk was very annoying! Sophie certainly is the only one who has for the most part kept it cool through out the whole show.

    Its was Davids birthday yesterday... He recieved a letter from Vivienne Westwood.
  4. What's she playin' at!
  5. No way? Why would she do such a thing?
  6. Haha she likes that her clothes make David feel "cool"!

    On another note Siavash is a twat!
  7. I take back what I said about Vivienne Westwood's letter. This episode definitely made me warm to David. Siavash is a great big twat. Out first tomorrow hopefully.
  8. I want them to leave as follows:

    Siavash, Charlie, David, Rodrigo and the winner as Sophie.
  9. It will definitely pan out like this:

    1. Sophie
    2. Siavash
    3. Rodrigo
    4. Charlie
    5. David

    But I'd like:

    1. David
    2. Sophie
    3. Rodrigo
    4. Charlie
    5. Siavash

    Lisa should have won - she was wonderful.
  10. What a waste of essential TV Space......
  11. I have enjoyed this season in the end, in fact more than last years. I wish I werent so reluictant at first because I missed so much.

    My top five housemates of the year...

    01. Bea
    02. Rodrigo
    03. Sophie
    04. Issac
    05. Marcus
  12. Bea was great! But after the first few episodes I knew her days were numbered.

    Next year can we please have everyone up with a vote to save every week! And the housemates nominate every week without being told who's up, so they don't know everyone is up and are surprised when the most boring housemates leave every week!
  13. I said the exact same thing to my friend online yesterday
  14. I was this to be Siavash, David, Sophie, Charlie (just to see his disappointment), and the winner - Rodrigo.
  15. I'd like Sophie to win, even if she'll probably spend the winnings on making her tits even bigger.
  16. WTF at Rodrigo being 5th!?!
  17. What???? Rodrigo - 5th?
  18. NO WAY - 5th?
  19. Im more concerned as to why Davina is dressed as Gok Wan...
  20. Sophie must have it in the bag now!

    Charlie out next!
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