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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by idratherjack, May 29, 2013.

  1. Launch dates (yes dates!) confirmed as Thursday 13th June and Friday 14th June at 9pm on Channel 5.

    So there are two launch shows - I really hope it's not a gender divide. The all female launch of BB8 killed that series from the off. I would much rather everyone just goes in together, it never really felt that BB had started that year for me with the drip feed of men over weeks and weeks.

    Or maybe it will be the much vaunted "secret house next door"?

    With reports that they have replaced the production team and are going back to basics with Big Brother, along with Emma replacing Brian, I have got a good feeling about this year's series.
  2. SeaWitch

    SeaWitch Guest

    Ugh. Is this ever going to die?
  3. I loved the BB8 series when is was just all the women, the Men were awful that series.
  4. I loved (for my sins) Carole, Lesley, Charlie and the criminally early departure that was Shabnam. But, yeah... I wouldn't want to have that mess happen again.

    I hate it when a show goes "back to basics" but I'm not expecting anything as dull as Big Brother 4.
  5. You forgot Carol, but I love all those names you mentioned.
  6. I have heard they are going "back to basics" by having the housemates cook their own bread and making it more of a "social experiment", but then I've also read there is a "secrets and lies" theme so I'm not sure which it will be!

    The only genuinely bad series for me have been 4, 8 and 12 which were all just so dull. The all female start messed series 8 up from the start (even though there were some great housemates like Lesley, Charley and Chanelle) so I hope this split launch won't ruin things from the off.
  7. Last year's started brilliant (Queen Lydia & Deana) but become one of the worst for me, down to the thugs that were Conor, Aaron etc.
  8. Yeah, Big Brother 13 showed a lot of promise in the beginning but it became really depressing to watch. All the 'fun' moments were just usually quite embarrassing.

    I've heard we'll get older housemates this year? Please be on the level of Lea, Carole or Lesley and not Belinda, Lisa (BB10) or generally any of the older men we've had on the show.
  9. Last year's did start so well, the first 2-3 weeks were great with good casting and I thought we were in the for the best series since BB7 (my all time favourite) but it rapidly went downhill and became depressing, malicious and really quite a chore to watch.

    I've heard there is a better range of housemates this year both in age and background and less of the wannabe WAGs with their own agents when they go in which should be good. I'd love an older lady like Lea or Victoria (she was robbed!).
  10. OH YES! You're right! Victoria was robbed. Deana regretted that, which is good.

    Ashleigh and Becky (I'm only 19!) were as bad as Conor and Aaron at times. I look back on Caroline and appreciate her in retrospect, apart from her disgusting love for Conor.
  11. Ashleigh and Becky were so vile, the most nasty housemates ever I think.
  12. As hideous as Conor and Becky were Ashleigh was the housemate who made my blood boil most last year, she was just insufferable. Even thinking about her again is making me angry ha ha.
  13. Last years series was entertaining though despite some disgusting housemates.
  14. You're still watching Big Brother???
  15. SBK


    I wonder how far they'll go with the 'back to basics' approach. Hopefully its the original format with tasks actually being tasks rather than dressing them up to look like dicks for 15 mins then giving them access an Odd-bins.

    I loved it when the tasks were team efforts that lasted 3 days with actual reward at the end.

    You just know ratings will be dodgy and a few weeks in back to basics goes out of the window for the latest dull change of the rule book.
  16. I agree, I loved when tasks lasted for days and housemates had to take it in shifts overnight etc. Big Brother should also be harsher in punishments for rule breaking, not just turning the hot water off for 15 minutes. The likes of Conor should automatically be turfed out too.
  17. Ah this starts when Animal Crossing is released, I'll have so much to do haha! I'll look forward to this too.
  18. I thought last year was very interesting. Deana as the underdog against the thugs managing to make it all the way to the final when most people expected her out by week 3. If last years series happened right after BB7 it'd be ranked up there with the iconic period of BB5/BB6/BB7.
  19. I was so shocked when Deana didn't win and particularly that Adam beat her - her victory would have been the perfect end to that series, the triumph over good over evil!

    Nothing will ever top BB7 for me, that was the pinnacle of Big Brother and the casting was just perfect. And of course it gave us the best housemate of all time in the flawless Aisleyne!
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